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Miniso Facial Cleanser (2 heads)

Updated: Feb 26

Product Description:

Streamline design. 2 vibration speed settings. Micro-vibration setting can clean and give skin comfortable and relaxed feeling. High frequency vibration delivers quick cleansing.

Comes with 2 different detachable cleansing heads. Cleansing brush head meets daily cleaning requirements, Silicone head is suitable for combination and oily skin, deeply cleans cutin, removes facial grease.

With one storage box, convenient to place and to air dry, easy to clean.

Powered by 2X AA batteries.

Price: Rs 790/-

I can't find this online. I also only saw this in selected Miniso stores.

My Experience:

I actually went in the store to get this other Miniso Facial cleanser which has one brush bristle head but it was expensive and was a little too big so I picked this up instead as I wasn't happy with my Bronson face cleanser with 5 different heads. The bristle on that is a little harsh for my sensitive skin so I wanted something softer and this Miniso one is soft. Its not super soft but its soft enough that almost all skin types can use unless you have super extra sensitive skin.

I do have sensitive skin but I do really like the brush bristle since its not super harsh on the skin and it doesn't make my skin raw. So I use this cleanser when I have full face of glam on. When I have a lot of makeup on I do the extra cleaning so after I remove my makeup I use the brush bristle head with face wash to thoroughly clean my face and neck.

The other thing is that the brush doesn't rotate, it only has sonic vibration which massages your skin and gives better circulation. But because it doesn't rotate its not harsh on the skin and you can apply pressure according to your need and skin type which I like.

The silicone head is of good quality and feels soft on the skin and is great for acne prone and sensitive skin. Also I have noticed that I don't have to use a lot of nose strips for my blackheads since the regular use of silicone massagers have reduced my blackheads.

The best part about this is the stand that it comes with. I find its perfect to just place it on my bathroom sink table and it has holes underneath so there is no bad smell/odor in the brush heads. Also other dirt and dust particles don't get collected on the cleanser which is really good in my books. Bonus it looks super cute.

If you don't have any other facial cleanser then I would definitely recommend this but if you are already using something then you can skip this. Also if you have very sensitive skin then you can skip this.

How to use it: Either you can take face wash on your fingers and rub it on your face first or you can directly put it on the brush/ silicone and use it on the face in circular motion. See that whatever head your using is wet. The brush bristles does take a while to dry up so the stand comes in handy in this process.

I use the silicone head mostly for my T zone to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. Since its gentle on the skin and works great for exfoliation.

My Ratings: 😇😇😇😇4/5

How to clean it: The same procedure I have mentioned before works for the silicone head but for the bristle brush you need to soak it in the mixture of gel based face wash and hot water for 5 mins then rub it with a dry cloth which will absorb the excess water then let it air dry before storing it.

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