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Travel Series: Skincare Edition

A lot of you really liked the makeup edition so I am hoping you will enjoy the skincare edition of it too. I know I can pack a little over but this is just an outline that will help you in your version of the packing. You can add and delete things according to your preferences.

I have broken down the main things I carry and how I like to carry them. Hoping this is helpful.

1. Hair Care:

Now for me the first thing I always carry when I'm packing to go anywhere is my own shampoo because I can't handle the hotel shampoos and especially in humid climate my hair gets the life of its own. So carrying shampoo is must and if you hate carrying conditioner you can skip it and carry a heavy hair serum that will control your frizzy hair.

I usually skip conditioner till I came across this Aveda one. The bonus that it comes in travel size too so I can basically carry it where ever I am going. (The review on this set is coming soon)

If I'm travelling for more then 3 days I need to carry something else and now a days my new found love is the Parachute oil creme. It has saved my life many times. I recommend this to literally everyone I meet. And the best part is, it also comes in small size. (detailed review is coming stay tuned)

2. Mini Everything:

So I am that crazy chick who likes to carry the whole world with her but airlines won't let me, so I came up with this solution on transferring them into small miniature bottles. This way I can carry my shampoo, body wash, face toner, face creams/gels/serum etc. and not worry about the baggage weight.

Now that there are MINISO shops almost all over India you can get the small plastic (good quality and cheap) bottles, tubes and tubs of different sizes. So this way you can buy what you need and carry accordingly.

3. Body Lotion:

I carry lotion whether I going to humid place or dry place but the consistency changes according to the weather. I like parachute ones has they come in light weight small bottles and the consistency is perfect for any kind of weather. I personally am not a fan of Vaseline and Nivea in general.

4. Face Wash/ Face Scrub

After shampoo if I am concerned about something is my face wash not everything suits my dry and sensitive skin so I just prefer carrying my own. I have a lot of small face washes so I usually change every time I'm travelling. I do like Dr Seth products so I was trying out this face wash (review coming soon).

I also keep a scrub if I'm travelling for more the 4 days because my skin gets clogged and rough very easily. I carry anyone which I own in small tube at that particular time. I also double this as a body scrub by mixing it with body wash. This way it multi tasks.

5. Makeup Remover:

Now you will skip this if you don't use makeup but my suggestion is don't because you may not apply makeup but you do apply cream and sunscreen and also attract a lot of dirt and pollution so its best you clean all of that mess out at the end of the day. Otherwise you pores are gonna get clogged and your skin isn't gonna behave nicely during the rest of your fun trip.

Now I prefer using wet wipes/ Micellar wipes during travelling but I also carry a eye/lip remover because I tend to apply waterproof mascaras and liners and just wet wipes won't do it for me. I got the Clinique one free in some offer some time back so for now I'm using this for review purpose.

6. Face mist/ Toner:

I'm a strict follower of skincare routine whether its home or vacation so I always carry toner with me. Carry a mist which will work as both. During the summers I prefer carrying lavender spray because its calming on the skin and also hydrates. You can obviously carry whatever works for you and also you skip it if you are not a fan of mist.

7. Body Sunscreen:

We always carry sunscreen for our face but we forget our body most of the times. But you shouldn't whether you are going to a cold climate or hot. You can get a body lotion which works as sunscreen too. Since I was going to the beach I decided to try out the Nivea sunscreen spray the recent launch (let me know if you guys want a review on it, I'll do a short one on Insta)n

8. Intimate wash:

A lot of us skip this on a daily basis which is so wrong. I carry the small version of V-wash since its super easy to travel with whether you are travelling far or on an everyday basis travelling from home to work/college.

I also always carry panty liners and intimate wipes when I'm travelling, makes it easier to use public restrooms.

Please always carry this with you and also use it.

9. Cotton pads/ cotton buds:

I carry cotton pads for face cleaning and to remove my mascara and my eye makeup. Cotton buds is a must for me since I don't like sleeping with kajal residue.

See that when you carry this its kept in a save hygienic place otherwise it will cause more problems by attracting surrounding bacteria. Carry it in some small box or pouch and don't mix it other stuff.

I also carry disposable facial cloths that way I can worry less about cleaning the napkins .

10. Mini Perfume:

Last not the least because this is super important to me, I can't go anywhere without perfumes. I am an addict. When its a day or two trip I carry one small perfume and when its more then 3 to 4 days I carry two different perfumes and also carry a small body mist because I have no self control. You can obviously carry what you like and not be as obsessive as I'm.

The Taurus perfume from Miniso is my recent purchase and I'm liking it so far. (let me know if you guys want a detailed review on it).

If you haven't checked out the makeup edition of this travel series you can directly go to the travel section in the categories ...

let me know if you want me do something else related to travel series I will do it especially for you 😘


** The links I attach are not affiliated. I usually attached sites and stores I personally buy from by my own money. (I am in no way advertising expensive products, whatever I show or talk about are things I already own)

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews till your satisfied."If you have come so far *you get a virtual hug* Thanks for the time and do come back again for more such amazing reviews".