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How to remove Blackheads?

Updated: Feb 26

Now we all suffer from blackheads and whiteheads, its completely normal and its something that will reoccur no matter what. The important thing is how stubborn are your blackheads and how often you need to remove them and how to maintain it.

If you have mild case of blackheads then regular use of toner and combination of scrub and mask 2 to 3 times a week will take care of that problem for you and you don't have to do anything extra. But if you are someone who does have really stubborn blackheads issues then you have to do 2 to 3 steps extra depending on your skin type and what product suits you.

Now you don't have to follow all the steps, basically it depends on what you prefer using and what works for you. Skin type really matters here, if you have super sensitive skin then you can't do all steps together you need to distribute it accordingly.

Always remember you know your skin better so just observe how your skin is reacting and modify the following steps according to that.

1. Cleansing method:

This step is something all of us do on a daily basis anyway, so all you have to do is add a cleanser which take cares of pore cleaning. You can use a powder cleanser too, the naturals ones are really good like the Kama one then the Juicy chemistry one. What I prefer using is the Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore scrub foam cleanser because its a regular cleanser which has small scrub particles which are not harsh on the skin but at the same time gives you clean pores. Its super important to clean out pores of all the dust and dirt, even removes the residue of cream and sunscreen.

Now the extra step here is to add a silicone brush in your routine which will help to clean your face especially the nose area much better. This loses up the pores and opens them up for the future steps. The silicone brush head also helps to remove some of the white heads and blackheads. If you have mild to medium case of blackheads and you use a silicone brush 2 to 3 times a week with your cleanser your blackheads will go off faster and grow back slowly. The silicone brush I'm using is from Miniso I have already reviewed to know more: CLICK HERE

This is my fav and this is what I use on the days I want to take care of my blackheads and white heads. I can't find this online, I bought this from their physical store for Rs 600/- something I'm not sure. This product is not a compulsory its just something I like using. They also have blackhead balm which you can use with silicone brush head and it removes all the blackheads and whiteheads which are on the surface and gives you a smooth finish nose.

I sometimes just use this and don't do the other steps when I am in a hurry.

I apply this on the nose and keep it for 10 mins then use either my fingers or a silicone brush to clean it off. Then wipe it down with a cotton or muslin cloth.

2. Heating Face Pack:

Now this step is for people who suffer from really stubborn blackheads. You can either use a face pack which heats up on the skin or you can apply a regular mask and steam your nose area or wherever you get blackheads like forehead and chin.

I myself prefer The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Clay Mask. It heats up when its applied on the skin and you can feel the warm tingle on the skin but in a good way. This opens up your pores and cleans it thoroughly. A lot of blackheads gets cleaned in this part.

I'm not a fan of the Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava heating clay mask it doesn't do anything for me and I don't like the packaging, will do a detail review on the whole range soon.

This step is optional, I have sensitive skin and I have realized by adding this step I don't have to use any harsh scrub and it has reduced my growth of blackheads over a period of time.

If you want to do this step but don't want to invest in a new product or a face steamer what you can do is use a hot cloth and place it on your nose for 2 mins, do this 2 to 3 times and the steam will help soften the area and open up your pores for the next step. Just be careful while doing so and don't burn your hands.

3. Nose strips:

While your nose is wet use a nose strip. Nose strip are the best way to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Its also removes all kind of dirt stuck in your pores and removes small hair too and makes your nose all soft and smooth.

I have done a whole post about different nose strips and compared them and linked them so definitely check that out to know which one will work for you. CLICK HERE

Be careful while removing the nose strip. Remove it towards the center and slowly. Use a toner like rose water or ice cube to close down your pores immediately so you don't get excess sebum because of open pores. Even patting down your nose with cold water works.

4. Peel Off Mask:

This step is totally optional or it can be used to replace the nose strip step especially if you have extra sensitive skin and nose strips don't work for you. Using a peel off mask can also be a little too much for sensitive skin so see that you are not over doing your steps. But a peel off mask helps to remove any residue or excess blackheads that are left over even after the nose strips.

I am not a fan of peel off mask they are messy to apply and annoying to remove, but I use them sometimes when I feel there are more whiteheads on my chin and foreheads. I also use peel off mask for just my upper lips sometimes to give it even and smooth look since I trim my upper lip and it can cause uneven skin texture/tone.

I prefer the Jeva one personally its reasonable and doesn't hurt as much when peeling it off, but see that you are applying a thick layer so its easy to remove it. It also takes quite sometime to dry off properly to remove it.

A charcoal peel off mask works better in general and if a nose strip doesn't remove all your blackheads then follow it up with a peel off mask or if you don't like peel off mask like me then use a thick clay based mask which works for blackheads.

5. Close up your pores/ Toning :

Once done use a cotton pad with cold water or toner and apply it on your nose or wherever you applied the peel off mask. You can also use aloe gel or ice cube, this will close up your pores and soothe your skin which will help in keeping the redness or rashes away.

What I like doing is, I soak a cotton pad with aloe vera juice, I use the Forest essential one. Then place that cotton pad in the freezer for 5 mins and dab it on my nose after I finish all the steps. This soothes my skin since I have sensitive skin and helps close down my pores and keeps them smooth, soft and moisturized. If I skip this step my nose gets super itchy and stays itchy for a day which I hate. You can also use a combination of aloe gel and rose water for the added glow.

Now I know this full procedure is too much for every week so you can do the whole thing once a month or before some occasion and just use the nose strip/ peel off mask every week. Depends on how fast your blackheads reoccur.

On an everyday basis I use a pore cleanser (foam one) once a day with a face cleansing tool (Bronson silicone cleanser) This has helped me a lot with blackheads and whiteheads. I have been using the nose strip a lot less since I started using the foam cleanser plus silicone head. It keeps my nose all soft and smooth without excess maintenance.


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