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Hair-fall: Causes, Prevention and Maintainence

In today’s world, hair fall is a common problem. But not all hair falls are the same though. Some can be treated and managed and all together stopped and some well are more stubborn. This all depends on why your hair is falling. Till you don’t answer that question you won’t really know how to manage it and stop it. It can be no of things which we don't even realize sometimes so first we are gonna talk about causes:

Causes or the Main Reasons of Hairfall:

👉First basic problem is change of place, water, food and even weather. All these causes hairfall but this can be managed very easily by little changes in your products and routine. I have already spoken about what changes causes what in my old post so definitely check it out if you haven't already.

👉Now a days because of the environment pollution we are all suffering from bad skin rashes and hair problems. A proper change in products which targets that will make it easier to manage and maintain your hair health.

👉Food plays a really important role in our health over all so if you are on unhealthy food binge then your hair is going to fall and you can't solve this unless you make some healthy changes. Now if you are stubborn and won't budge on your food habits, well I get that I'm not much on the healthy wagon either so get some supplements. There are a lot of hair supplements available, you can always consult your doctor about what you can take.

👉Hair fall also happens when you are using a wrong product, something that isn't working and instead being harmful also causes hair fall so definitely be careful about what you are using and make changes accordingly.

👉Stress plays an important role and is basically the root cause of all problems, so if you suffer or live a stressful life hair fall is gonna happen no matter what you do. This problem is something you just have to deal with head on. manage your stress and include products in your hair care that can atleast help you maintain your problems.

👉Stress leads to lot of diseases, but a lot of us already suffer from a lot of health concerns. A lot of us women suffer through hormonal changes either because of irregular periods or pregnancy. Pregnancy causes major hair fall which not treated immediately can cause sever long term effects. Hormonal changes which leads to PCOD/PCOS or thyroid causes really bad hair fall that can't be easily maintain and takes a lot of effort in all area and you will need to consult a doc and take extra medication like vitamins and biotin supplements.

👉Our life style plays a very important role, basically this also comes under stress and food habits. Till we don't manage that managing hair loss can be super difficult.

👉Some suffer from hair fall is because of genetics. If either of our parents suffered through it then you are gonna suffer too and the max here you can do is take care before the situation gets really bad. Being proactive here really helps. So definitely check out if your family tree suffers from hair fall.

👉Health problems is something a lot of us deal with. Knowing what you have and what medication you take for it is very important here. A lot of these medication we take have hair loss has a major side effect so check the ingredients keep a track on changes and consult your doctor if you see any major side effects. Heart diseases or surgeries or being on steroids causes major hair fall. Regular hair oil or ready market serums is not gonna solve your problems.

👉Now dandruff also cause hair loss if its at its extreme state so managing your dandruff is super important to stop/reduce hair fall. I'll talk about dandruff in details in my next post so stay tuned.

Different Levels of Hair fall:

Now most of us think hair fall is bad which is true. But little hair fall is actually normal. Like as you scrub remove dead cell/skin off your skin. The hair fall is kind of like shredding dead hair. That way you have less burden for your scalp. But in this process only 100 hair fall a day. Which I know seems a lot but its not. Less then 100 is always fine but more then 100 is where it gets bad.

  • Less hair fall can be easily managed with a few change of products and extra care in hair and overall mind and body health. This happens because of changes in weather, place you live or the water you use.

  • Medium hair fall is something that you have work on. Get your lifestyle in check and make some adjustments get regular saloon treatments and your hair will be fine. This happens when you have stressful lifestyle or from mild health concerns which can be manged with hair supplements.

  • Maximum hair fall, now this is something that is super difficult to control. You can pretty much can't stop the hair fall but with the right medication from the doctor proper treatment and proper diet will help you manage it to a certain extent. Now this happens if you suffer from major health problem or if you have genetic issues with hair fall. Here medication also don't work sometimes.

The point here is even if you suffer form mild hair fall its fine. The important thing is the hair growth should be there. If the hair growth is slow or next to nothing that's when you start really losing your hair and develop bald spots. Which then managing is super difficult.

How to manage Hair fall/

Steps to take when you suffer from Hair loss:

1. First start by using products that are more suited your hair and products that are targeted at your problems and see that they work. Now any product will take time to show major effects but your know if the product works or not in few uses if you see any positive change.

2. Now if you suffer from hair fall because of some medication you take see that you consult your doctor and find alternatives.

3. But if you suffer from hormonal problems which is causing the hair loss then change in lifestyle is the only thing that will make the ultimate difference. Same will work if you live a hectic and stressful life.

4. Change in diet can make a huge difference. So try to be as healthy as you can be. (now guys I won't talk a lot in this particular section because it will make me an hypocrite. I don't follow a healthy diet myself which I should).

5. Take hair supplements or vitamin supplements. I take Biotin which has made a change for me so I take one every morning after breakfast. But this is something you need to consult your doctor and also be consistent with whatever you take. It takes 3 months to show any major difference.

6. Now regular oiling and conditioning really helps a lot but if you suffer from major hair fall try getting in saloon treatments too. I started doing this high frequency thing which help in my hair growth and also controlled my hair fall. But this procedure is something that you need to keep doing every month or so otherwise it doesn't work. So whatever you do check first and do keep a budget. Don't go overboard and spend a lot on something that won't work.

7. Getting regular trims really works. Also get hair spa done every now and then really helps in over all health of your hair.

8.Keep a balance between all of the above and keep doing it.

Basic Hair Maintenance:

  • wash your hair regularly, don't leave it dirty for too many days

  • also wash your hair thoroughly

  • Don't overuse dry shampoo

  • Dry your hair properly, never sleep with wet hair

  • regularly oil your scalp and follow it with massage always.

  • use products that best suit your hair type and hair concerns

  • get regular hair cuts and trims helps in long term

  • use heat protectants before using heat tools

  • don't use too much of heat tools

  • use serums it helps to better manage your hair and also helps with split ends.

  • if you have colored hair or have done any chemical treatment see that you follow proper care accordingly.

  • never neglect your hair.

Now I have spoken about a lot of things we already know and already follow or do at home but sometimes we tend to not do basic things and let the little things go because we tend to differ or lose interest or just don't wanna try. Managing your hair at whatever stage is difficult and its a continuous process so don't give up.

I suffer from hormonal issues so for me managing my hair health is the most difficult thing to do. But over the years I have learned to manage it. My hair still falls a lot more then it should but its still better than what I went through before. I have already talked about what type of shampoo I use and how you can choose one for yourself. Also covered topic of conditioning your hair and the various hair mask that are available and covered the topic of oiling and how you can find the right blend of oils for your hair. Also I have done a post on my post-wash hair routine with the products I like using. If you have missed any of these you can check out my previous post on the blog and also check out my Instagram stories/highlights for further explanations and alternatives.

My hair type and what I suffer from: I have dry plus flaky scalp and fizzy hair. Medium length coloured hair. I do suffer from hair fall and slow growth but it has gotten a lot better then before since I started taking more care of my hair.

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