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Victoria Secret Pure Seduction and its Dupe

Since its Valentine's Day today I thought what better topic then my love for fragrances.

I tend to like sweet smells more in fragrances and perfumes so obvioulsy I had to fall in love with Pure Seduction from Victoria Secret. Its my most used and my absolute fav body mist.

Now sadly we don't get Victoria Secret in India. You can find some particular products of Victoria Secret in local beauty stores or some store which keeps imported perfumes and body mist. I usually get mine from Dubai or ask someone to get it when they are coming from U.S.

So I obviously was looking for something I could find in India which smelled just as good. I was roaming the beauty store when I found Dear Body products especially because the name the packaging was similar so I bought it and well I liked it.

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction

Body Mist: This is my absolute fav. I use this all season. The scent is more on the fruity candy sweet side, which is the best. It has a strong scent but not so strong that it will overpower you. It lasts on my skin almost whole day. It obviously last better if you use the matching the body lotion or layer it with another sweet scented perfume. Some of my friends have complaint that it doesn't lasts as long on them. So it basically depends on you and how you use it.

To find it online : Click here

Body Lotion: My bhabhi saw the love I had for the body mist so she got me the body lotion and I'm forever gonna be grateful. I use this only on occasions where I want my body mist to lasts a lot longer. Since I don't get this here I'm super careful with. The cream is thick in consistency but blends easily on the skin. The color looks slight on the pale pink side but blends into nothing on the skin. The scent of the body lotion without the body mist will lasts upto 4 hours which is good compared to a lot of other scented body lotion. The body lotion is hydrating enough too. But because I'm super dry I do mix a little thicker body lotion with this in winters.

To find it online: Click here

Dear Body Pure Seduction

Body Mist: In comparison with the Victoria Secret one this one is a little less sweet and more fruity. But it does smell very very similar on the skin. I feel like this is a little more diluted. I have used this body mist a lot especially for travelling. I empty a little in a small portable spray bottle and take it around with me when I take small trips. This way I have my fav scent with me without worrying about weight. This is my 2nd bottle. I do really like using this. I do think this is the cheaper alternate to the Victoria Secret Pure Seduction but if you keep that aside the brand dear body does perform really well. This mist lasts a little less on me compared to the Victoria Secret one but when I layer this with the body lotion it lasts on me whole day.

To Find it online : Click here

Body Lotion: I use this body lotion a lot often because its cheap and I can find it easily in a local beauty store. This is quite hydrating and smells super nice exactly like the corresponding body mist. The color of the cream is white and the consistency is thinner then the body lotion from Victoria Secret. I use this more in winter seasons or when I am in the mood for the sweet candy smell otherwise I do prefer my Body shop body lotions more. Overall its a good alternative.

To find it online: Click here

The difference in consistency and color

I think Dear Body is good brand by itself. It does obviously has dupes for Victoria Secret and Bath and Body works. But overall the quality of the brand is good seeing as the products are not that expensive. Dear body is cheaper in stores then online. Nykaa has Dear body but the prices are really hiked up and most of the stuff is always out of stock.

If you see Dear body somewhere do check it out and give it a try.

But if I have to choose between the two brands I would obviously use the Victoria Secret since I really like the Pure Seduction range.


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