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Nykaa Demi Matte & Wonder Puff Lipsticks

I have combined the two recent launches of Nykaa since they keep overwhelming us with new launches back to back and I can't keep up with the reviews.

Nykaa Get Set Matte! Demi Matte Lip Cream Lipstick

Product Description:

  • Matte meets gloss

  • Soft, creamy matte formulaWeightless & comfortable

  • Gives an alive and intense color payoff

  • Super hydrating

  • 6 hours lasting

  • Formulated in Italy

  • Fragrance-free

Price: Rs 399/- for 5 ml

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)


I actually really like the packaging on this one with one minor con which I'll talk about later but for the now the black ombre with the bottom transparent so you can see the color and quantity inside is something I am for sure liking. The cap is black and matte in finish. The color and name of the color are on the bottom so you can see it clearly if you keep it upside down.

It comes with a doe-foot applicator that has a V-shaped sponge with a hole in the middle which holds enough product that you don't have to dip back again and again. The applicator works perfectly with the formula. Now the part I don't like is the hole, its too small and you have to wriggle the applicator out and I feel in that pressure I am gonna drop my lipstick tube and make a mess. The hole is smaller than the applicator, even though the applicator is flexible and it does come out but it takes a min extra which I don't like.

My Experience:

Now if you are a matte lipstick lover then don't go for this. I don't know why they named it matte because they are not. They are creamy lipstick with really good pigmentation. They are slightly sticky not like glosses. There is no scent to the lipstick. It glides on super smoothly like lip cream on the lips. It takes 10 to 15 mins for it to settle in but it obviously doesn't dry down matte. It stays shiny on the lips.

Now they do transfer a lot. You eat or drink anything it will show up. It lasts up to 4 hours on the lips if you don't eat, if you eat then it's gonna disappear real soon. It can't stand any kind of meal. A little drinking is fine if you don't mind the stain on the mug or glass. If you use a lip liner it lasts longer. I love using a lip liner with this since it makes it lasts longer doesn't feather and makes my lips look pouty.

The part I like about the lipstick it makes my lips look fuller, I don't see a lot of cracks. It's moisturizing and stays that way even if you wipe it off or reapply. Reapplication is super easy, no crusty feeling. This is the kind of lipstick you can apply even without a mirror. Also, another great way to use this is in the middle of your lips to make them look bigger.

It's easy to carry around and it's better for the winter season. Fair disclaimer I'm a matte lipstick lover and I have no clue how I am liking this and actually using this. Not saying I'm gonna go buy the whole range but I would definitely wanna repurchase this one when I finish it or lose it, I somehow really like it. The color ON FLEEK is a very nude and neutral tone and will only suit fair to light-medium skin tone. Somehow this isn't washing me out at all even without makeup and I fall in between NC 37 to NC 40. This shade looks good on any kind of makeup look but especially dark smokey eyes. The tone is more peachy brown based.

My Recommendation:

  • If you are looking for a proper matte lipstick then no this isn't for you

  • If you think this is a dupe for the Huda Demi Matte then no this isn't for you either

  • If you like moisturizing and don't mind the constant reapplication and the transfer of the lipstick on everything then you ahead and buy this you would really like it.

  • If you don't like glosses but at the same time don't like drying liquid lipstick then you would like this, so give it a try it's reasonable.

My Rating: 💋💋💋💋 4/5

{I have no idea why I like it but I do}

Nykaa Wonderpuff! Lip & Cheek Cushion Lipstick Tint

Product Description:

  • Unique Cushion tip format

  • Weightless and comfortable lip and cheek tint

  • Buildable colorSmudge proof and waterproof

  • Lasts 12 hours

  • Enriched with Jojoba & Grapeseed oil

  • Can be dabbed onto the cheeks for a flush of color

Price: Rs 899/- for 4.5 gm

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)


This is complicated packaging so read carefully. This is a hybrid of click lipsticks and sponge lipsticks. The tube is long like a pencil/crayon with a sponge as an applicator and the click system is at the bottom so you click it and remove as much as you want. Now because of its sponge, it does absorb some of the lipstick so be careful about how much your clicking. When you get a fresh piece you have to click from anywhere between 15- 35-45 clicks. If you do it continuously and quickly you should be done in 20 clicks I think. It took me 45 😐 Once you get a hang of it, it will get easier till then it doesn't seem user-friendly. Shake before clicking though every time.

The dabbing motion works then best in the application so go one to two clicks at a time. The tubes are color-coded so that is nice. The cap and the bottom click are black. The click is not super hard nor too soft that it will get pressed in the bag so that part of the packaging is proper. The packaging is frankly okay it totally depends on how you use it.

My Experience:

I have a love and hate relationship with this one. Starting with the color I was expecting a darker shade when I saw the swatches but it's pretty light or its less pigmented compared to other colors. There is inconsistency in the formula with colors. But this shade will suit all skin tone and colors and will look amazing. It's a pretty basic mauve pink shade.

The consistency of this one is liquidy since it is said to be a tint. You really have to shake the tube before clicking otherwise only oil comes out and no color. You can feel the oil in the consistency which is okay because thats what moisturizes your lips but I don't think that feeling lasts. It got drying for me in 3 hours like a regular liquid lipstick.

It lasts upto 4- 5 hours not more than that. It doesn't transfer on drinking but does when you are eating but not much. It does dry down on the lips completely in 5 to 10 mins. It does crumble on me which I'm not a fan of. If you rub your lips together like smack them then it will crumble much faster. If you rub your lips with wet finger it doesn't come off or fade off easily. You need a ph based remover to remove the lipstick, so that makes the reapplication a little tricky since if you reapply on top it gets more crusty and you can't wipe it off easily either.

I prefer using this with a lip liner, I feel the tacky lip liner gives it the right kind of base to stick on and stays longer without crumbling.

Now for the cheeks part, You need to blend it properly but it's not very difficult so that's okay. The color stays on the cheek for 5 hours but if you are oily skin girl I don't think you will like this on the cheeks because of the oil mixture. And if you have flaky skin or too many pores then you won't like this kind of formula as a blush either since it settles in and emphases them. Better to use this as a cheek color when you have no foundation on works better that way. Then go over with a powder on top it lasts longer.

I just think this lipstick is too much work for the price and that's why I have a love and hate relationship with it.

My Recommendation:

If you are looking for a tint that works for lips and cheeks then you can give this a try since the formula of this isn't too liquidy its easier to work with but for the price, I'm not so sure. I'm definitely not repurchasing this or getting another one.

My Rating: 💋💋💋 3/5

{Its okay, totally depends on what are you looking for and are comfortable with}


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