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Disguise Cosmetics Rainbow Glow Oil

Updated: Jun 5

Product Description:

Disguise Cosmetics Rainbow Glow Oil is an ultra-light glow serum, power packed with all the nutrients your skin needs to look and feel it's best, everyday.

The Rainbow glow oil is a perfect blend of 5 antioxidant-rich oils - marula, avocado, argan, almond and jojoba - super charged with the goodness of grapeseed, apricot and pomegranate extracts to cover a wide range of skin benefits including repair, hydration, smoothness, and prevention of skin aging with the help of antioxidants. This intensely hydrating face oil is so versatile that just a drop or 2 works for the full face. It can be used as a day moisturizer as well as for overnight repair serum. It can also be added to any of the products in current regime for an added boost. Best of all, it helps keep the skin healthy as a makeup base under foundation or concealer and even works as a good lip balm under any lipstick!

The products are vegan and cruelty-free!


  • Ultra-light, nutrient packed facial oil for unbelievably healthy and glowing skin

  • Intensely nourishes and hydrates the skin

  • Full of essential fatty acids and antioxidants to protect skin, treat lines, and boost radiance

  • Recharges, replenishes and protects your skin barrier

  • Has a lightweight texture that is absorbed easily into the skin

  • Reduces sun damage and premature ageing

  • Can also be used under makeup for a dewy base

  • Suitable for combination, oily, normal, dry and sensitive skin

Price: Rs 700/- for 30 ml

You can find the product here:

Amazon: Click here

Nykaa: Click here

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Packaging: I love the cardboard box it comes in. You can see in the picture how it opens and I think it's super cute. Especially if you want to carry it with you. The bottle itself is made of dark-colored glass (usually so to protect the oil inside from sunlight). It comes with a black dropper which is convenient for oils, but I wish the top was matte finish instead of glossy because if your fingers are already oily the dropper slips from your fingers, so just be careful. The bottle isn't too heavy even though its glass so you can travel with it. Most of the information is printed on the box it comes in and the bottle only has basic information and name on an orange ombre sticker.

Formula: Its a lightweight oil even though it is a blend of 7 different oils. It's transparent in color and the consistency is runny. It gets absorbed easily on the skin. It's a lot like a dry oil since it doesn't leave a sticky residue on the skin. It has a pleasant scent that doesn't linger for long. Gives glow to the skin without looking oily.

My Experience: I bought this oil from the festival named The Little Flea. Disguise had a counter there and I was checking out their lipsticks when the people at the counter told me about the oil and when I tested it out I immediately fell in love and bought it. The service at the counter was also amazing that helped too. So I have been using it since November 2018 and I have used more than half of it and that is saying something because I do own a lot of oils.

This oil is quite thin in consistency and dries up pretty quickly on the skin. The skin just absorbs the oil without leaving any sticky residue which is amazing. My nose area is oily but even that doesn't look oily when I apply this oil. My mom loves this oil too, she rarely likes anything and barely uses anything but she has been using this oil every night and it has helped her a lot. She has dry patches on her face but mostly her face is oily so she doesn't believe in using oil but loves using this one.

Now I like using this oil day and night and whenever I feel dry or think my face is looking dull. I mostly just take two drops to warm it up between my hands then apply it on my face. I also put a drop or two of this with my body lotion. It just makes my skin extra nourished and I don't have to reapply the moisturizer in the day. I have also used this under my eye. Take a drop and massage it gently under your eye and the concealer will go on smoothly on top.

A little goes a long way but I have finished more than half because my mom uses it too and I also like mixing this with my foundations or just use it before as a primer. Since the oil isn't thick it doesn't break or separate the foundation. Even oily people can use this without any problems since its non-sticky. You can skip setting your face with a powder since this oil doesn't make your foundation tacky either.

I have seen a difference on my skin since I have started using this, but obviously to see major results you have to keep using it on a regular basis and I do use other products too for review purposes. I definitely would recommend this to every skin type. This is one and done kind of a product so if you don't want to get 10 different products you can just buy this one. You can use this in many ways infact its a very good cuticle oil too. You can apply it before applying nail polish or apply it every night before sleeping and your nails will look so much better in few uses itself.

My Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (5/5)

(I am gonna repurchase this after I finish my bottle because I definitely love love love it)


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For reference: I have dull, dry to combination (my nose is oily) and sensitive skin and have pigmentation around my lips and on the outline of my face. I'm not prone to acne but I do get them and sometimes heat boils due to weather change which does leave marks sometimes. I have a few blemishes too on my face. I have dark circles under my eyes.

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