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Top 5 Affordable Face Wash In India

Updated: Jun 7

Cleansers are that part of our skincare step which we cannot miss under any circumstances. No matter what your skin type or skin concern or what your age or gender is we all need a good facial cleanser. It's not necessary that you have to spend a lot for a good facial cleanser there are a lot of brands out there who make good cleansers at reasonable/ affordable prices. Now when it comes to affordable as a term everybody's sense or the price mark is different so what I am gonna do here is give a few different options but all are under Rs 500/-.

Few things to remember before buying a cleanser:

  • Skin type: Skin type is the most important thing to consider before buying a face wash. Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, Combination skin where you have dry skin but oily T zone, and also sensitive skin.

  • Skin concern: Acne, pigmentation, redness comes into the concern category

  • Age matters: As you age you need to worry about the PH level of your skin as it tends to get drier.

  • The weather of the place you live in: A lot of people don't consider this but it is important for example if you have dry skin but you live in humid weather and travel every day in the heat and pollution you need to use a face wash which cleans much thoroughly. Or if you have oily skin but live in a dry place or on a higher altitude you will need to use something balancing otherwise you will get dry patches.

  • Availability: Well it is something you are constantly gonna repurchase so use something that's easily available where you live. Especially because of the lockdown, not every brand is easily available so gonna add the ones you can find in any small store offline or online or in a chemist.

1. Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

This face wash is a right of passage for every teenager. All of us at some time have used something from Himalaya and their face washes are the best and they have a huge collection of face washes for all skin types and skin concerns but I specify the Neem one because its the best one they make. If you have oily to combination skin prone to redness and acne bumps then this face wash is amazing. It obviously doesn't make your pimple disappear as they show it in the advertisements but it does work well at reducing acne if used regularly since it unclogs your pores which in turn helps with acne. This is also a great face wash to use if you are living in a very humid place. I used this a lot growing up since I had oily skin but I even use it now when I am traveling to beaches because even my dry skin gets clogged pores in humid weather.

If you are a college-going kid who travels every day and suffers from on and off acne then you should definitely invest in this one. If you think the neem one is too mild they even have foam based one in the neem variant. If you are older with dry skin then check out their Moisturizing Aloe Vera one since it is moisturizing. They also have a whole range for guys too but I think the neem one works great for college going boys better than their actual men range.

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2. Biotique Bio Papaya Visibly Flawless Skin Face Wash

Just like Himalaya, Biotique also makes some really good affordable face washes for different skin types and concerns also which work in a similar way but the one I love from Biotique is their Papaya Visibly Flawless Skin Face Wash. Now this says it's for all skin types but I think this is better suited if you are above 25 and have dry to combination skin. This doesn't work if you suffer from acne. This does work really well for dull skin which is a major concern for dry skin and that's why I think its more suited for dry skin people. Also, this one smells good. Biotique also has a special range for men but I think most of their face washes are already unisex. They also have an oil control and a hydrating cleanser but this papaya one is my fave from them.

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3. Aloe Veda Turmeric Clarifying Face Wash

If there is one brand which is super underrated but makes seriously the best face washes it is the Aloe Veda. They have a great range of face wash for skin concerns like acne (lavender one) my cousin sister loves this one she has gone through so many of these and usually takes it with her when she is traveling for her work since the packaging is super convenient to travel with. My mom personally loves the Tulsi & cucumber one she finds it super refreshing especially in the morning (but I don't recommend Aloe Veda face washes if you are above 40 since they are not hydrating enough) and my fav of all time is the turmeric one. No matter which Korean face wash I am using I always keep this in stock with me. I love using this in the summers since it can get a little drying for the winters. This helps with the tan and also helps with keeping your pores clean which helps in acne control and regular use of this also helps in lightening dark spots and acne scars. A little goes a long way so one bottle lasts you a good amount of time too. They also have charcoal one which is perfect for all skin types especially if you live in a humid place and travel in the heat and pollution every day.

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To buy the turmeric one online: Click here

4. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

This face wash is recommended by every skin doctor and I get why because this is the gentlest face wash you will ever use. If you have sensitive skin and get acne or bumps on your skin easily then you need this face wash in your life. It's super mild and doesn't foam up. This does remove makeup residue but if you have applied waterproof makeup remove it before you use this. Also, this is great for every skin type but it doesn't help with pigmentation or blemishes and doesn't help control acne either. It's a simple no-nonsense face cleanser that is gentle on the skin. This works for both dry and oily skin since it balances the Ph level of your skin.

I have been using this for over 10 years now and no matter what face wash I am using I always keep this in hand and usually prefer using this in the morning or when I need to wash my face in the middle of the day for some reason since its very mild. If you are someone who washes their face more often then this is the cleanser for you. Cetaphil also has an oily variant but I would say get this even if you have oily skin, this one is the best. Works for all ages but especially if you are older and need something mild since you use the double cleansing method anyway.

If you don't know what's double cleansing then check a blog post I did on it: Click here

To buy this cleanser online: Click here

5.VILVAH Herbal Honey Fix Facewash

This one is on the expensive side compared to the others I have mentioned in this post but it is still less than Rs 500/- and you can always get it on some kind of discount which makes it totally worth it. Also, one bottle does last at least 5 months since a little goes a long way. I used to be a very Korean loyal when it came to face washes but after trying this one I stopped buying them and understood the love for organic face wash. It says it's more for oily to combination skin but I have loved this even though I have dry skin. I also used this in winters and it didn't dry my skin out. Also, this is better suited for aging skin since it has honey and blackberry which have antioxidant properties. It also removes light-based makeup without stripping your skin of their natural oils. It foams well for an organic face wash. It is my current fav and it will stay so for a while at least.

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To buy it online on Vanity Wagon: Click here (you can use the code: VWFATIMA20 for 20%off)

Now, I wanted to keep this list short and stick to 5 face washes so I did not mention Simple Face washes which are my also my favorite. Also Simple is only available on Nykaa and it's showing out of stock due to the lockdown so I only mentioned face washes you can find even in small stores. Simple kind to skin has two variants of face washes one is more moisturizing for dry skin and one is refreshing which can be used by oily to combination skin. These are perfect for sensitive skin types since Simple products don't have fragrance or alcohol in them but since I always specified Cetaphil for sensitive skin I did not add Simple face washes to the list. My other fav which I did not add on the list is since it is only available online (like the Vilvah one) but is amazing and deserves a mention is Dr.Sheth's Daily Cleanser. It is mild and perfect for everyday use whether you have dry or oily skin. But you can check them out since they are also under Rs 500/- are great for all age groups.

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If you shop from their website you can use the Code: MERCHANTPOST (for 20% off)

If you are someone who is trying to build a skincare routine and get confused which steps to follow according to skin type and concerns check out my blog posts on



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