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         Once upon a time, there was this magical world where concerns like acne, skin pigmentation and hair fall did not exist.   Sadly this is not that world.

        Though with a little bit of help everyone can fulfill their magical world wishes and princess goals.


       I'm just your regular girl who has too much knowledge so I decided to start this page and share it with everyone who needs some extra help in their life about makeup, skincare,  hair care, DIY hacks and life in general.  

           Life can be tough most of the times but at least you can look good while dealing with it. 


          I"m regular beauty junkie who likes to experiment and try new products and I would love to share my experiences with all of you out there. The beauty world can be overwhelming sometimes with their constant new launches with so many different products at different price points.  I hope this page helps you in deciding and picking through those tough choices available out there.


P.s I love following other beauty bloggers that's where I have learned most of the tips and tricks I follow so anyone who is already a blogger or an aspiring one please feel free to get in touch.