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Post Hair Wash Routine/ Styling products

Today's post is about the post wash routine I follow. Now the steps may seem a little too much to some of you and its okay because you don't need to follow all steps you can skip according to what you feel works for you. Also understanding the type of hair and your hair concerns is main in every step you follow. Read till in the end if you want tips for styling and information on which products are important when you are styling your hair.

1. Post wash Hair Serum/Oils

This step is something you should not miss or skip even if you don't like to use heavy products and you don't style your hair you still need a good post hair wash serum. Serum is the main product which controls your frizz, prevents breakage and also protects your hair from UV rays which causes more harm to your hair. Also a lot of us skip conditioners in shower when we are running late, Serum is what will save you from this mistake.

Now there are many types and kinds of serum available in the market. I'm gonna specify the ones I have used personally and what I think about them and if they are the right one for you or not.

You use serums/oil on towel dried hair. It can be wet but remove excess water before applying any serum. Use it before you use any heat tools and also before you use a comb or detangler. Apply it only on the length of the hair i.e from mid length till roots and don't apply it on or near your scalp. Use the remaining residue of the serum on the tops of your hair to tame them, to make them look sleek and in place.

OGX Morocco Argan Oil Penetrating Oil

I have already reviewed this in detail which is up on the blog to read it Click Here

This is my fav serum/oil and this what I use all the time which is why my other serums have not been used as much. This works for all hair types but especially who have dry and rough hair and the kind of hair that don't absorb water easily which causes them to be extra frizzy and unmanageable.

Parachute Advansed Coconut Hair Serum Oil

This is a recent purchase so I can't say anything in detail but I like it so far. I have used this a couple of times and this works on wet hair as well as dry hair. The consistency is light weight but it does feel oily for few mins so just let it absorb before you start thinking you have applied too much. I'll give an update on this at the end of the month on my Instagram stories so follow me there if you are not already. According to me dry hair people will like this more then oily hair people. Over all this is good serum at the price.

Price: Rs 170/- for 50 ml

To find it online: Click here

Livon Serum

The one I have was limited edition I think because I can't find it anywhere. I got this around a year ago. Its a good option at the price at that time but I like OGX one more so I use that much more and this got left aside. Eventhough this bottle is better to travel with then the OGX one. They have a new spray version which I'll link you can check that out. This is one is better if you have normal to oily hair since this is really light weight and non greasy on the hair. But also the effect doesn't lasts long on the hair, so you have to reapply it often.

To find the spray version online: Click here


I bought this from a local beauty center before I bought the OGX one so back then I did use this a lot but I didn't as much after I found OGX. This one doesn't really hydrate or nourish your hair but it does give a really nice shine to your hair and the effect does stay for quite a while. I like using this when I straighten my hair and I want that nice shiny sleek look. The texture is non greasy and it gets absorbed super fast. I can't find this online.

2. Heat Protectant Sprays

Now this step is something we don't use all that much but I feel this is super important especially when we are using heat tools but even when you are not using heat tools on your hair and you are travelling out in the heat and sun every day then you hair will get damaged faster so using a spray which will protect your hair from the heat is something we need to add to our hair care routine especially because of the weather and the polluted environment we live in.

I use this step right before I dry my hair with a hair dryer. I tend to use a hair dryer on a regular basis. Even when I don't dry my whole hair, I prefer drying the middle part as I suffer from Sinus and if I don't dry my hair quickly I tend to catch cold so I use a hair dryer on a regular basis so using a heat protectant is a must for me. I also use it when I'm using a hair straightener. This is something I only use on occasions but If you use it on a regular basis definitely get a heat spray asap.

Now my fav is the Toni&Guy Heat Protection Mist. I have used like atleast 3 to 4 bottles of this but now I can't find it anywhere. Not online nor in any stores so I had to try a new one so I recently got my hands on Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Cares and Protects Total Repair Heat Protection Spray because I like their Gliss hair range but I don't like the smell of this and I haven't used it as much to give a proper review so I'll use it more and update you guys in the end of the month on my Instagram stories so stay tuned. Also I'll look for more options that smell a little better.

3. After Drying/styling your hair

Okay so this is not a necessary step but I like doing this because my hair tends to get knots and gets tangled really easily and using a spray or a cream afterwards really helps me. Something I use both but most days I use one. Now this Detangle spray by The Body Shop is my fav and it really helps in detangling my hair without causing breakage and it also gives me a nice shine to the hair and this is for coloured hair so works perfectly to keep my colour shine intact. Also the scent is divine, so works like a hair perfume for me.

The two hair creams I like using are BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl Defining Leave-In Cream and OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy.

I have wavy hair so I use the BBlunt one more often but whenever I am using a straightener I use the OGX one since this helps keeps my hair straight for longer.

The Bblunt one doesn't smell the best though but its a good leave-in cream, you can infact just use this on wet hair and it works as a serum. If you like curling your hair this is great to use before you curl your hair.

To find it online: Click here

The OGX one smells amazing and makes your hair super soft and manageable. I don't think they make this anymore. I think they replaced this with a spray for flat iron because I can't find this online. I bought this from a local beauty store almost a year and half back.

I use either one of these after I finish styling my hair since it keeps my hair softer for longer and also helps with the detangling after using the hair dryer.

Hair Drying/Styling Tips and Products

Use a wide tooth comb when you are combing wet hair or if you are more comfortable with a detangler then use a detangler brush. I prefer using a wide tooth comb over all so I use the one from ROOTS. This one doesn't cause any fiction and doesn't break my hair so I like using this for styling later too.

Now there are different types of brushes you can use for different type of styling. I don't have the paddle brush anymore because I use the Philips paddle brush dryer when I want that kind of look and I prefer using a rounded brush so I can curl my hair ends while styling/drying with a hair dryer. The size of the rounded brush depends on what size of curl you want. The smaller the brush the tighter the curls and vice versa.

This is new hair dryer for me. I have been using this for 6 months now. I prefer using hair dryer which have cold setting with the hot setting. This one from Morphy Richards doesn't have the cold air feature but it did come with another head which I have no idea where I kept it, as I don't use it, I have naturally wavy hair I don't need to use the other head to make my hair more wavy. This one has good voltage and it quickly dries my hair and it has two settings only. Also this is compact enough to travel with. I used the Vega one before this which came with cold air settings which broke in a year and before that I used the Philips one which lasted for 2 years. I tend to drop my hair dryers and break them that's why I don't buy expensive ones anymore.

To see a few hair dryers online on Nykaa: Click here

I prefer Philips Hair Straighteners more. I like this KeraShine one its been a year since I'm using this one as my last one stopped working. Even that was from Philips and that had better heat control settings and it did lasts for 4 years. But I have realized that this new straightener doesn't cause hair breakage like the old one did so I'm overall happy with this one. But I do feel my hair doesn't stay straight for too long when I use this. Always use a heat protectant before you use this and also see that you comb your hair and remove all knots before using any straightener.

This helps in sectioning your hair while you are trying to style them, also comes in handy to keep your hair away from your face when you are doing your makeup. Got these from Miniso recently as I couldn't find my old ones anywhere which I had got from Beauty center.

Last not the least is Hair spray. Now hair spray is used after you finish styling your hair. This helps in holding your style longer and making sure your hair looks perfect and there are no fly aways. The L'Oreal one is my fav since it doesn't make my hair hard and crunchy and also it gives a nice shine to my hair. I have used this on my salon tong curls and the curls stayed for 10 hours without losing its shine and It was humid and my hair goes wild and untamed very easily. Sadly this variant isn't available in India for now. That's why I bought the Wella one which I don't like at all. This one makes my hair crunchy and feels hard not in a good way. Also the curls don't lasts for even 4 hours also straight hair doesn't stay straight for more then 5 hours. In short I don't like this one and will look for another one. The weird thing is this same spray when I used on my sister's hair it did not make her hair crunchy so I don't understand how this one works.

Hope this post was helpful in deciding what products you need and which one will work for you better. If you have any other questions you can always DM me on Instagram and stay tuned, next blog post is going to be about hair oiling/serums and its uses and new alternatives.

My hair type and what I suffer from: I have dry plus flaky scalp and fizzy hair. Medium length coloured hair. I do suffer from hair fall and slow growth but it has gotten a lot better then before since I started taking more care of my hair.

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