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Miniso Silicone Facial Cleanser

Updated: Jun 11

Miniso has a lot of different stuff in a lot of different areas and sections, Now the thing with Miniso is that if you find one thing at one store at a particular time you may not find the same in their other store or even in the same store the next month. I have bought a lot of different stuff from Miniso, out of which some are still available like their basic stuff cotton pads and q-tips and disposable clothes but things like Silicone brush have disappeared even from their page. Now I don't know if you will find these particular things in their store now or in the future but you never know so I'm reviewing them for you so when you do see this in the future you can quickly make up your mind if you want it or not.

Silicone Facial Cleanser (Sonic Vibration and waterproof)

Product Description: Designed with soft silicone protruded cleaning pieces combined with sonic pulsations, perfect for day to day usage. Smooth and comfortable for all skin types.

Price: Rs 490/-

I couldn't find this online sorry.

My Experience: Now when I first tried this I did not like it and I regretted buying it only because it kinda looked like Foreo Luna dupe and I got super busy after that so I just kept this aside. But then I thought to give this another try a month or so back so I started using this every third night and suddenly I started seeing a difference. Out of nowhere, my skin started feeling less textured in the morning and felt smooth to the touch so I started using this every second night and my skin has been loving it.

How to use it: What I do is first take a regular amount of face wash and wash my face with it and then use the silicone facial cleanser and run on my skin using upwards motion. See that you don't apply too much pressure. Use it for 1 min all over the face avoiding your eye area. Then wash off your face and wipe it with a muslin cloth, see that you don't use a harsh face napkin on top it can make your skin feel raw. Instantly your skin feels smooth and you can go ahead with your regular skincare routine.

Warning: Now the reason I don't use this every day is the setting of the vibration cannot be controlled. It comes in one setting which seems a little harsh to me since I have sensitive skin and if I use this too much it makes my cheeks red and raw.

What the sonic vibration does: The vibration causes better blood circulation which in turn speeds up the generation of new cells and the brush removes the dead skin cell from the surface giving you the smooth and glowing skin. Regular use of this will also help in getting younger looking skin which is more evened out.

My Rating: 😇😇😇😇 4/5 {If only I could control the level of vibration I would truly love this}

**Update rating will also be the same since I still do like the Miniso one and my feelings haven't changed.

Update after a month and a half: Okay so I bought the Bronson face cleanser (similar one) which I have been using recently and a lot more than this one. Since it has speed control and also I find the silicone of that one softer compared to this one and I can use that twice a day without worrying that it will make my sensitive skin red. Also, the Bronson one works on a charge instead of battery which I love since its good for the environment.

So if you have sensitive skin I would suggest checking my review on the Bronson Face Cleanser under the face tools category.

How to clean it: A lot of people say silicone is perfect for sensitive skin people because it doesn't harbor bacteria which is so false. You have to clean the silicone brushes from time to time too to keep it bacteria-free. Now because the dots are so close to each other there is a lot of build-up around it which you can't see. Like dried up face wash and dust particles. Now to clean this use a clean toothbrush and take a gel-based face wash mixed with hot water and dip the brush in it and scrub away at the dots on the brush cleanser and then run it under hot water. Do this every week or 15 days depending on your usage

Soft Exfoliating Cleansing Brush

Product Description: Upgraded Cleansing brush.Comes with a holder. Easy to place when not in use. Silicone brush head for skin with blackheads and acne.

Usage: Apply cleanser to the moistened brush head. Massage in a circular motion for 15 seconds on the face. Rinse brush head after each use and dry it in a ventilated place. The silicone brush head is designed for skin with blackheads and acne.

Note: It is recommended to use it three times a week and 1-2 minutes at a time. Do not use it too frequently to prevent injuring skin. Not for children.

Price: Rs 350/-

To find it online: Click here

My Experience: This comes in a set of two brush heads and one holder with a stand which makes it super convenient to store. One head is a regular face cleansing brush which is super soft on the skin and its quite dense so it really cleans up your face without harming or hurting your skin in the process. But because it's so dense it does also absorbs a good amount of your face wash causing wastage.

Now talking about the other head which is my personal fav and which I use the most. I have used a lot of simple silicone brushes since I suffer from blackheads around my nose that's the only kind of brush that works for me since I have sensitive skin. But this is seriously the softest I have used. This doesn't hurt the skin in any way.

The quality of the stand isn't the best though. It does wobble and falls with even slight pressure so be careful.

How to use it: Either you can take face wash on your fingers and rub it on your face first or you can directly put it on the brush and use it on the face in a circular motion. See that the brush is wet. This brush head is great for everyday use and you can use it according to the pressure you want. The brush does take a while to dry up so they stand comes in handy in this process.

With the silicone brush head what I do is I apply my scrub or my face mask around the nose make it slightly wet and then rub on it with the silicone brush in outwards motions. This helps my pores to get clean and the stubborn blackheads and whiteheads to come out.

My Ratings: 😇😇😇😇4/5 {I do like this brush heads a lot compared to the others I have tried and also it looks super cute on my bathroom table}

How to clean it: The same procedure as above works for the silicone head but for the bristle brush you need to soak it in the mixture of gel-based face wash and hot water for 5 mins then rub it with a dry cloth which will absorb the excess water then let it air dry before storing it.

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