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Top Indian Brands with Product Recommendations

Updated: 2 days ago

There are many Indian brands which have some really amazing products some are big brands who have already established themselves and then there are some which are super underrated and not talked about enough. There are constantly new brands coming up and most of these Indian brands are small but make really good quality products that they deserve the attention. But even as a blogger who tries soo many products I can't try them all so I'm only going to be recommending brands and their products I have tried and tested and think you should try it too. There will be many brands missing from the list that doesn't mean the brand isn't worth it. It's just that I haven't gotten around to trying them out so I'll update the following list as and when I do. I hope this helps you out.

Also, I'll be adding in coupon codes of my fellow blogger friends you can use to get a discount. These will be affiliated coupon codes so you will be supporting them by using it. This way you are not only supporting small Indian business but also these really talented bloggers who put in a lot of hard work so you guys can decide which products will work for you.

Disguise Cosmetics:

This was one of the first Indian brands I tried and actually liked. they have limited products but I actually have liked everything I have tried from them other than the multi sticks they just don't work for me but I know many who do really like it. They make makeup which has skincare properties. My fav from the brands are:

  • Rainbow Oil: I was one of the few who tried their Rainbow oil since I bought it in an exhibition and it hadn't launched online then. It's one of the best versatile facial oil you can try. Its one of those oil that works for all skin types and can be used in multiple ways. To check my detail review: Click here

  • Bullet lipstick: This is my ultimate fav bullet formula ever and I have tried too many. It's the perfect matte to comfortable formula and has beautiful colors you need to at least try one. They also have a liquid cream formula which is good too but their bullet will always be my fav. To check my review: Click here

  • All-day kajal: This is their recent launch but from the moment I tried it, it became my absolute fav. It's one of that kajal that doesn't make my eyes water and that's a true blessing for sensitive eyes like mine. To see the detailed review: Click here

Check out the other products they offer on their website, also I have a link through which you will get 15% coupon code I don't earn any money from the brand just some rewards hug points so totally depends on you if you want to use it but I would love it if you supported me: Click here

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop Disguise products from Vanity Wagon: Click here


A lot of foreign brand's products don't work on Indian skin since Indian skin suffers different kinds of issues and our skin reacts a little differently but Dr.Sheth's products cater to Indian skin and Indian skin issues. They mix science with natural ingredients so you get the best of both worlds which I prefer. Their products can be a hit or miss according to a lot of people I know but for me, they have always worked and stood true to its claims so for me it's a huge honor that I have affiliate code with them. MERCHANTPOST. Most of their products are really good but my favorites are as follows:

  • Cleansing oil: Works for all skin types. Super gentle doesn't burn your eyes and removes all kinds of makeup.

  • Daily cleanser: Again it's one those types of cleanser that works on all skin types even acne since its mild. I love the packaging of this since its very travel friendly, I have traveled a lot with this one. I don't know why I haven't reviewed it yet. It was one of the first products I tried from this brand way before. Hopefully, I will do it soon.

  • Sulfur mask: This is my fav mask of all time other than my body shop rice one obviously but if you have oily acne-prone skin this mask will be your best friend. It is totally non-drying on your skin but it dries out your acne quickly. It also helps with the summer heat.

  • Cica Ceramide: This is better suited for dry to combination skin type, oily skin can use this too since its moisturizing oily skin won't need a moisturizer on top. I have dry skin so I like to follow it up but I love the way it makes my skin feel.

  • Peeling solution: One of the mildest and beginner-friendly chemical exfoliation you can try. Works for all skin types but oily skin may find it a little heavy but its meant only for night time use.

  • Haldi & Hyaluronic Acid Sleeping mask: This seriously took Dot & Key's top spot. It's a little expensive compared to other sleeping masks in the market but man this is the best. Works for dehydrated patches and gives you a plump feel. it's perfect for all skin types even oily skin it's not heavy and absorbs super easily and even acne-prone skin since its lightweight and doesn't clog your pores.

I have reviewed all of these products on my blog to check them out: Click here

I am not adding other codes here because I kind of need to earn too I do put a lot of effort into doing this myself. So thanks in advance for supporting me. You can check out the other products on their website: Click here

Ilana Organics:

This brand is super underrated and not talked about enough. Well, I guess that's because they don't send a lot of PR to a lot of bloggers. They send it to select few so it doesn't create any hype. Believe me when I say I love this brand for its products because frankly when I asked the brand to give me coupon code for my followers I was ignored and even though I am one of the few who has a detailed review on their two products and a pretty good one if I say so myself I am still invisible to the brand. I don't care since I truly love these two products.

  • Brightening serum: For dry and dull skin, its gonna be liked by oily skin since its heavy. It's one of the best serum for reducing dark spots and giving a bright fresh look to your skin. Also one of the best vitamin C serum I have used. I have used 5 bottles of it already and I always have a backup.

  • Moisture mask: I love using it with the serum but it always works really good by itself and its great for all skin types since its very moisturizing but it doesn't clog your pores. If you have acne and most moisturizing creams break you out you would prefer this since it takes care of the dry patches acne treatment creams leave behind.

I have reviewed them both together which you can check out: Click here

You can check out their other products on their website: Click here

I don't know anyone personally who has coupon code I wish I had one though. But you can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off)

To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here

Pure Elements:

I came across this brand while I was walking in the Mahableshwar market and found the store and just went in to check out some of the products. I bought a few and tried them and I fell in love and went back to get a few too many after that. In fact, they have some pretty beautiful gift packs which I did get for family and friends and they all loved it. It's a brand nobody frankly even knows about since they don't send PR or advertise as much. The brand's online presence isn't strong but they have some really good natural products. They do have a website and they do deliver and some products are available on Nykaa and Amazon.

  • Hydrating mask: This is my holy grail product no matter what I need this in my life. Works for all skin types. If you have dryness or dry patches you need this in your life. I gave this to my friend as a wedding present she still thanks me for it she loves this soo much.

  • Anti-acne mask: All products which help with acne are drying to some extent but this one nourishes and dries out your acne in 12 hours straight. If you suffer from any type of acne this is for you.

  • Soaps: Their handmade soaps are one of the best but sadly are not available on their website which I don't understand why. Everyone I have given their soaps has asked me to get more. My mom loves them too.

  • Body scrubs: Their body scrubs are pretty amazing too they have three variants the strawberry one is my fav gives me soft smooth skin. I always use it before shaving or waxing really non-abrasive and works great for ingrown hair.

They have a huge range of products from face wash to hair care products but the ones that I truly love are mentioned above. You can check out their products on their website: Click here


I kept seeing this brand on a lot of bloggers page and when Utkarsha from @bestbbeautydealsindia spoke about their face wash I was interested. They make organic natural products. They have limited products and mostly everything I have tried from them I have liked but my favorites are

  • All the toners: Seriously the best ever. My love for their toner started with the rose variant but my ultimate fav is their jasmine one which is more for sensitive dry skin, if you have oily skin you would love the tea tree one more and rose well it works for all skin types.

  • Honey Face cleanser: It's one of the best cleansers I have ever tried and it's organic so well double bonus. Its meant for oily to combination skin but works really well for me even though I am more towards dry skin. It doesn't dry my skin out and its foams good enough for an organic mild face wash. I have reviewed it in detail to check that out: Click here

  • Eye cream: It's one of the creams that I have tried which has worked for my under eye darkness and it's affordable compared to anything else in the market. If you have oily under eyes then you may not like this since its oil-based. For me, it works really well I prefer it at night and it helps me with darkness and dryness. review coming soon. For the review: Click here

  • Vitamin E oil: I stopped buying vitamin E capsules after I used this. It doesn't smell the best but vitamin E never does and this helps to repair damaged skin and hair. You can use it in packs/masks and also add it in your moisturizer or aloe gel for the extra hydration boost. Especially great for dry damaged skin. If your skin is extra sensitive because of all the actives in your skincare you will really like using this.

  • Hair oil: They have a good haircare range, a lot of people like their Goat shampoo I have tried it too its good but my fav is their hair oil which smells divine and works really well if you use it consistently. I m still testing it out will review it in a month or two.

Check out their other products on their website: Click here

@bestbeautydealsindia has a coupon code you can use: BBDEAL (which isn't working right now for some reason, it should start working in a month or so)

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here

Dot & Key

This brand interested me by coming out with unique products for body parts we tend to ignore but need extra attention. I actually came to know about them from my best friend who had ordered their underarm mask and thought it was good and that's what hooked me enough to give this brand a try. Again I say this because I like their products since they don't send me PR. This brand does send PR's to a lot of microbloggers but I am pretty much ignored but I try their products because I like them and my favorites are:

  • Underarm Mask: My other holy grail product, I am always gonna repurchase this no matter what. If you have mild to moderate pigmentation this will show results much faster, for me it took a while but this works in ways nothing else does so I am on my third tub of this and need to buy more backups. if you have sweaty underarms definitely try this it helps a lot. I have reviewed this already: click here

  • Charcoal Mask: All of their masks are good but my fav is the charcoal one its the best. A lot of charcoal masks are really drying and doesn't suit dry skin (the only one that does is the Vilvah charcoal mask since its gel-based) since the clay can be drying but this one works really well in cleaning out the pores and giving a clean smooth skin without over-drying your skin. You would love it if you have oily to combination skin but if you have fungal acne then skip this. They have a green clay mask that rivals even the Body shop's mask.

  • Eye cream: They have two eye cream one is more a gel, I have the other one the cream-based but its really lightweight and its meant for puffiness and it really helped me. Again gonna review this soon. Its good quantity for the amount of eye cream we get. If puffiness is your major concern then this is a really good option to try.

  • Vitamin C serum: They have a lot of serums and if you check @galtheordinary you will know how much she loves them, but my fav is vitamin C especially for the summers since its water-based so works for all skin types but especially oily skin type. I have reviewed this one in details to check that out: Click here

They have a huge range of products and they have been constantly coming out with new products and even chemical serums which I have been trying out and will review soon but till then you can check out all the products I have already reviewed from Dot & Key already: Click here

Also, check out their website to see the varieties of product they have: Click here

I don't know anybody personally who has a coupon code with them.


This is a recent addition to skincare house and I have been really loving their HA & Ceramide moisturizer which is great for dry to normal skin. For oily skin, they can use it at night. The cream doesn't feel heavy on the skin. I am also using their hair mask which also has ceramides in it and anti-dandruff hair lotion. They are most famous for their sunscreen the matte gel one in particular. I will review most of their products once I finish testing them. Till then you can check out their website to know what else they have: Click here


Now, this is a very hit and miss brand either someone loves it or doesn't at all. I personally feel there is a trial error method with their products either it just works or it doesn't but at the same time it doesn't cause any major problems and since they are affordable or always on discounts you can give it a try now my fav from them are their masks.

  • Hair mask: They have three in total and my fav is the tea tree one which is meant for itchy dandruff prone hair. Onion mask is for hair-fall but only works for external reasons if you suffer from hair fall due to genetics or hormones its not gonna work so this is okay for me and then there is Argan oil one which is meant for frizzy hair which I do like. If you looking for a hair mask that doesn't have heavy chemicals then do give one of these masks a try. I have reviewed them all to check that out: Click here

  • Face mask: They have a few varieties in this too but my fav is the Ubtan it works for all skin types even if you suffer from acne it helps reduced the acne scars too. they have a mask known as C3 which is great for acne too I haven't tried it and then there is a neem mask which is again for oily acne prone skin which I think is okay I still need to use it properly. To check the review of the face ubtan: Click here

To check out their other products: Click here

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here


Charcoal Scrub and Mask and their Sunscreen are the most famous and I have tried them both and I understand why, the quality of their products is really good and it does what it claims and not only that the people behind the brand are honest and supportive which makes the brand worth investing in. I have done a mini-review of the charcoal scrub on my Instagram page which you can check out (Click here) and I will review them both properly on my blog soon. The sunscreen is more suited to oily to combination skin since its mattifying but it works for my dry skin too.

To check their other products: Click here

@bestbbeautydealsindia loves their hair shampoo bar which I haven't tried but you can definitely check it out. She has a coupon code too: BBDEAL

Also, Rifat from @thebeautywonk also has coupon code for 15% off: RIFAT (she has also reviewed the sunscreen and the scrub which you can check out)

Gauri from @galtheordinary also has a coupon code: ORDINARYGAL

Divya from @divyasingh_blogs code: DIVYASINGH


This brand has the most amazing smelling products. So pure and raw that I love them. I have loved everything I have tried from them. My few favorites are:

  • Peppermint foot soaks

  • Chocolate face mask

  • Coffee body scrub

  • Lip scrub and balm

More people need to talk about this brand. Not only their products are amazing their service the main people are so good and friendly talk to. To check out their full range check out their website: Click here


This is again my fav brand for not only its products but also for the service they provide. They have quite a good collection of products and they cater to skincare and hair care and they do keep coming out with new products all the time but their ultimate product will be their Rose gold oil because it's seriously better than the expensive Frasali one which I have tried and Even Shreya Jain the YouTuber says so. They have quite a good amount of products that have 24k gold including lip oil. Hopefully, the brand sees me and wants to work with me soon because I really love the quality but ya the products are a little on the expensive side.

  • Face mist: Their face mists are the most famous also because they have one for every different skin type and the one I use is the sensitive skin type and I truly love it. Check my review here: Click here

  • Hair vitalizer: I suffer from constant hair fall and my hair growth is slow so when I saw this I just went for it and I am glad I did this really helps with hair growth. have reviewed this in detail do check that out for more information: Click here

  • Facial oils: After the Rose gold oil, Splendid oil is my fav which is perfect for dry to combination skin but if you suffer from acne breakouts or have oily skin their volcanic oil is really good and does wonder. They also have an eye serum which acts as an eyelash growth oil too which I have reviewed on my blog: Click here

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BBDEALS (for 15% off)

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here

The Natural Wash (TNW)

I came across this brand when they contacted me to try some of their products for review purpose and well I did really like what I tried. They also have a variety of products according to skin types which is great but my fav from what I have tried is their Rosewater I definitely love it. I did not get any more products from the brand maybe they don't wanna work with me anymore but it is okay I will buy what I liked from them. I don't have any coupon code for this brand but you can check out the other products they have on their website: Click here

Their products are also available on Amazon you can check that out, also check out the products that I have reviewed: Click here

Greenberry Organics:

I have actually only tried one product from the brand their Anti-tan scrub and I do really like it. They have quite a number of products for different skin types and skin concerns. They have lightening gel which helps with fading dark spots and giving an even skin tone which hopefully I try soon. To check their website: Click here

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BBDEALS (For 15% off)

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here

The Earth Rhythm:

Used be known as Soap works. They have some really good and unique products and their quality is really good. I have tried a few of their face masks too which I do like but my favorites from the brand are

  • Charcoal reusable Cotton pads: This has replaced wet wipes and any kind of cotton pads I used to use to remove my makeup. This is seriously really good at removing your makeup even waterproof and also removes any dirt and gimme from your skin. It's washable and cleans easily. They have white ones too which are bigger in size but I like the charcoal ones better since they are easier to wash and more gentle on the skin and also cleans better. If you have oily acne-prone skin you would really benefit from using this. I have dry skin but with oily and congested Tzone so I really love using this.

  • Cleansing Balms: They have different variants in this and frankly I don't even hear one complaint about them from anybody. Everybody loves them. I have AHA one which is made of natural fruit extracts and is great for dry skin, for oily skin they have matcha one and propolis for sensitive skin. Divya from @divyasingh_blogs has them all and she loves them.

Check out their other products since they have a huge range from skincare to haircare and also makeup like kajal and lip stains: Click here

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BBDEAL

Pure By Priyanka

I have tried like two products from this brand and that also for not too long but I truly do appreciate the quality and the service provided by the brand and that's why it made my list. I do like the honey cleanser and I'll be trying out more from this brand in the future especially their glow serum and hair mask.

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BBD10 for 10% off

To check out their full range of products: Click here


I recently got my hands on their Lavender powder cleanser and truly understand the fuss behind it. It's quite fine in texture so it doesn't hurt the skin and if used with gentle hands it feels super soft and smooth on the skin. My fav way of using this is by adding milk and making it into a face pack and applying it on my face and neck and then leaving it off for 5 mins and then washing it off with a wet muslin cloth. They have cleansers according to skin type and I got the lavender one since its better suited for dry and sensitive skin. Do check out their range on Instagram where you can do a direct order: Click here OR you can place an online order on Mytara: Click here

Puremie Skincare

They are known for their different gels. I got so inspired after watching @divyasingh_blogs stories that I just had to try it so I went and ordered their Aloe gel and Cucumber hydrosol and I truly love the aloe gel, it's seriously the best I have ever tried and before this, I liked the Vilvah one but this beat that one too so I would suggest giving their gel a try for sure now I need to order more gels from them. Check them out on Instagram to check their range: Click here You can place the order there and use @divyasingh_blogs code PUREMIEDIVYA9 FOR 10% OFF

You can also order from Mytara: Click here

Juicy Chemistry:

This is your proper Indian grown organic to the core brand. All their products are made from natural and organic certified ingredients. The owners put in a lot of effort into creating unique pure products that are of the best quality. They have a lot of variety as well and I have used a lot of their products especially their old formulas. But I am not a fan of the shampoo and hair mask but their chili hair serum for hair growth is good. But if you are someone who already uses organic hair care then this will work fine for you. Their charcoal mask is my ultimate fave from their collection but they have some really beautiful unique facial mist formulation which you should definitely check out. They now also have a very user-friendly app to shop on but to check their website: Click here

The coupon codes:

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BBDEAL for 10% off

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here


They have a lot of different gels and I have tried only two charcoal and lemon and have liked them both. They also have face wash toner and an amazing variety of face and body scrubs. I have the wine scrub and love using it on my body. I came across this brand because of Anushka from @yourstruly_anu and I truly trust her recommendation. You can place the order directly on Instagram: Click here Use Anu's name for a discount.

The Beauty Co:

They do have some products but I would recommend their Rose Gold oil especially if you are all about the glow. Can be used in many ways more suited for dry skin but oily skin can use it too since it doesn't clog your pores I have reviewed this on my blog a while back you can check it out: Click here

Wise she

Again a brand that did not want to work with me maybe because I don't do a lot of makeup videos but they do have some good quality products known for their makeup brushes and beauty blender but I know a lot of bloggers love their eyelashes too. I have tried only one brush from them their foundation brush and it's my most used and my ultimate fav brush in my collection. I have traveled with it. I do think the brushes are expensive compared to PAC but I do think the quality is amazing. They have a website: Click here and their products are also available on amazon.

The coupon codes:

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BESTBEAUTYDEALS for 10% off

Conscious Chemist

I kept hearing good things about this brand so I got curious enough to give it a try and I went with their facial cream on Khadija's recommendation and well I do really like it. It will suit all skin types and will give complete hydration, and it's mild enough to work with actives. They have limited products but good products check their website out for more information:

Click here

The coupon codes:

@bestbbeautydealsindia Code: BBDEAL for 20% off

You can also get it from Vanity Wagon where you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 (for 20% off) To shop from Vanity Wagon: Click here

A lot of these brands are available on Vanity Wagon (where you can buy Indian Cruelty-free Brands) and I have an affiliation code with them which you can use for 20% off: VWFATIMA20

To check out Vanity Wagon: Click here

The code won't work if the product is already on discount but it will work for the product that isn't on sale.

Sugar cosmetics and PAC again good Indian brands that make good quality products at good prices and cater to Indian skin needs and tones but I am not talking about them in detail since they are known by many already and they do send a lot of PR for advertisement and reviews they don't really need my shoutout.

Nykaa Cosmetics and naturals:

Well Nykaa is an Indian brand and it caters to both makeup and skincare but their products are made in Italy/Europe and I don't know if that qualifies since all the other brand products and made here in India itself.

There are also brands like Biotique and Himalaya which have some really good products in Skincare and Colorbar when it comes to makeup but I am not specifying them individually because they are pretty famous by themselves and a lot of us already buy a lot of things from these brands.

Then there are brands like Suganda, Bubblefarm, and Pure bubbles, etc who also have some really good products and I hear such good things about them but I haven't personally tried anything from them yet so I haven't added them to my list. I'll add them as and when I try them out. Since I don't get a lot of PR from brands easily it does take me time to get my hands on products and then test them out for reviews. I do have budget restraints.


** The links I attach are not affiliated. I usually attached sites and stores I personally buy from my own money. (I am in no way advertising expensive products, whatever I show or talk about are things I already own)

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above-mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews until your satisfied.

"If you have come so far *you get a virtual hug* Thanks for the time and do come back again for more such amazing reviews".