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Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation

Product Description:

Experience the weightless texture of the Nykaa SKINgenius Sculpting & Hydrating Foundation. This luxurious long-wear formula lasts all day long, keeping your skin fresh and radiant. Enriched with Polylift technology and Hyaluronic Acid, this foundation not only sculpts and lifts your skin but also imparts oodles of hydration to it. The unique color-adapting technology allows you to get a perfect match for your skin tone. It is also equipped with sun filters that shield your perfect complexion. Let the imperfections disappear and let your skin glow!

  • Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid

  • Features exquisite Polylift technology and color-adapting pigments

  • Offers beautiful dewy finish

  • Fragrance and Paraben Free

  • Made in Europe

Price: Rs 575/- for 30 ml

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Packaging: Its super lightweight and easy to carry around since the plastic bottle is slim. The packaging is simple but pretty I like the grip of the bottle too and I am not worried about breaking it.

Shades: Almond beige is more cool toned which I had gotten first but it looks ashy on me so I got the shade 03 warm beige which has a yellow tint so it works better for me. Sometimes I mix them both to get a neutral tone. Both will suit medium skin tone it just depends on whether you are cool-toned or warm.

You can see it doesn't settle into my lines and it does hide small blemishes and controls my redness

My Experience:

I like this one better than the SKINshield foundation maybe because I have dry skin and this is more hydrating comparatively. Also, this one doesn't stick to dry patches on your face nor does it emphasize your pores but the coverage of this one is a little less compared to the SKINshield which I don't mind since this is buildable without looking cakey. This is the only foundation I can use in the winter season without having to go through 3 layers of moisturization. I can use this without primer too. Most days I just like mixing this with my SPF or moisturizer. This also mixes well with facial oils so I use it that way too.

The consistency of this one is more on the liquidy side and blends super easily and quickly on the skin. Most days I just use my finger to blend it sometimes when I wanna build up the coverage I use a brush. It does dry on the skin and doesn't really feel all that tacky but I do set it with powder. Tinted coverage powder can be used too it doesn't make the foundation look cakey. If you have oily skin you really need to set this. It does tend to fade around my mouth much faster so I set with powder in that area. Setting it would be better so it doesn't transfer. The finish of this on the skin isn't matte but isn't too dewy either.

I like this foundation as more of an everyday foundation and I don't use this for parties functions or weddings for that I need something with more coverage and more long-lasting. This lasts upto 5 hours on me without much fuss but if I set this properly and use a primer underneath and a setting spray on top then this lasts upto 7 hours. The best part about this foundation for me is that it doesn't break down around my nose and look patchy there. It does fade later but that's fine its better than looking patchy.

It does have some kind of smell that isn't pleasant but at the same time, you can barely smell it while applying it so that cool. The shade range sucks in this line. They have only 5 shade so if you are fair to the medium skin tone you will find your shade but if you have a deeper skin tone then NC 42 then this foundation won't work for you. I wish they expanded this shade range instead of launching new lipsticks which are not needed. But this foundation does have the quality of blending it well with your skin tone. Like it won't look too light or too dark on you if you use one shade wrong light or dark respectively which I think is pretty cool which Nykaa SKIN shield has it too but I think this one does a better job.

My Recommendation:

If you have dry skin and want a basic everyday foundation then you would like this. If you are beginner and foundations scare you then start with this. But if you want something with heavy coverage then skip this. Oily skin during summers can skip this since you will really need to set it with a matte powder. Overall it's a good foundation for the price and if you are in the market for a new hydrating everyday foundation then this is a good option as long as you find your shade.

My Rating: 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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