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What to buy in Miniso?

Updated: Apr 3

We all love Miniso too much and shouldn't we? They have some really amazing stuff at quite an affordable price. I remember buying so many things on Amazon which are much cheaper in Miniso and at better quality. If you know me on Instagram you would have seen my many Miniso hauls. Now the problem with Miniso is you tend to go overboard with your shopping. Also, Miniso has a huge turnover so if you see one thing this week you may not see the next week so we are always in a hurry to buy it. Now here I'm going to make a basic list of things you may want to check out in Miniso the next time you visit. But do remember their stores do differ in some items.

This list has products that I have tried and tested and are my ultimate fav because if I list everything down this list would be redundant. You please buy it according to your needs as and when you feel like but this will help you to keep a track. Also, I'll update this list if I find something more amazing in the future so you can always come back and check it out as a shopping guide.

Personal Care:

Miniso does have an amazing variety in the personal care section in terms of skincare and toiletries. Some of my ultimate fav things are:-

  • Cotton pads: They have different sizes and qualities. I like the large ones with 3 ply since that way I don't use a lot and the quality is really good and it doesn't soak up a lot of toners either.

  • Q-tips: Their V-shaped Q-tips are the best to correct the mistakes you make while doing wing eyeliner.

  • Disposable cloth: Now this is something that you may not want but if you travel constantly or do a lot of facials or use face packs you would understand the need for this. The quality of these are really amazing and they are bio-degradable since they are made of cotton fiber. They also have those DIY sheet mask packets which are great to use at home. They come with a small bowl and spoon too.

  • Face cleansers/massager: The silicone cleansers both manual and battery operated. I have reviewed them all on my blog you can check out the details. Click here

  • Head massager: This falls under hair care product and it gives the perfect stimulation to your scalp and its manual so you can control the pressure. Great to use with hair oils and hair masks. I can't live without this one. {If you can't find this in Miniso anymore check out online on Shein. I'll add the screenshot on my instastories so follow me there to stay up to date}

  • Eyebrow and Face razors: They have different sizes in this department which is great since you can buy according to your needs. They have mini razors just for your eyebrows which are great to be precise. Also, have different face razors too.

  • Nose Strips: I have reviewed all the varieties available and comparted them do check that out it will help you in deciding which one will work for you. One of my favs again. Click here

  • Deo: They do have a deo collection my cousin sister really likes.

  • Non-slip socks: They have a lot of sizes and shapes for males and females they are great for shoes and to even wear them at home.

  • Makeup remover cloths: Now I have this for a while but haven't given it a proper test so I'm not sure about it but it's pretty cheap compared to Makeup Eraser and I hate that one. So this does seem like a good option. It comes in a pack of two which is good since you have a spare when the other one is dirty.

Traveling Requirements:

If you are a constant traveler you would know the struggle to find the right size products and buying minis of everything can become expensive. Miniso has great products if you are planning a trip or if you are a constant traveler.

  • Travel size empty bottles: These have saved my life. This way I can take my fav skin care without having to worry about the weight. I can take it for exactly how many days I'm going and if while coming back my bag weight is too much I can always just leave them there.

  • Travel size perfumes: They have some good perfume collection but they don't last long on me so I control myself from buying them all but the mini rollers are perfect to keep in your bag and mini perfume bottles are perfect for trips.

  • Neck pillows: They have a lot of varieties when it comes to neck pillow you can check them out and but it according to what you are comfortable with.

  • Storage bags: Like shoe bags and small toiletries bags you can put in your suitcase without having to worry it will dirty your clothes.

  • Pouches: They also have small vanity bags and also different size pouches you can store your medicine your stationery or your jewelry and even makeup.

House Organizers & storage requirements:

We all want our workspace and personal space to look clean and organized but we tend to have more things somethings and we need to sort them out and Miniso has a lot of these storage requirements.

  • Small boxes: They have small open containers and closed boxes that you can keep on your table or in drawers. The best are the transparent drawers since I store my makeup in it. They even have small transparent trays which are great to keep your valuables like small pieces of jewelry.

  • Big storages: They also have big boxes that also work as small seats to sit on and are foldable. I have two of those in neutral colors. They look great to keep around your house and inside you can keep little things like your kids' toys. They also have foldable small boxes that have a handle on the sides to pick it up and they are stackable too. My life has definitely gotten easier once I bought these.

Makeup brushes:

If there is one thing I truly love from Miniso is their makeup brushes. They are very affordable and are of very good quality. They have a lot of varieties in this too. They also have a silicone brush for face pack I m really liking. They have silicone eye brush which comes in handy to glitter topcoat on your eyelids since silicone is super easy to clean and maintain. They also have makeup sponges but I don't like those but they have good powder puff which also is great for day to day travel.


They have some really amazing collection of diaries and planners which I have been using for a while now. They even have pens and highlighters but I haven't used those personally you can check them out. They also have stickers you can use for kids' artwork or projects.

Phone Accessories:

Miniso does have a really good collection when it comes to phone-related stuff but don't invest in the phone holders or stands that quality isn't great and they fall apart easily.

  • Wired Earphone: I don't own one but my best friend does and so does a lot of my friends and they all love it. Even the big wired headphones are great for the price. They also have Bluetooth speakers which you can try out.

  • Charges: They have charges mostly for iPhone but they also have type C charges now which you can check out. They have nylon wire covers too.

  • Airpod covers: Since they have a lot of iPhone related stuff they also have covers for Airpod and they are of good quality. My cousin uses them and she really likes it.

For Kids:

They have some really amazing sippers & bottles for kids and a lot of other products with Superhero stuff on them which I'm sure kids are gonna love. They also have a good collection of soft toys even grown-ups love I own one too.

*Skincare: They do have a good variety in that section too I have in fact used their toners and serum which I still need to review but they are heavily fragranced so I won't recommend any here.

**Makeup: The one thing I don't recommend is the makeup section even though their eyebrow pencils are good I just feel they tend to be rough and it sheds my eyebrow hair. Also, their concealer and BB cushion shades are the worst. They do have some lipstick collection but I know other brands who do much better quality at a cheaper price.

I have a category just for Miniso Product reviews. To check it out Click here


** The links I attach are not affiliated. I usually attached sites and stores I personally buy from my own money. (I am in no way advertising expensive products, whatever I show or talk about are things I already own)

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above-mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews until your satisfied.

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