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The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalising Eye Cream-Gel

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Product Description:

By infusing three precious seed oils known for their revitalising and repairing properties into an ultra-light and airy smoothing texture, we created the Oils of Life TM NEW Intensely Revitalising Eye Cream-Gel to revitalise the eye contour and visibly reduce signs of ageing.

  • Eye life for your Eyes

  • Eye Contour looks smoother

  • Radiance appears revived

  • Dark Circle appear faded

  • Wrinkles appears smoother

Price: Rs 2145/- for 20 ml

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa link) Non Affiliate

For Reference: I have dry and flaky under eyes and I have dark circles because I suffer from Insomnia. I don't have that much hollowness but I'm getting there. I also have a lot of creasing underneath thats why for me an under eye cream is a must and I started using a year or so ago and I do test out different ones for review purposes. Also I have extra sensitive eyes so I tend to stay away from really strong or scented eye creams/serums.


It has classy glass packaging. The bottom is yellow glass but its transparent and you can see the quantity. The cap is black-screw. The quality is obviously amazing since its Body Shop. The tub is mini but does have some weight to it. Traveling with it, is something I won't suggest since its glass but its mini so its not that difficult to carry around. The information printed on the tub is really very tiny.

My Experience:

Now this is not rated the highest on Nykaa infact you will hear a lot of bad reviews on this one and I understand why because its a different kind of product and its not meant for everyone. Now I know you guys will think I'm Body Shop biased but no I genuinely like this eye gel and I'll tell you how much.

So the reason I got this is because I tried the sample of this and the guy at the store gave me quite a few so I could properly make up my mind whether I want it or not and I used it for a month and really liked the difference so I went and brought the tub and I was using that when I took it for a trip and lost it so I had to get another one but because its so expensive I waited for Birthday coupon and then I got this. I invested in this again because I had really liked it when I was using it before.

The formula is very different. Its a cream but its completely acts and looks like a gel thats why it says cream-gel. Its transparent gel which looks like it has tiny glitter particles in it. Its actually the essence of the oil they have mixed. You will realize that once you blend it out on the skin. The texture turns into a really light weight oil. Its a little thick in consistency for being a gel. You will see tiny gold particles shining on the skin if you see closely thats why a lot of people don't like it. But the gold particles don't harm you in any way. Infact looks great on bare skin in the day and even works under makeup. Since it stays a little sticky the concealer stays for longer but if the concealer is too thick it won't blend properly. There is a strong scent to it which isn't pleasant but it doesn't annoy me or irritate me in anyway.

It claims a lot and regular use of this actually fulfills most of the claims. It does really hydrate and help with the darkness and hollow eyes. It also helps if you have wrinkles but obviously that takes time. The sooner you start the better it works. I'm still in my late 20's but I have bad wrinkle game going on so I need all the help I can get. I would recommend using this at night and not the day. It can be a little heavy for the day. It gives complete nourishment and regular use of this will make your under eyes better.

How I use it: I apply it at night. Take some on my ring finger and do dab dab around my eyes in a circular motion. Instead of the massage, I feel the dab motion works better since its a gel and it absorbs better that way. But obviously do it lightly. Also, it takes an extra min to completely absorb so give it time before you go with the next step. It does tingle a little but in a good way, that means its working. Then you get this really cooling sensation around your eyes for a min or two. I also use this around my mouth since I have wrinkles and darkness around my mouth.

My Recommendation:

  • If you have dry under eyes and suffer from wrinkles, darkness, puffiness, and hollowness then go for this and if you don't mind the investment because it's really expensive and one tub will last you three month of regular use.

  • If you are above 35 and need an all-rounder eye cream then you should definitely get this.

  • If you have oily under eyes and darkness is your only concern then there are other eye creams in the market.

  • If you are in your early 20's with nothing major then you don't need this. Use something mild and which will give you hydration.

My Rating: 😊😊😊😊 4/5

{I really like this one but one less because its super expensive}

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