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Skincare Routine for Dry Skin

Updated: May 10

Dry season/Winter season has almost set in. Well in Mumbai it's not that much of a winter but it is changing so making an adjustment in our skincare is important which we tend to not bother with most of the time. You don't have to change your full routine, you can stick with your old routine and just add in a product or you can just replace one or two either in your AM routine or your PM totally depends on what kind of dryness you suffer from.

  • First, there is the hereditary dryness you get from either your mom or your dad and that is something that's gonna stay with you so you already use moisturizing products but you need to double down on that in winters. Just see that you don't clog your pores in that process.

  • Next up is the seasonal dryness, usually, combination skin suffers through this. Here you have to only add or replace one or max two products that deal with managing the dry parts. Just adding a hydrating toner at night and good moisturizer in the day usually does the trick.

  • Now you have oily skin but you suffer from dry patches in Winters. Here you have to use a product that is on the hydrating side and not heavy on the moisturizing part. You should use a good moisturizer but hydration is what you're looking for if you suffer from dry patches on your skin.

  • Also in Winters, we tend to drink less water which also causes dehydration so I would recommend keeping a watch on your water intake.

The products recommended below and tried and tested but obviously not all work on everybody so chose according to what concerns you have. Also, you don't need all just one product from each category will do it for you if you are planning on making a routine.


The whole double cleansing trend has recently started but we have been doing this for a while now without realizing since we always remove our makeup before washing our face. Back when there wasn't micellar water we used to use our face wash twice.

👉 Any micellar water does the job but I prefer this one or the simple one and nothing else works for me as well. Also, there is ALL CLEAR makeup remover by face shop which does a fab job to remove even your waterproof mascara and doesn't dry your skin out. Its better for mild makeup and sunscreen.

👉If you apply foundation every day and eye makeup then you need a balm and this is mild and doesn't hurt your eyes and moisturizes your skin too so works great for dry skin even in winters.

👉New edition to my skincare and definitely loving it. Removes my makeup while making my skin soft and smooth. I just keep it away from the eyes since I have sensitive eyes.


👉Great for everyday mild cleanser. I have been using this for 10 years now. I prefer using this one in the morning since its mild for the night it's not enough to get off the dirt and grime of the day. Usually, derm doctors recommend this brand and their cleansers.

👉The whole Body shop Vitamin E range is great for dry skin. This is also a mild cleanser great for every day especially if you have dry patches.

👉This one makes your skin smooth and soft great for oily and combination skin who suffer from dryness during winters.

👉The old version was better for dry skin all season but this new version is better for oily to combination skin all season. But this great to use if you double cleanse and use makeup on a daily basis.


A lot of us skip toners especially in the mornings, I would say don't especially in winter. A hydrating toner can change your skincare game completely. Toner helps manage dry patches and dry cracky stiff feeling you get on your face after cleansing. Also, a toner helps the next step like moisturizers or sleeping mask sink in better.

👉This whole chia seed range is amazing for all skin types but the toner is seriously best for dry skin for all season and oily combination skin in the winters. keeps the dry patches away and gives a plump look.

👉If you have dry skin and have the worst dull and dry flaky skin in winters but want to look glowing and plump then definitely don't look at the price of this toner and go get it. Its one of the best ever. Infact, you can skip essence or serum with this and just go with the moisturizer or sleeping mask on top and be happy. It multitasks as an essence too and it doesn't clog your pores.

👉Plain rose water doesn't do it for you then you need to try this. Its good for all skin types especially if you suffer from allergies or skin reactions since its super mild and doesn't have any strong scent or strong ingredient.

👉Love this is all I can for this one. Very hydrating and great for sensitive skin. Perfect for the mornings since it gives you a fresh feel and works amazing under makeup so it doesn't look cakey.

👉This does have a strong scent so skip it if you are not a fan but I' m loving the plump hydrated look it gives me especially for the day. Cuts down on a lot of other steps when I am in a hurry.


👉If you have dull tired pigmented skin then definitely go for this Serum. If you have all season dry skin you would prefer this addition in the winters.

👉If you like using AHA and BHA or chemical Exfiotor and have dry skin then definitely give this one a try. Plump skin and very hydrating and great for anti-aging too.

👉Great for all skin types especially oily and combination skin since it is towards hydrating more then moisturizing. This serum double downs as a moisturizer for seasonal dryness too


This we tend to skip we really shouldn't in winter since under eye wrinkles and ages much faster than the rest of our face.

👉This one is super moisturizing, works great for day and night. Gives a hydrated dewy under eye look. Great to stop premature wrinkles around the eye area.

👉🏻This is an expensive eye cream but it’s great if you only suffer from really dry under eyes. You can also just buy the vitamin E one from body shop that does the same job but I do think this is more hydrating.


👉🏻If you suffer from extreme dryness you would love this in the winters. One of the best I have used haven’t repurchased because I have too many others right now. You don't really need serum and essence when you are using this since it is very moisturizing.

👉🏻If your skin peels or you get white patches on your skin due to dryness you would prefer this cream since this brand is usually doctor recommended.

👉🏻My ultimate fav. I use this day and night and it works great under makeup especially if you wanna go on with matte foundation or too many powder products. This gives a dewy look without being heavy. But ya it’s super expensive.

👉🏻If you can’t afford the chia seed one go for this rice one. It works round about the same way but this is more moisturizing compared to chia seed being more hydrating. Great for dull skin too which occurs in winters for dry skin all the time.

👉🏻 This is an oldie but a goodie. can’t go wrong with this. Great for all skin types especially if you don’t like heavy cream formulas. For dry skin use as a thicker layer of this and for combination use regular amount. you get sizes in this so you can carry it around in your bag too at all times.

👉🏻This is perfect if you looking for no muss no fuss daily moisturizer. This version is made for dry skin since it’s more moisturizing than the light version. This is great to get rid of dry patches it’s not heavy on the skin. Regular use helps with marks too. Gives skin a nice healthy look. And it’s affordable.

TIP: if you don‘t wanna buy another cream or moisturizer then use your old one and just add in a drop or two of marula oil. It’s very moisturizing works great with any type of moisturizer without feeling heavy. Gives a dewy look. You can mix it with body care products too and also hair care. It works amazing for nails too especially if you suffer from dry cuticles that happen in winters. It doesn’t clog your pores


👉This is again no muss no fuss sleeping mask. All it does is hydrate and moisturize your skin. You will wake up with soft skin and without the oiliness or greasy feeling. great to use if you use chemical ingredients in your skincare since this doesn't react. This range has a plain moisturizer too but I like the sleeping mask better.

👉This is a new addition to my skincare and it is really good. This is more on the moisturizing side and gives a dewy smooth look to the skin. If you have very dry skin you would love this. The tub is big it will last you the whole winter and more.

👉Any sleeping mask works. This one works great for dry skin and so does the Dot & Key one and also the Laniege one. All these are water-based so great to use at night if you suffer from dry patches on your skin.


(last step in the routine instead of the sleeping mask)

👉🏻If you hate 10 steps in your skincare routine and want something quick and easy then you can go with this after toner. This face oil really hydrates and gives a nice dewy look. Perfect for dry skin girls out there who hate a long procedure with too many steps.


👉Best scrub for dry skin ever. Doesn't dry your skin out infact makes it smooth and soft and gives a natural glow to your skin. Perfect to use before shaving your face if you do.


You don't need a specific face mask for winters since you can always follow up with a good toner and moisturizer after masking but the few I really like and will work great for dry skin even in winters are as follows.

👉 This is by far the best mask ever for dry skin in any season. gets rid of dry patches instantly and gives you a soft smooth skin within minutes. I can't live without it. It will work great for all skin types since it's not heavy.

👉A recent addition to my collection and the best plumping mask for dry dull skin in all seasons but works great in winters.

👉Sensitive dry skin then this is made for you. Leaves a moisturized film on your skin so meant for dry skin, not oily skin.

👉One of the few clay mask that doesn't dry out the skin and also gets rid of dirt and grime stuck in your pores. Gives a clean smooth finish and it doesn't feel stretchy.

These recommendations are for face care. For body care stay tuned and follow me on Instagram will do it on stories in the coming weeks.


** The links I attach are not affiliated. I usually attached sites and stores I personally buy from my own money. (I am in no way advertising expensive products, whatever I show or talk about are things I already own)

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above-mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews until your satisfied.

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