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The Natural Wash

Updated: Feb 26

Grealmo Face Wash - With Green Tea & Almond Oil

Product Description: Our stressed-out lifestyle gives a hard time for our skin. Thus, dullness, dirt, and flaws all are visible on our faces. This is why TNW has come up with an amazing chemical-free face wash that clears impurities, detoxifies our skin and makes the skin fresh clean and glowing in no time. With the goodness of Green Tea and Almond, TNW Grealmo Facewash is a boon for dry skin people. Paraben and Sulphate free natural face wash moisturizes the skin, kicks out the impurities and helps to minimize the visible pores. A unique blend of Almond Oil and Green Tea, TNW’s Grealmo FaceWash truly allows you to dive into flora. The healing features of its natural and eco-friendly ingredients are quite appealing, making it the best face wash for dry skin. Green tea is helpful in slowing down oxidation, which protects the skin from sunburns and reduces the dark circles by helping cure puffy eyes. Likewise, the almond extracts nourish our skin and give it a natural glow, removing the dead skin cells. This herbal face wash gives you the benefits of both green tea face wash and almond facewash in one tube.

Price: Rs 295/- for 100 ml

To buy it online: Click Here

My Experience:

I have dry skin so finding a face wash I love becomes a little difficult for me and also I tend to stay away from base ingredients like coconut oil and almond oil (sweet almond oil works) because they tend to break you out in the longer run. This face wash main ingredient is almond oil so I wasn't sure this would work for me but it does since it mixed with other ingredients too especially like vitamin E. Almond oil does work better for sensitive skin especially if you are prone to allergies and dry patches.

It's a mild cleanser since it doesn't foam up much but it does effectively clean the dirt on the skin. This doesn't remove stubborn waterproof makeup for that you need to double cleanse. The consistency is thick and gel-like, you need to take a small amount and mix it well with water and then use it to wash your face. The scent of this face wash will remind of those almond candies. It does smell sweet if you hate that then skip this because after washing the scent does linger for 10 to 15 mins.

I prefer using this on days I don't have makeup on or on days I wanna follow up and double cleanse since this is mild cleanser it doesn't dry out my skin after the double cleanse. You apply regular water-based sunscreen and no heavy makeup then this cleanser will work for you on a regular basis. It does leave your skin moisturized and gives you a subtle glow but I haven't seen anything in terms of pores minimizing.

I just wish the packaging was pump I feel with gel-based face wash the best packaging is pump packaging or something with a dispenser.

My Recommendation:

If you have dry skin and are looking for a mild cleanser then this is a great option. Also if you double cleanse and want a milder face wash to follow up this will work great with that or if you don't apply base makeup and want a basic mild cleanser. If you have oily acne-prone skin I wouldn't recommend this one, in that case, try their oily skin variant.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Steam Distilled Pure Rose Water

Product Description: The Natural Wash presents a power-packed product that allows us to dive into the flora i.e. TNW’s Steam Distilled Rosewater. This natural rose-water is in its purest form as it is made with an ancient technique of steam distillation. And this distilled rose-water is specially produced using the fine roses picked directly from the rose fields. It is multipurpose rose-water as it can be used as a face toner, facial mist, and base for packs and as a makeup remover. To retain the purity of the Rose Water, TNW employs the same technique of steam distillation, which was used in ancient times to produce the Rose Water. This is as efficacious as the nectar for our body. It helps soothe the skin and make it glowing naturally. TNW’s basic idea behind its production is to offer the goodness of Rose-water available in its purest form and use it as a healer for a wide range of skin-related ailments. It comes in a spray bottle, too, to make it a handy face mist or toner that allows you to refresh your skin anytime anywhere.

Price: Rs 250/- for 100 ml & Rs 450/- for 200ml

To buy it online: Click Here

My Experience:

I like fancy rose water but on most days especially in the day {AM routine} I prefer simple pure rose water since I have dry sensitive skin and this one does the job its meant to. It refreshes you instantly and hydrates. The scent isn't overpowering and doesn't linger for more than 2 mins.

It has no color and no added fragrance making it perfect for the sensitive nose and for sensitive skin people. It says it can be used as a makeup remover well rose water does remove makeup but it can't be the only thing you use to remove your makeup, you will need to use a proper makeup remover before then you can go over with this rose water on a cotton pad. This way it will clean out any residue makeup or dirt left on your skin. Rosewater is actually great to remove kajal from your water line if you have very sensitive eyes and get irritated with other makeup removers. This works great with any kind of homemade ubtan/ face pack or with other The Natural Wash products like face mask or scrubs.

Now coming to my fav part of this rose water, its the packaging. The spray-on this bottle is superb and luxurious compared to a lot of other rosewater bottles. The spray gives a very fine mist and distributes very evenly without splashing your face with thick droplets of water which makes it perfect to use above makeup (to set your base) Don't use this over eye makeup or mascara it will melt that if it is not waterproof. In short, I really love the spray on this. (I'll try to show a demo on Instagram)

My Recommendation:

Any skin type this works, In fact, its one of the best rose water in the affordable versions with amazing spray packaging. It is nothing fancy but it works amazingly and it's affordable.

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Oat Cleanse - Polishing Scrub For Face & Body

Product Description: Oats are one of the favorite breakfast cereals as it is very beneficial for a healthy diet. But its benefits are not restricted to the diet as it offers holistic skin benefits as well. Therefore, The Natural Wash presents a natural and organic skincare product Oat Cleanse, which is a mild scrub for the entire body. Other than exfoliation it also acts as a natural toner, which brightens up our skin quickly. As the name stands Oat Cleanse – it’s a natural cleanser that blends various age-old ingredients, which are known as skin’s food in Ayurveda. It moisturizes the body and removes all the dead skin cells from the skin. Oats help to keep our skin hydrated thus reducing inflammation. This oats body scrub helps to undo all the damages done by the lifestyle changes and pollution. It soothes every type of sunburn, tanning, and pigmentation and helps close the open pores of the skin. TNW Oat Cleanse is the best option for pre-bridal skincare at home as it doubles as a body polisher also. It creates a protective shield around our body by scrubbing out all the impurities, which makes our skin flawless, and that’s what every bride-to-be desire. It is a unisexual product and its chemical-free all-natural formula makes it suitable for all skin types.

Price: Rs 380/- for 120gms

To buy it online: Click Here

My Experience:

I wasn't at all into powder cleansers when it came out and got all the hype, it just wasn't something I reached for In fact when I used the kama one I hated it since it broke me out. But I do prefer oats in my skincare as a base ingredient since it works great for dry and sensitive skin. This cleanser has oats with other exotic herbs and flowers.

The powder is very finely milled so you won't feel any gitty hard texture on your skin while scrubbing. Once mixed with water or rose water it dissolves but not so completely that it doesn't scrub your skin. It stays in between which makes it perfect for scrubbing but not too harsh that it will hurt you in any way. It does smell really nice I think its the flowers and herbs combo I can't pinpoint which exactly though but I do like the scent so I don't mind.

I prefer using this all over my body once a week or some days only on my hands and legs when I feel they look tanned. I wet my skin first then take the powder in my hands little by little and slowly buff my skin with the powder. This helps with ingrown hair and removes the dead skin giving you a smooth glowing skin. It works great for dry patches like elbows and knees but it doesn't show the immediate effect you will need to use this a few times.

The one con I have with this which I have with like every powder cleanser that its messy to use and sometimes you don't have the time for that. But because this helped me with my tan I love using this and I'll keep using it. {do use sunscreen on your body after this if you plan to go out in the sun} Also I don't prefer using this on my face, I have used it once or twice on my face I just feel I need more when it comes to my face but it's not harsh on your skin in anyway.

My Recommendation:

I wouldn't recommend this for the face but it works great for the body. Especially if you have dry and rough elbows and knees or if you suffer from ingrown hair also known as strawberry legs. Also, this helps with getting rid of tan faster so if you wear short dresses or shorts and suffer from tanned legs then you would like this. Works for all skin types.

If you suffer from acne on your bodies like back or arms then avoid scrubbing those parts directly since it can spread the acne so then you skip this otherwise it works well with acne-prone skin too since it doesn't break you out more.

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

More on the brand: The Natural Wash (TNW) is an Ayurvedic brand with a mission to change lifestyles of people with our 100% natural, Paraben & Sulphate free quality products which include daily care essentials. We have an exclusive range of skin & hair care products including soaps, face cleansers, virgin oils, shampoo, lip care and many more. We use both rare and common ingredients to make these products to give holistic benefits of age-old traditional Indian herbs, fruits, and nuts.


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