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Rimmel London Liquid Lipsticks

Rimmel London Provocalips 16Hr Kiss-Proof Lip Colour

Product Description:

Rimmel London Provocalips delivers high-impact 16-hour colour with a delectably glossy finish. It’s kiss-proof and transfer-proof so it only comes off when you want it to. It is an exclusive 2-step product: apply the colour to your lips and leave it to dry for one minute. Apply the topcoat to lock colour and to add that ultra-glossy shine to your lips. It's incredibly lightweight and flexible formula adapts to the movement of your lips to add intense colour and shine.

Price: Rs 899/- for 7 ml

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)

My Experience:

This is a different kind of lipstick so don't judge it first go. Now the packaging is dual-ended, one side has the liquid lipstick lip color the other side has the gloss which locks in your original color and gives it the shiny look. You first have to apply the color then wait for it to dry for a min then go ahead with the glossy side.

The formula of the liquid lipstick is very thin and runny and the pigmentation isn't full power it takes 2 coats to get proper pigmentation especially with nude shades. But see that you don't wait for the lipstick to dry completely before you apply the 2 coat. If you have very pigmented lips it will peek through the color. Now this formula isn't patchy once you apply and blend it on your lips. It does dry a hint darker. It is sticky formula but the stickiness goes away after half an hour or so. Also if you only apply the color side and not go over with the glossy side the lipstick does get drying after 1 hour so. The scent of the color side is nothing major so you won't be bothered with it.

Coming to the glossy side. This isn't compulsory to apply but I just think it's a great addition and I'm saying that after not liking glosses in general, but that because glosses need to be reapplied constantly and your hair always sticks to it so not a gloss person but at the same time I like what gloss does for your lips. Glosses basically give you a plump look, makes your lips look pouty and full without extra effort. The scent of the glossy side is slightly sweet but doesn't linger.

So this lipstick gives you the best of both worlds. You get the long-lasting liquid lipstick with the high shine effect which does last you a good period of time without drying out your lips. The gloss side hydrates your lips and also locks in the color so even if you eat or drink its transfer-proof. It's not completely kiss-proof though. On me, it lasts up to 6 hours thats because I am a messy eater and i eat my lipstick a lot. It does fade from the middle if you eat something too oily but it doesn't look patchy or goopy so that's really good. Reapplication is also easy doesn't crumble since you can always just go over with the glossy side.

You will need a proper oil-based remover at the end of the day to remove this lipstick.

I have these shades for almost 2 years now and I do really like them but it totally depends on whether you like sticky lipsticks or not.

My Recommendation:

If you don't mind the stickiness of a gloss and want something hydrating but also that lasts a long time which is also transfer-proof then you can definitely try this. Also, this range has some amazing shades. But I would suggest wait for discounts or tell someone who lives in the USA to get it for you since its much cheaper there.

My Rating:💋💋💋1/2 {3/5}

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

Product Description:

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour delivers high-density colour with a velvety matte finish from the very first stroke. It's long-wearing, kiss-proof, touch-proof and waterproof formula stays intact without fading or bleeding for up to 12 hours. The lightweight formula wears comfortably throughout the day while the flat doe-foot applicator allows for precise application.

Price: Rs 650/- for 5.5 ml

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)

My Experience:

I have used this formula before, I finished my old one a year back so when this launched here I bought this shade troublemaker which is a cool-toned brown-pink nude which pulls pinker if you are warm tone or pulls browner if you are cool tone. For me, it's in between since I'm neutral toned. Its the perfect winter season shade. I had rose&shine before and it was a good pink nude for me.

The formula is really lightweight on the lips. It dries within a min or two and it does dry a shade darker. Once it's dried it feels like powdery but gives a smooth finish. I would suggest exfoliating your lips otherwise it will emphasis dry patches. The applicator isn't very flexible but it's easy to apply and the tip helps to get a crips cupid bow and all size lips will love the applicator. The scent is strong and it's sweet like custard or cupcake🧁 frosting but it doesn't linger and it fades away in 2 to 3 mins, just don't eat it😜

It does take 2 layers for full pigmentation but apply the coats back to back and don't wait for it to dry completely it will crumble faster. If you have very pigmented lips then only you will need the 2 layers otherwise it's fine. With very nude colors your natural lip color does peek through but doesn't look patchy if you blend it before it dries.

It lasts upto 6 to 7 hours on me even 8 hours if I don't eat, if I do eat then it fades from the middle very easily so I need to reapply it but it doesn't crumble so I'm good but just don't apply too many layers, just apply it where it faded.

I like that the formula is lightweight and doesn't bother me and is comfortable to wear just don't apply lip balm underneath it makes the lipstick slippy. When you first apply it, it does feel a little sticky but that goes away in 5 mins.

My Recommendation:

With this formula I wouldn't suggest getting darker bold shades they are patchy and you have to work with them and they stain also real bad so I would say go for medium tone shades. The very nude light shades are also patchy. But the color I have used before and the one I have now are not. Also, these lipsticks dry a shade darker so keep that in mind. Overall these lipstick are really good but obviously are overpriced here so get it when it's on discount.

My Rating: 💋💋💋1/2 {3/5}

For reference: I am Nc 37 to Nc 40 in MAC and more on the neutral tone


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