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Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid Highlighter

Product Description:

Meet the ultimate glow creator! Nykaa Strobe & Glow Liquid face highlighter instantly creates that stunning, blinding gleam that we all crave. Never sparkly or sticky, just pure luminescence is what you get with these magic drops. Enriched with gilded pearls to exude that ever-coveted, natural, lit-from-within glow. Our proudly vegan formulation is not tested on animals, just on a bunch of glow getters.

  • Lightweight formula

  • Easily blendable3 highly pigmented shades

  • Dropper applicator for controlled usage

  • Suits all Indian skin tones

Price: Rs 699/- for 20 ml

To buy it online: Click here (Nykaa Link)


Frosted glass packaging. Good quality has some weight to it. Comes with a dropper. The cap is a screw system. There are no glitches in closing and opening. The white dropper is made of rubber and easy to use with the formula. Bottles are not the best for traveling or for on the go purposes so I wouldn't recommend doing so. It is a see through bottle, so you can see the color and the quantity inside. The name of the brand is on one side and the color name is on the other side in white. Overall a good packaging.

My Experience:

First, let's talk about the formula. The formula is thick for a liquid highlighter. Somehow the dropper works fine with this thick formula. There are no thick glitters. It's sparkly but in a glowly sort of way and not glittery. You will see really fine shimmer particles but they don't spread on your face and you can't even see it. It's more of 3D dimension shimmer. But it's full-blown out of the world glow so be careful on how much you use it. It may emphasize your skin texture if you have too many open pores or leftover scars from old acne. But if you use little it doesn't emphasize. Also, these are super pigmented, one drop is all you need but it is very blendable and buildable.

Now it does dry down but not completely so it does transfer throughout the day. But that can be solved by setting it with either another highlighter in powder form or you can use some loose translucent powder. I would suggest going with white powder so it doesn't completely take away the glow but at the same time doesn't make you look like your from outer space. Unless if you love that kind glow go for it girl! You can go over with powder highlight to set it. But the setting is compulsory if you don't want it transferring on your hands and other people's clothes throughout the day. It does fade after 5 hours will sooner if you touch your face a lot which I do so its 5 hours for me but it does last upto 8 hours if you keep our fingers away.

Shade: Now I have the shade Glazed Bronze which will actually suit all skin tones but will look a little dark as a highlighter for fair skin since it is very pigmented. It does look like a stark line on my skin if I don't blend it well even though I am medium skin tone. Deep skin people are definitely gonna love this shade. The shade is a neutral tone so that works too. Pulls towards champagne tone.

Ways to use it:

  • The regular way is on the high points of your face either bare face or over foundation. If you are applying over foundation or bb cream apply it before setting your face with powder.

  • Mixing it with your foundation for all over the glow. See that you mix it well otherwise one part will look more glowy compared to the other part.

  • Mixing it with your regular face cream or moisturizer for the natural bare face glow. It does really work. (for this use the shade rose for the natural flush)

  • Use it with a cream bronzer or go over after you put down the cream bronzer so that they blend into each other. (Now you can do this with only Glazed Bronze shade since its dark and it will look better as a bronzer topper if you are fair to wheatish skin tone)

  • Also can be applied on your high points before you apply your foundation. If you prefer doing this use a little more since you will go over with foundation the glow will reduce a little. But it does show up.

  • Now one of my fav trick is to use it as eyeshadow either you can go over all your eyelids and blend it (just use a brown shade in the crease) or else you take some on your finger and apply it only in the middle of the lids of your eye for the 3D wet look.

  • Also, you can take a little on a small brush and apply it on the inner corner of your eyes and on the brow bone for the added highlight effect.

  • Can be mixed with your body lotion and applied on your legs if you prefer wearing dresses or short skirts. Your legs will be glowing. I wouldn't suggest on hands since it does transfer a little. Just don't use a sticky or thick body lotion.

  • If you wear off-shoulder tops or alter tops then you take some on a brush or fingers and apply it to your collar bone and shoulders high point but remember to set it with some powder.

My Recommendation:

  • I would recommend this if you are looking for or love liquid highlighters and know how to work with it without making a mess.

  • If you already have enough or don't like too much glow or have too much texture on your skin then skip it.

  • The shades are quite beautiful so if you really wanna try one go for it because its good compared to the makeup revolution liquid highlighters.

  • If you are someone who wants a natural everyday highlight then this isn't for you.

  • If you love out of the world glow and like to be gleaming then close your eyes and go buy it.

My Rating: 💘💘💘1/2 out of 5

{I wish it dried completely and did not transfer and also if it could be a little less intense so I could use it more often without looking like a light bulb}

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