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Palmer's Natural Fusions Hair Mask & Leave-in Conditioner

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Palmer's Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner

Product Description:

Palmer's Natural Fusions Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner detangles hair for easier comb-through and styling. This conditioner gives instant nourishment to dry, damaged and frizzy hair and leaves it smooth, soft and healthy. A hand-blended cocktail of nature's most nourishing and strengthening botanicals, Natural Fusions takes the guesswork out of DIY home-blended concoctions and uses only the purest ingredients to care for your hair.

Price: Rs 720/- for 250 ml

To buy it online: Click here (Nykaa Link)


I like the packaging. Its a spray bottle. The spray works well, it distributes the product evenly without thick splashes. It's not messy and very convenient. The back look with colorful printing is amazing and the feel is matte so it doesn't slip from your hands. The bottle isn't heavy but it's of good quality. You can travel with it if you want but it's a big bottle.

My Experience:

So if you have read my hair care series you would know I love my post-wash routine and like to layer according to my needs but on days when I am rushing, I don't like using ten different products and those days I love this one and that has been most of the days since I got this. This leave-in conditioner has really cut down my time. I don't use serum then detangler then heat protector this does it all for me and really well.

This obviously doesn't give you full-on nourishment as a serum does but it does really make your hair smooth and soft and very manageable. It detangles your hair really well and when I comb through I see very less hair fall due to breakage. I use this when my hair is semi damp and before combing through. Just give it some time to sink in before combing through.

It has a thin milky consistency. I usually use the spray directly but you can also take in your hand and then run it in your hair while detangling that also works really well. But don't use too much of it otherwise it does make your hair feel heavy. It's really lightweight on the hair even if you have normal to oily ends. If you have dry hair which knots up easily then you would love this. On days when I want a really sleek look, I use this a little more and then use a straightener then spray some more of this makes my hair frizz-free and sleek throughout the day.

You can also use this on dry hair if you think it's frizzy I actually don't like that way much. If you have curly hair and don't like using heat tools and excessive products and just want manageable hair you would love this. The scent is also very nice. It's very floral but not too overpowering and it fades in 3 to 4 hours.

If you have oily ends you can skip this since it will weigh your hair down but if you have dry and frizzy hair especially coloured treated hair you would love this.

My Rating: 😊😊😊😊 4/5

{I would repurchase this unless I find something way better}

Palmer's Natural Fusions Chia Argan Hair Mask

Product Description:

Palmer's Natural Fusions Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask is an intensively deep conditioning treatment that repairs damage and improves strength. Enriched with potent natural ingredients such as chia seeds and argan oil, this hair mask will repair dry and damaged hair and leave it soft, silky and smooth. A hand-blended cocktail of nature's most nourishing and strengthening botanicals, Natural Fusions takes the guesswork out of DIY home-blended concoctions and uses only the purest ingredients to care for your hair.

Price: Rs 760/- for 270 ml

To buy it online: Click here (Nykaa Link)


Classic tub packaging. Its huge doesn't come with a divider but it's okay since it's not messy and convenient enough to use. Hair masks are better in tub packaging anyway. The quality of the packaging is good and sturdy. Again the finish is matte which makes it easy to hold without dropping. {that would your concern if you are clumsy like me}. Same black background and colorful information printed on it. I like that all the information is given on the tub itself.

My Experience:

Now, this is something you need in your life. I have spoken about the importance of hair mask in your routine if you haven't check that out then really you should. ALL ABOUT HAIR MASK

I started this using this mask around two months and some days ago and I don't think I can stop. It's mild enough to use every single wash and its nourishing enough that it makes your hair super soft and also it's lightweight enough that it doesn't weigh your hair down or makes them look greasy. Also this doesn't cause product built up like soo many masks do.

The consistency is again a lot like milk, it's not too thick nor very thin its a good texture that it washes off easily too. It smells amazing even though the scent is similar to the leave-in conditioner which is floral but somehow this mask smells much better and the scent stays in the hair for a day at least but again it's not overpowering.

There are various ways to use this.

  • You can directly just apply it on the full length of your hair before bath (keep it for atleast 15 mins) and wash it off in the shower. Wet your hair a little though it helps the product to sink in better. If you want a spa effect you can also use a hot towel. (this way the effect stays longer)

  • You can apply this to the length of the hair in the shower (keep it for 10 mins and don't tie your hair) after shampooing in place of conditioner and then rinse it off

  • Can also apply it at night and wash off in the morning (I don't do this)

  • The best part you can apply this on the scalp too without worrying about product built up because it washes off easily but if you have very oily scalp then you can skip this. It does feel super cooling on the scalp

  • The best way I like is mixing essential oils in it. When my scalp is itchy I mix Tea Tree oil when I have heat boils I mix Eucalyptus. The day I feel I need to calm down I mix lavender oil some days I add all three too. You can also add argan oil for the days you want extra nourishment.

I would recommend this for all hair types and its mild enough that you can use it as often as you want to I like using this twice a week. I totally love this.

My Rating: 😊😊😊😊😊 5/5

{the only con this one has that it contains alcohol but I don't mind it}

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