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MyGlamm Lipstick and Kajal Review

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

When MyGlamm launched I was not at all interested and just thought its another hyped up brand and I already buy a lot of hyped products from Nykaa couldn't buy from both of them so I did not get anything. Till my sister gave me one of the satin matte lipstick as a gift and I really liked it so I asked her to get everything she owns from MyGlamm and I gave it my full time and tested them out and I have some changed opinions. This is gonna be long review since I have combined three products and details of what the brand says so you guys can get a better idea of the products.


Slay with the bullet and slide on for an unapologetic projection of yourself. Sexy, flirty, mysterious—whatever your mood, we have a lipstick for you. Sublimely smooth and irresistibly expressive, we're using our lipstick bullets as weapons of mass seduction. Our lipsticks deliver an even swatch of colour, so brilliantly pigmented, they'll have you grinning ear-to-ear on an otherwise ordinary day. Being Instagram-perfect is an added perk.


  • Smooth and even application of colour

  • 3D satin matte finish Long-wearing formula

  • High immediate payoff

  • Lightweight and comfortable on the lips

Enhanced Properties

  • Preservative free Oil free

  • Mineral oil free D5 free

  • Nano ingredients free


1. Kissing Booth is a bright pink shade. For the days that start out OK but suddenly transform into one of the most memorable moments of your life. Has hint of coral in it. Won't suit medium to dark skin tone will look neon on them (this is the shade my sister gifted me)

2. Pretty Little Liars is a deep mauve shade. For the girls who’ve perfected the innocent smile that kick-starts all the games people play. A very pretty shade which every skin tone can rock. (this is my fav shade)

3. Gossip Girl is a deep rosy pink shade. When you're the self-appointed spreader of ‘news’. Its the kind of shade which will make any body look good and will work on an everyday basis without looking too out there.

Price: Rs 495/-

To find it online: click here

My Experience: Its your regular bullet lipstick with a stain matte finish in a classy white and gold packaging which is quite good looking. The formula is quite pigmented and has a shiny finish on the lips. You can always blot it a little to make it more matte which I do with most lipsticks. So the color Kissing booth is little too loud for everyday use for me so I use it more like a stain and I really like the look it gives me. My fav is Pretty little liars but Gossip girl is also a very pretty pink but common.

I wore all the shades and all performed around the same. These are not patchy whatsoever. You can either build them up or tone them down which is great also these are not drying on the lips infact feel moisturizing on the lips.

These don't survive a heavy meal but these do leave a stain so they don't look weird and goopy on the lips which is also something I really liked. If you don't like liquid lipsticks but still like matte lipsticks I would suggest these are made for you. This formula is great for everyday use since reapplying is also very easy. But saying so I don't think these are the best out there you can always find something similar at a more affordable rates. These are quite similar to the Milani moisture matte and Milani is expensive in India. Also these feel similar to the Nykaa Paintstix but I like these far more then the Nykaa ones. The better and cheaper options will be the Sugar creme lipsticks and PAC bullet ones. My sister definitely loves these lipsticks a lot and these lasts on her lips much longer. Somehow all kinds of lipstick always lasts on her. They also have a very good range of shades I just wish they had more brown based shade too instead of just pinks.

My Rating:💋💋💋💋


The secret to the poutiest pout is the weird and wonderful lip liner. Relax, it’s not a throwback to the 80s and 90s with dark defined lips that enjoy an entirely different existence from your lipstick. Instead think of the liner as an extra dose of oomph, so when you pucker up, you’re effortlessly sexy. The Japanese cherry blossom tree isn’t just an Instagram-friendly background; the berry kernels yield a vegetable wax that creates the smoothest base for our liners. Think of it as lip contouring with complementary, but not matching colors that work their charm into giving you the juiciest lips possible.


  • Vividly pigmented

  • Prevents feathering for up to 5 hours

  • Matte finish

  • Hydrating formula

  • Ensures an easily contoured and sculpted look

Enhanced Properties

  • Made from specially formulated vegetable wax

  • Free from parabens, mineral oil, D5 and nano-ingredients

Shade: Bae is a dark red shade. Just the two of us? That’s when your BFF is your soulmate, like this perfect red should be.

Its a very pretty cool tone red which will work for any kind of red lipstick without changing the color or undertone of the lipstick on top. Has more pink in it.

Price: Rs 445/-

To find it online: Click here

My Experience: I love lip liners, its my thing so I obviously had to try it and I really like it but I don't love it either. You can find this formula on almost any brand lip liner at much cheaper rate. I don't think the price makes it worth it.

The formula is pigmented but not too pigmented that it over powers the lipstick. It is quite long lasting. I like that it gives a blurring effect to your lips and make them less prone to cracks and creases. I actually like this kind of formula to wear under lip glosses. The Nykaa pout perfect lip liners do the same and are cheaper but MyGlamm has more shade choices.

Lip liners is something you either love or you don't so purchase decision of this totally depends on you.

Its wooden pencil so you have to sharpen it but I prefer wooden pencil formula much better compared to the twist up ones.

My Rating:💋💋💋

JET SET EYES Kajal-Eyeliner

This richly pigmented kohl-effect pencil glides on smoothly and delivers intense definition. A creamy kajal/eyeliner in an automatic, twist pencil design for precise, easy-glide application every time. It's waterproof, smudge- and transfer-resistant.


  • Semi Matte Finish

  • Long-wearing

  • Smudge-proof & Waterproof

  • Intense color payoff

  • Suitable for use on the waterline (kohl kajal)

  • A universal shade that suits any skin type. Flattering on all skin tones.

Enhanced Properties

  • Enriched with natural antioxidants to soothe and condition while delivering waterproof lasting color.

  • Dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested & approved

  • Cruelty free and free of mineral oils, paraffin, preservatives, animal derived ingredients

Shade: Bleu is a saturated blackened blue kohl stick that doubles as an eyeliner

Price: Rs 750/-

To Find it online: Click here

My Experience: This review is from my sisters point of view since I couldn't try this. I don't believe in sharing eye products since I have sensitive eyes. But I did swatch it on my hand and I could see its quite pigmented and very smooth for a twist up pencil. Usually the twist up pencils are just too hard compared to the wooden pencils. Also what I like about this formula is, it doesn't break easily like other twist up kajal pencils.

This lasts for good amount of time. The tip is fine so its great for wings and graphic looks. The blue is actually very pretty. I like that its matte and has no shimmer. Its water resistant and doesn't smudge easily and also dries pretty quickly so you have to work fast if you want to smoke it or smudge it. I really liked the formula and my sister really loves it. But I still don't think its worth Rs 750/-. It could have been cheaper. I may get this one later because I really like the pigmentation and the color. I rarely see good matte eyeliners.

My Rating:👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨

I still think MyGlamm is over hyped and I won't be spending a lot of money to get their stuff because I feel they are scheming people with offers instead of being true to the price of the product. They can charge a proper price instead of all the schemes and offers they put up on products. Their prices don't make it worth an investment for me. I also have their nail polish which I got in one of the Fab bag and I actually really like I would do a short review on it on my Instagram so stay tuned for that.

I would like to thank my sister for loaning me her stuff so I could test and try it for you guys. Hope you enjoyed this review and it was helpful.

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