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Nykaa Molten Matte Lip & Cheek Colour

Updated: Jun 11

I have two shades from this range and my review is based after using these lipsticks for a period of time in different ways.

What the brand says about the lipstick formula:







Price: 525/- for 9 gms

Availability: Online as well as offline. Nykaa has a few physical stores and also stalls in various malls at different cities and it's available online on their website

You can find the lipstick here: Click here

Packaging: It's a regular tube of lipstick that comes color coordinated and looks pretty with black cap and color on the bottom. The packaging is good. It looks glossy. The applicator is doe foot which is good but I don't think it works for this formula. The tube comes in a matching color box which as usual I am not gonna keep.

Formula: The formula is not like your regular liquid lipstick its more on the tint side that's why it's known as lip and cheek color. The consistency is quite liquidy because of the oil. The oil makes it sticky which also makes it hydrating and gives your lips the plump feeling. It takes too long to dry almost 15 to 20 mins and it still transfers. After it dries completely it looks velvety on the lips but also patchy because most of the color disappears.

As a blush its good if you have nude color. It will work like any regular cream blush, but it's also sticky on the cheeks so better set it with a powder.

The formula is not moussey but it is comfortable and nourishing because of the oil but feels dry once the oil gets transferred with the color when you eat and drink. The dark color does stain.

The shades: I got two shades one nude and one bold so that I can review the range properly


Even though online shopping wasn't a thing when Friends aired, we know for a fact that our fashion girl-Rachel Green, would have been miffed with this ordeal today! This brown nude, sultry lip shade with a hint of frost is modest, yet alluring, just like her!

This shade is more on the brown peachy family. The color is actually quite beautiful and even though it's simple nude it's quite unique and you won't find this shade that easily but saying so this color only will look good on fair to medium skin tone. If you have yellow in your undertone this color is gonna look weird on your lips.


Every time she came on screen, she took our breath away! This powerful charismatic fashionista from Gossip Girl appears to get everything with that sass and confidence she sports! So swipe on that classic wine red lip shade and indulge in some gossip we know you love!

This shade is also a unique shade of pink and red. This will look redder or more pink depending on your skin tone and undertone. But I'm pretty sure this color will look good on everyone. I really like this color but because its a bold color and the lipstick is not that pigmented it looks quite patchy and it crumbles if you apply too many layers. I belong to the medium skin family so the color is too dark for me as a blush.

My Experience:

On the first go, I hated this lipstick but I obviously gave them a fair shot so I tried it in many ways. Now the first thing the formula is weird and goopy and sticky so be careful about how you apply it. Don't use a very thick layer because it will crumble when it dries. Shake well before opening the tube because the color gets separated from the oil. The oil consistency makes the formula sticky when you apply it but doesn't feel sticky later.

These are not very pigmented and opaque so you need to go over them at least twice. It usually crumbles on the inside within an hour on me. It did not even last 3 hours on me properly. It does not survive any kind of eating and drinking. I feel I have glosses that last longer than this. These are more like lip lacquers when you first apply it but without the color payoff. Using a lip liner is compulsory because it feathers and bleeds really bad.

I made my sister try this lipstick too and she has lips that can stand even the least deserving lipstick but even she did not like the formula because it looked patchy on the application and it crumbled on her upper lip too and did not lasts on her for more than 4 hours. (I have added lip swatches of hers and mine)

The formula doesn't match the applicator. The teardrop applicators are actually quite good for any kind of liquid lipstick but not for this sticky and patchy formula.

Also if you have pigmented lips the color isn't gonna show up that well especially the nude ones.

Now as a blush I used the shade, Rachel, because it's more my scene. It looked quite gorgeous, to be honest, but I hated the application. It was messy and sticky and it dried too quickly thus making it look patchy. But if you get it right it does look really nice and did last on the cheek for a good 5 hours. But if you have oily skin I don't think this will work. If you have dry skin then you will like it but don't apply on dry patches or textured skin because it looks more patchy that way. Whatever your skin type do set it with powder otherwise you are gonna feel the stickiness of the oil.

Overall I won't recommend this lipstick because if you are like me and love your matte lipsticks you are not gonna like this at all. You can give this a try if you like lip lacquers and use something like this on a regular basis. I also think they are overpriced for what they are and if you want a good lip tint there are better options out in the market for more and less price but better quality.

My Ratings:💋💋 (2/5)


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