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SEPHORA Skincare Collection

Sephora Anti-Fatique & Energizing Clay Mask

Collection Description:

A line of masks formulated with natural clay to address a variety of targeted skincare needs. Sephora Collection Clay Masks can be used alone or for multi-masking to target different concerns on different areas of the face. The travel-friendly packaging offers easy and convenient use with up to five uses per package.

Price: Rs 640/- for 35 ml (When I bought it, the price was Rs 600/-)

Packaging: Its a plastic tube packaging. Its small and convenient for traveling. Its red and baby pink in color and information is printed on.

Formula: Its a clay based mask and the consistency is spreadable. It doesn't dry completely on the skin, therefore doesn't dry out the skin.

My Experience: I got this one a while back because I wanted to try something from Sephora skincare. I have dull skin and I'm usually sleep deprived resulting in a tired looking skin so when I saw this I thought perfect.

I apply this all over the face (after cleansing) You can use a brush or fingers it spreads easily. Let it sit for 15 mins then use a wet cloth or sponge and wipe it off. I soak the cloth/ sponge in warm water. It helps to get the mask off easily. It has a faint scent which is pleasing and doesn't linger. It suits all skin types.

It doesn't dry out my skin or causes tightness (like other clay masks) I spray some rose water afterwards and use its counter part moisturizer or some regular moisturizer. It just instantly gives a refreshed look I love that. It says it has 4 to 5 uses but if you apply a thin layer you can use it upto 7 times.

Its definitely something you should have if you are working whole week and partying on weekend or if you are skipping your regular skincare. Regular use of this will also help with lines and dullness on your face. But it is expensive for regular use since it has only few uses.

They do have other skin issues masks too so you can try something according to your skin concerns. If you had to buy one out of the two go for the mask.

My Ratings: 😄😄😄😄😄

Sephora Moisturizing Cream Face Moisturizer

Collection Description:

A line of targeted moisturizers that nourish and hydrate skin without leaving an oily or sticky feel. Give your skin its daily dose of water with a refreshing cream facial moisturizer. Packed with vitamins and superfoods, each one delivers specific benefits to target a range of skincare concerns. Their smooth, lightweight texture soaks into the skin to provide instant softness, long-lasting comfort, and a refreshing sensation.

Price: Rs 900/- for 55 ml

Packaging: Its small and compact plastic tub in baby pink with information printed on it. The tub is sturdy and cute looking. Its good for traveling.

Formula: Its gel based, has a mild candy fruit scent which is pleasant and doesn't linger on the skin. Its thin in consistency. Its non-greasy and hydrating.

My Experience: I bought this after I loved the mask and thought the combination will work better which it does. I can use just the gel more frequently too which is good.

Its hydrating on the skin without making it greasy so oily skin can also use this. I have super dry skin so I do top it up with another moisturizer (especially in the winters).

Its a good moisturizer over all but I see a better difference if I use the mask first. Just by itself the gel doesn't have an instant effect. But if used regularly it can help with fine lines and dullness. I even use this around my eye area, as our eyes are the most tired looking part on our face.

Rs 900/- does seem like a lot for a moisturizer but it is economical as a little goes a long way.

I would definitely repurchase both of the products when I finish using them.

My Ratings: 😄😄😄😄

Availability: Its available exclusively in Sephora store and on sephora.nnnow online website. Sephora does have a lot of stores opening all over India.

You can find them online here:

Other masks that are available in this collection

  • Purple Clay Mask: Moisturizes and soothes.

  • Blue Clay Mask: Detoxifies and oxegenates.

  • Green Clay Mask: Purifies and minimizes pores.

  • Yellow Clay Mask: Revitalizes and tones.

  • Red Clay Mask: Energizes and fights fatigue.

  • Pink Clay Mask: Unifies and brightens.

  • White Clay Mask: Mineralizes and soothes.

  • Grey Clay Mask: Mattifies and balances.


For reference: I have dull, dry to combination (my nose is oily) and sensitive skin and have pigmentation around my lips and on the outline of my face. I'm not prone to acne but I do get them and sometimes heat boils due to weather change which do leave marks sometimes. I have few blemishes too on my face. I have dark circles under my eyes.

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews till your satisfied."If you have come so far *you get a virtual hug* Thanks for the time and do come back again for more such amazing reviews".