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Wet n Wild Palettes - Rosé In The Air & Sweet As Candy

I started this review with the Rose palette then thought let's add their small palette too named Sweet As Candy so you guys can get a better idea on how are the wet & wild palettes. Hope you enjoy this.

Wet n Wild Palette - Rosé In The Air

Product Description:

Wet n Wild's Color Icon Eyeshadow 10 Pan Palette is powerfully pigmented, buttery-soft and glides on like a dream. The reformulated color icon hues come in a mix of coveted colors, from shimmery daytime hues to sultry shades for cocktail hours-including new matte transitional shades for impeccable blending.


  • Eyeshadow palette featuring 10 powerfully pigmented buttery-soft shades

  • These shades are packed with an easy to blend formula - can be used wet or dry

  • It comes in a mix of coveted colors, from shimmery daytime hues to sultry shades

  • This palette includes matte transitional shades for impeccable blending

Price: Rs 499/- for 10 gm

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa link)


The packaging is simple, compact and convenient but not of the great quality because it's very affordable and inside is what matters anyway right. No-fuss with this one, no mirror or eyeshadow applicator with this. Just don't drop it at a hard surface twice. Once is fine saying that with experience because mine didn't break at first fall. I hope 2nd doesn't happen. I just hope I don't break it while opening it. Overall easy to travel with.

My Experience:

I personally love this palette. I feel its totally worth it. I have spent far more money on palette who have far less pigmentation then this one. All shades are amazing and the color scheme is amazing. You will hear that its a great dupe for the ABH modern renaissance palette, in terms of color scheme, yes but for quality nope. ABH quality is next level but the price is also next level so comparatively this one does really well.

Now if you are someone who isn't an eyeshadow person but still wants one for now and then and doesn't wanna spend more then go for this blindly. If you are someone who wants a palette with colors to use every day to work and stuff then go for this it's really good. If you are someone who loves cut creases and fancy looks and want their eye shadow to last 12 hours skip this one.

This palette needs a primer if you want it to lasts a good 8 hours because without primer it will last only 4 hours. It needs a gripping primer. I have oily lids so I end up using the Wet & WIld primer only gel one it works for me but sometimes blending the matte dark colors on such matte primers gets difficult so just set your primer with a powder then do go over with eyeshadow.

Now all shades are pigmented but the shade 8 which is pink can go patchy at first so just take little by little and blend and get to the opacity you desire then it won't look patchy at all. Also, this shade doesn't stain your eyelids which is good. The gold will show up better if you use your fingers, you can also use that shade wet for that extra intensity. It looks amazing on the lids. There is a kickback to the shadows so just dust off the excess before applying so there won't be major fallout.

This palette is great for everyday or special looks but just use the right base and you would love this palette. Also, use synthetic brushes with this palette, they just work better. If you are a professional makeup artist and love doing colorful looks with full pigmentation then this palette isn't for you.

Compared to Maybelline, Loreal, and Colorbar eyeshadows this palette is Also a plus its deep skin-friendly.

My Rating: 💘💘💘💘 4/5

{for the price it's perfect but I just wish it stayed longer on my eyelids}

Wet n Wild Color Icon - Sweet As Candy

Product Description:

Wet n Wild's Color Icon Eyeshadow Quad formula ups the ante on pigmentation with a mix of shimmery go-tos and matte transition shades to blend into the creases of your eyelids. Each shade glides on effortlessly and blends like a dream. Wet n Wild's taken out the guesswork by noting where to apply each hue

Price: Rs 299/- for 4.5 gm

To buy it online: Click here (Nykaa Link) Not Affiliated

My Experience:

Now when I bought this shade it was three pan palettes now it's four which is better since it's at the same price. I bought this to just put it in the bag and be done but I didn't realize its all shimmer so I am gonna need another matte palette to go with but these shades are better are just one and done. Especially the crease shade look gorgeous all over the lid. The browbone shade is also pigmented enough to use all over the lid and the actual eyelid shade is super pretty but will need a base if you have pigmented eyelids. If you are fair you would definitely love this color scheme.

The good news is there are around 9 more palettes in this range so you can get what calls you or inspires you. The new palette does have one matte shade for the crease so that works well with the combination. Also, these need a good long-lasting primer otherwise they crease easily and also fade off after 4-5 hours.

Overall not a bad investment. At this price, you can't really expect better. These are much cheaper in the USA.

My Rating: 💘💘💘

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