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VILVAH Herbal Honey Fix Facewash

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Product Description:

Cleanse your face with this oil-free formulation made with a whopping 8% of honey, a natural source of glycolic acid. Enriched with power-packed extracts from blackberry, papaya, Gotu kola, and orange peel, this cleanser has gentle exfoliating, pore-shrinking and complexion brightening properties. Works on your acne like magic. Suitable for Normal to oily combination skin. No sulfates, No parabens, No silicones, No harsh chemicals


  • Raw forest Honey being the star ingredient, is rich in anti-oxidants and possesses anti-bacterial properties. So, it is great for anti-acne treatments and prevention. This acts as a natural humectant and keeps the skin well moisturized and promotes a natural glow by reducing wrinkles and cleansing the pores.

  • Our Organic Witch hazel and Aloe vera water works amazingly on acne-prone skin and reduces inflammation and skin irritation.

  • Vitamin C, present in blackberry and orange peel extract, is responsible for keeping the skin toned and tightened and also it has natural glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin gently giving a naturally brighter look.

  • Papaya extract is another star ingredient rich in Vitamin A and carotenoids is considered to be an amazing skin food and the studies show that it has skin lightening properties.


100% Natural Scent. Refreshing Citrus aroma with the tinge of vanilla


Aqua, *Aloe Vera water, *Witch Hazel, *Raw forest Honey, **Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine (derived from fatty acids of coconut oil), **Decyl Glucoside(Ecocert approved natural surfactant), **Cocamidopropyl betaine (derived from coconut oil), **Sodium PCA, Sodium Hydroxide solution, **Vegetable Glycerine, **Blackberry Extract, **Papaya extract, **Centella Asiatica(Gotukola) extract, **Orange peel extract, *Bitter orange essential oil, *Bergamot essential oil, **Sodium Gluconate (from sugar glucose), **Sodium benzoate, **Potassium Sorbate, **Citric Acid

*Certified Organic **Plant-derived"

Price: Rs 440/- for 100 ml

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My Experience:

I saw such amazing reviews on this cleanser that I just had to try it myself and I was already in love with Vilvah Rosewater mists so I ordered this and a bunch of other products from them in October. I started using this in November and well I didn't stop till it got over completely and I miss it already.

I used this throughout the winter season and I do have dry sensitive skin but this face wash didn't make my skin dry even when I used it as double cleanse with something else it didn't strip my face from its natural oils. This face wash foams really well for being organic and it does really clean your face. I use this day and night. I obviously use other face cleansers too now and then in between since I do reviews but this was my constant these past few months. I skipped one month since I was traveling and didn't carry this one with me (I wish I had though)

This does have coconut which tends to break you out in the long run but it also has surfactant so that breaks down the coconut oil but some skin could still be sensitive to that and if you have that kind of skin then this one won't work for you. I have pretty sensitive skin and I tend to stay away from comedogenic ingredients but this works for me amazingly without breaking me out. Also, I stay away from products that have honey for some reason it breaks me out but this one didn't and I guess my skin is used to it now since I started using other products which have honey and those haven't broken me out either.

The consistency is gel-like foams up when you mix it with water and rub it on your skin. It does have a fragrance which I actually like now when I first used it I wasn't a fan. The scent is more on the sweet side which I actually like but you can smell something lemony too. It doesn't linger after you wash your face. It says it shrinks pores now I can't say anything major in that area but it does really clean my pores. Also, this helped to keep my whiteheads away Because whenever I didn't use it I see more whiteheads on my chin. Also, this face wash gives me clear and bright skin, after washing I can feel the smoothness. I am definitely gonna repurchase this after I am done using the face cleanser from Pure by Priyanka which I am testing right now.

Packaging: The cleanser comes in an aluminum bottle with a pump dispenser and a transparent cap. The brand changed their plastic containers to aluminum which I am a big fan since no plastic and also keeps the product cool and away from sunlight I like that. The packaging is also lightweight and travel-friendly. The pump sometimes does feel tight but that's only at the start later I had no issues and I actually love the whole packaging.

My Recommendation:

If you are looking for a cleanser that cleans your face but also is mild then this is the one for you. Now mostly combination to oily skin people like this more and dry skin complain that it dries their skin a little bit for me it didn't so it totally depends on your skin but if you have too dry skin then you can skip this in winters you will still like it in summers. Overall if you are looking for a cleanser I would totally recommend this one.

My Rating: 🍯🍯🍯🍯🍯

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