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Nykaa Matte To Last! Liquid Lipstick

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

I have two shades from this range and my review is based after using these lipsticks for a period of time in different ways.

Price: 550/- for 5ml

Availability: Online as well as offline. Nykaa has a few physical stores and also stalls in various malls at different cities and its available online on their website

You can Buy the lipstick here : Click here

Packaging: It comes in a small rectangular compact plastic tube which feels like glass because it feels heavy in your hands. The tube is made of classic glossy black cap with black glossy borders with the brand name on the front side in black as well and middle part of the tube shows the color inside as its transparent, that way you can keep a track on the quantity. This tube of lipstick comes in a very unique black cardboard box with different states iconic monuments or symbols of the particular city the lipstick represents.

On the bottom there is a color-coded sticker with the name and no of the shade. It is a doe foot applicator (a lot like the Smashbox one) with a pointed edge which makes it easier to get your lip corners right especially for people with small lips. The applicator does hold a lot of product in one swipe and helps to apply the lipstick evenly.

The quality over all of the packing and the tube itself is very good. The tube is sturdy enough for travelling. The packaging and the name of the the shades are very unique and pretty which was the basis for their marketing. But I feel in the end we throw the outer box and its the application and formula that matters.

Formula: Its like a regular liquid lipstick. Its light weight and liquidy when you first apply it, then it dries down completely in 3 to 4 mins. The consistency is thin but its pigmented. I would recommend to stick to applying one coat. The finish is powdery matte. The claims of being kiss proof, feather proof & transfer proof is true to a certain extent. The formula reminds me a lot of the Huda liquid lipsticks (But they are not dupes).

I have two shades Begum (from the 1st batch) and Jhumki (from the 2nd batch). I have swatched and tried few more shades from the range at the stores and I feel like there is slight inconsistency in formula between the shades. Like some shades are more thin in consistency (like nude shades) and some shades are more towards mousey consistency (like dark shades).

When you eat something oily the lipstick comes off from the center of the lips but because the lipstick leaves a stain, it looks like an ombre effect which is okay. The nude shade do form a layer at the inside of your lips which I am not a fan off. These lipsticks do tend to crumble like any other powder matte lipstick even if you stick to one coat. Scrub and moisturize your lips before application as the lipstick does stick to dry patches and also gets drying after 4 hours of wear. They don't have any particular scent.


1. Begum: It is a hot mauve pink shade which will suit every skin tone. It is quite a common color but when I saw the shade I definitely loved the undertone as I love mauve shades.

Now when I saw the swatches and reviews online, no blogger said that there are gold flecks in the lipstick which show up when you first apply it on the lips. It looks like I have gold glitter on my lips which spread through out the day making it a mess . So I thought I got a defected piece so I went to a few stores and swatched it and they all had gold flecks in them.

Now after a few more uses the gold flecks don't show up as much. You can't see the flecks on camera but you can see them quite clearly in person. The shade is no doubt beautiful, but the glitter did put me off at first. I wished they hadn't put the gold flecks in it or they should have specified this in the description.

2. Jhumki: I bought this shade when they launched the new shades and its really pretty nude. Its brownish nude with pink undertone. Its more on the cool tone side which I love. There aren't many Indian companies who come out with cool tone nude shades which suit all skin tone. It may wash out the deep skin tone but nothing a lip liner won't solve. I definitely love this shade. This shade doesn't leave a stain as its pretty nude.

Overall experience: A lot of my friends love the formula of these lipsticks and a few of them think they are okay. In my opinion these lipsticks are good but not the best in the market at this price range. There a lot of better formula options in the drugstore brands like wet and wild and Lakme. But saying so I do believe Nykaa has better shade which suit various skin tone which I am all for. I guess in the end it depends on your personal taste and preference.

I would recommend test the lipsticks before you buy.

My Rating: 💋💋💋

I'm attaching pictures from Nykaa's page of their complete shade range





*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews till your satisfied.

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