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NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

A lot of you asked me whether which foundation is great for oily skin, I do have a few matte foundations since my T zone is oily especially in summers. But I do have dry to combination skin so this is more a general review then oily skin based review. Here I have reviewed only total drop foundation by NYX since this is the best for oily skin as per me but I review some more over a period of time so stay tuned...

Product Description: From sheer to full, your ideal coverage is just drops away with the new NYX Professional Makeup's Total Control Drop Foundation! Fine-tune this velvety, matte foundation with the included dropper. Simply adjust the number of drops until you create the look you're feeling today. Want more coverage? Add more drops.

Features :

  • Custom-create the level of coverage you want with this liquid foundation.

  • Silky, smooth formula that is absolutely lightweight on skin.

  • Provides sheer to full coverage with a matte finish.

  • Makeup tip - Buff expertly using the NYX Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation Brush for a seriously smooth finish.

  • 21 shades

Price: ₹1250/- for 0.43 fl.oz/ 13 ml

To find it online: Click here

Packaging: The bottle is made of glass so it does have some weight to it (not too much since the quantity is less then an ounce) The glass bottle is sturdy but if you drop it really hard from a height or distance it will crack. Minor falls does nothing to it (saying that with experience I keep dropping things all the time). The dropper is nice and convenient since the consistency is runny. Its easy to control the quantity. But always screw the cap tight otherwise its gonna get messy. But I do like the packaging, even-though its glass its travel friendly.

Formula: The consistency is quite runny. Its buildable coverage so you can take as many drops as you need. I would say its more medium to full coverage but it works great as light coverage too. The finish is semi matte more on the natural side. It doesn't look too dry on the skin. Can look cakey if you go too heavy handed. Blends easily but can leave streaky marks if you don't buff it into the skin properly.

My Experience: This is that one foundation that I actually use on an everyday basis. I have dry to combination skin but I like this foundation since its not too drying on my skin. It doesn't emphasis my dry patches. Using the drop and controlling how much you take is very easy.

The way I use this is different though. I don't like heavy coverage on a regular basis but I do have uneven skin tone so what I do is take few drops of this and mix it with my Himalaya Youth Eternity Day Cream . And this gives me the best of both worlds, my skin is even toned and hydrated without looking heavy or cakey. This gives me the no makeup but makeup look very easily.

Now this works for me in summers too since I have dry skin but you can skip the cream and directly go for the foundation very lightly if you have oily skin. But the Himalaya Youth Eternity Day cream is good for oily skin too (check out the review which is already on the blog).

This works with brush, sponge and also fingers. But if you want full coverage go for brush instead of sponge since it will absorb a lot of the foundation.

NYX says this is oil free but it isn't you can see the swatch pic I did on the paper to check for oil absorption. But this also makes it great to mix and match with creams and oil. So if you have dry skin you can mix this with a hydrating glow oil and it will work as a great combo since the foundation doesn't break or melt on the skin even in heat.

I would totally recommend this foundation especially in the summers. If you have dry skin I would suggest try this in summers and mix an oil in winters otherwise it will look a little drying on the skin in winter season.

Also I do think its super expensive especially here in India even after discount. Atleast the bottle should have 1 ounce of product since that is the standard quantity of foundations. If you use this everyday for heavy coverage the bottle is gonna get over far quickly then you would like. Since I use little, mine has lasted me a while. Also I have seen that people in U.S.A get the total drop foundation brush with the foundation bottle, here in India you have to buy it separately which is totally unfair.

This foundation key positive point is the shades. It does have 24 shades and 21 shades are available in India but also NYX doesn't have stores where you can match yourself so you will have to depend on the online swatches. The shade I use is 12 Classic Tan, it has cool undertone which is okay for me but when I get too tan it looks ashy on me so I do have find another more yellow based undertone. Most of the shades have golden undertone but they also have olive undertone which is rare in drugstore foundations.

I'm adding a swatch pic of all the shades from the internet. Hope this helps.

My Ratings: 😍😍😍😍 4/5 (one less for the price and quantity)

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