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Lakme 9 to 5 lipsticks

Lakme 9 to 5 Primer+matte lipsticks

Product Description:

  • Sets a flawless base and evens out your lips for smooth application

  • Highly pigmented shades that have rich and intense colour payoff

  • Delivers a fine matte finish on your lips that lasts up to 12 hrs.

Price: Rs 500/- for 3.6 gm

To buy it online: Click here


I think the packaging is super cute. Its sleek and glossy and shaped pretty easy to hold and looks nice. The tube has a rose gold metallic look to it and the name of the lipstick is written on it. The only con is that if you own more then one lipstick its difficult to tell apart as they are not color coded. The name of the color is written on the bottom but even that's not coded. The twist up is easy and convenient to use. Easy to travel with

My Experience:

Now personally I was never a fan of Lakme lipstick especially this 9 to 5 range. I had one from the old collection wasn't a fan so gave it away. Then they came up with primer plus matte thing and I wasn't impressed so I did not buy it but my cousin sister loved hers so I borrowed them from her to test them out and review it for you guys and I changed my mind enough that I actually robbed one of hers.

First I thought the formula is like any regular matte bullet lipstick but this one is easy to apply pigmented in one swipe even the nude color and its actually matte on the lips, more on the velvet matte finish but still its not shiny on the lips which I like. Next it actually stays on the lips longer then a lot of other bullet lipstick especially compared to the Maybelline Color sensational. They lasts for upto 6 hours on me on my cousin it lasts upto 8 hours She has magic staying power lips. But obviously if you eat something too oily it fades mostly from the middle. The dark colors stain so it looks like an ombre lip but the nude color just disappears. If you are eating something light or just drinking it doesn't fade that easily. It does transfer but not as much.

Reapplication is super easy and lips don't get crusty. You don't need lip balm underneath. The lipstick is comfortable to wear upto 4 hours then it does get a little drying but nothing excessive. They have a lot of colors in this range almost 31 shades which is amazing though they are mostly reds and pink, they do have brown nudes and purple which you can see my cousin sister is really into. I obviously robbed her Brownie point because its a brown based nude and I really love my cool tone nudes.

One small con if you have small lips the application can be a problem since the bullet doesn't have a tip and its just round so getting the sharp edge or the corner of your lips can get difficult. You will need a mirror to apply this lipstick so you don't make a mess.

I would definitely recommend this lipstick as its great for everyday use and you can find a shade you love.

My Ratings: 💋💋💋💋 4/5

(I changed my mind and I really love them and I will purchase some colors myself instead of just robbing my sister's)

Lakme 9 to 5 Weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

Product Description:

  • Long lasting Color: Intense, sensational shades suitable for long-wear

  • 2 in 1 use: Doubles as a lip and cheek color for versatile use.

  • Light weight Texture: Feels weightless and is extremely comfortable

Price: Rs 625/- for 9 gm

To buy it online: Click here


Classic tube packaging which is round with silver screw cap. Its actually light weight so its easy to carry around and travel with. The bottom is beige in color and the name of the lipstick is written on it. Its simple and sleek packaging with no muss. The name of the color is written on the bottom and again here the packaging isn't color coordinated so you won't know which color is inside just by looking unless you remember names.

The applicator is doe foot with a V and a hole in middle which carries more product at one time so you don't have to insert it again for more pigmentation. The feather soft and flexible applicator helps in blending out the lipstick on the lips and gives it an even finish. The applicator works for the formula.

My Experience:

Okay so here the story is different for me. This lipstick I purchased for myself because I had really liked it when I had swatched in the store and I did really like the formula. I mainly also bought it because it is for cheeks too so I thought it would be great as a liquid bronzer on the go. So the formula is weightless feels light and nourishing on the lips for few hours but then it does get a little drying that's with any matte lipstick so its okay.

The consistency of the lipstick is thin and it does have a nice scent, doesn't linger for long but its good sweet scent. I don't know if the other colors have it too though. Every one loves the shade blush velvet but I did not want another pink so went with cocoa soft which is neutral dark brown which will pull soft brown on deep skin tone.

I bought this around a year back and I really did love it back then but I don't as much. I feel like the formula has changed a little there is a separation in the consistency and it goes on patchy on the lips even if I shake the tube before removing the applicator.

The lipstick stays for 7 hours but if you eat something oily it fades from the middle it gets drying after 5 hours of wear which is a good enough time. It doesn't transfer if you drink but it does if you eat oily stuff. I feel the reapplication makes the lips crusty from the middle. Also the pigmentation is opaque in two layers, in one layer you can still see your lip color peeking through so if you have pigmented lips you need another layer for the true color to show up.

Okay as a cheek color I think it works once you get a hang of it, if you apply it directly it does look patchy so do one cheek at a time because it dries quickly. If you use a beauty sponge it gives a good finish but the sponge absorbs most of the pigment. The color stays on your cheeks for good 5 to 6 hours without transfer so that's good.

Now talking about recommendation I liked it at first now not so much so it depends on what you are looking for and also they do have amazing shades so you can give one a try.

My Ratings: 💋💋💋 3/5

(because the formula changed on me)

Clearly I had a lot to say so I chose blog review, anyway so Lakme lipsticks are always on discount somewhere so check out a few sites before buying and also check out a few different skin tone swatches before deciding which one you wanna buy. Hope this was helpful.

For Refrence: I'm NC 37 in Mac foundation. I am medium skin tone on the neutral side.

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