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Gifts for HIM

Valentine's day just around the corner, we are looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Now gifting women may be a little easier compared to men a women like a lot of things but with men you have to concentrate on something with more utility, something they can use on a day to day basis as men don't get happy with chocolates and flowers like women do.

We usually tend to neglect getting anything for the men in our lives because of these reasons which isn't fair so I have short listed a few basic gift ideas which do seem common but sometimes the common predictable gift is what will make him happy, so give it a try.

The first thing is to jot down all the things he likes and what he needs currently. His new or old favorite hobby can also be a start. Something related to his work or his past time. Then read through the list below and decide what he would like more. Also these ideas can also be used for his Birthday or Wedding anniversary so keep a note for future occasions.

* This post is dedicated to my dad and the amazing brothers I have in my life who taught me everything I know about men especially how to shop for them😉

1. Wallets

I know wallets seem so basic and common but its one thing a guy always uses and the way they use it usually means the wallet gets destroyed very easily however expensive it is.

The one in the pic is my dad's wallet, he got for his birthday from my brother and its the right size and shape for him. Let me tell you a secret Men are fussy about their wallets. They want their notes to fit in properly, cards to fit and it should not be too big nor too small. So if you get him the right one he is gonna love you forever. The best part of wallet is you can find it everywhere and anywhere so you don't have to go too far in search.

2. Stationary (customized):

I wouldn't have gotten the whole fascination of owning a good pen if it wasn't for my dad. He taught me that having a good pen with you always shows your importance. He got me my first expensive pen when I graduated and I don't think I can go back. This pen in the picture has his name on it. There are a lot of companies who customize things with names especially stationary. If your loved one has a foundness for good stationary maybe you can get him something with his name embossed on it, or you can emboss his and your initials together for the added effect or even just emboss his favorite quote, Diaries are also a good gift if your guy is old school and likes writing it down.

You can also get him a work bag or a back pack according to his preference. There are some shops or online sites that will print his initials on the bag too.

3. Perfumes:

I think after wallet perfumes are our next go to, to buy for the men in our lives. Atleast thats what I did before whenever I had to buy a gift for a guy. Well perfumes are something you buy if you know the person really well otherwise don't go for it.

Perfumes do seem expensive as a gift but there are a few brands who do affordable but good men perfumes like Westside and Lifestyle stores also The Man's Company.

Men perfume tend to be strong is a myth sometimes some men don't like strong perfumes or sometimes strong perfumes don't suit them so see that you know the taste of the guy and then buy the scent accordingly. I got the love for perfumes from my dad. When I was a kid I loved how amazing he smelled all the time. When I grew up I started robbing his perfumes so I can smell just as great as him. That's when he made me understand the difference of scents in perfumes. Few of his current perfumes are in the picture.

Note that perfume doesn't have to be from some big brand name to be good. Sometimes you get really good scents which are long lasting in no name bottles too. So go on the scent and if your guy will like it instead of the name of the brand. Also give him something you like smelling too otherwise you will be stuck with a scent you hate.

4. Watches: (smartwatches and fitness bands)

Now Smart watches and Fitness bands are in trend which connect to your phones and keep a track of everything you do including sleep. With the heavy and hectic lifestyle we all live, fitness band will be a great gift for your loved one. If he doesn't like the name fitness band what it associates you can get him a smart watch which also does the same things plus more.

If your guy hates electronic advancement then get him an old school proper simple looking but elegant watch like the one in the picture. This one is from Titan but there are other expensive as well as affordable brands who make amazing watches.

5. Specs or Sunglasses:

If your guy wear specs or likes trendy sunglasses, this idea is really amazing for gift. What you can do is take his picture to the shop and show it to the shopkeeper and they will help you out in picking one which will suit him. There is even a process on Lenskart online where you add the picture of your face and get a frame or sunglasses that will suit your face.

If your guy hates buying both frames and sunglasses , you can convert his specs glasses into photocromatic glasses which turn into sunglasses in the sun.

6. Gromming sets:

Men's skincare is a rage right now and why shouldn't it be with the stress and pollution we live in our skin bear the worst of it. Men should be taking care of their skin too. Well the younger they look, the younger you look😜

You can get him a grooming set according to his needs online as well as offline. Sites like Nykaa and Myntra and Amazon are the best to check out the brands and products. There are also mini toiletries available which is perfect if your love one travels a lot due to work.

Whether he likes it clean shaven or groomed beard there are products avaialble for all which is amazing and gives us ladies a chance to spoil the men in our lives. Beauty stores and super market carry men skincare too so you can check that out too if you don't want to get it online. Brands like Forest Essentials and Kama also The Body Shop do very good gift sets for men too but they do tend to be on the expensive side.

7. Novels and E-reader:

If your guy loves reading and doesn't mind electronics you can get him an e-reader but see that he doesn't mind it. I still prefer psychical books even though I believe in green environment. You can always hack into his goodreads account and check which book he has in his to read pile. If you are a non reader and have no idea what to get him please take help or better yet just ask him indirectly so you don't end up giving him something he would hate reading.

8: Clothes:

Now who doesn't like clothes and even if you don't like buying clothes you still need clothes for everyday basis. So giving anything in the clothes category works. Just be sure not to goof up his size. Take something of his that fits for reference if you suck at sizes, or measure his clothes to order it online. My dad's new fondness has been jackets since he feels cold more then usual so I got him this jacket from Myntra. The brand is Mast & harbour. You can always check out the mall too. I do prefer Myntra for online shopping because of their easy returns. Lifestyle and Shopperstop or Central are all good for men shopping too.

Clothes also include shoes now I have a little brother who loves his shoes. He has more pairs then I do and he likes them funky. So you can also get your guy shoes if likes them like my little brother does. There are also shoes accessories, yes you heard me right like colored shoe laces and spray paints for shoes that change color according to the surrounding temperature.

*do keep the bill till he tries and likes it because if he doesn't like it or if there is a size issue you can always exchange or return it.

9. Cards:

Funky cards are way to my heart but doesn't always works for guys since they think its not something they can use. My dad's logic is you can use one greeting card for minimum 5 years. Why waste right well I hate to agree he is right but at the same time, I think cards are cute and are something you should exchange so you can save it as happy memories in a box.

In this world of social media and smart phones we don't really have memory boxes anymore everything is email and google pictures. Sometimes collecting cute little souvenirs and having funky romantic cards are a good idea. It reminds you of simpler times and happy times you had with your loved ones. The best part of cards are you can write and customize it according to you and your loved one.

10: Gift vouchers/ cards:

If your man is too fussy or you just suck at buying gifts and don't want the extra burden, gift vouchers are your savior. You can buy him gift voucher of online as well as offline store. Get him an voucher of a store he usually buys from or the one he likes otherwise the card will go to waste.

And if you are confused about what store card to get him just get him Amazon gift card which he can use for pretty much anything and everything. If he loves coffee and likes Starbucks you can also get him Starbucks gift cards. You can also get him a spa certificate where he can relax and rejuvenate. You can also take a couple spa voucher and join him in relaxing together.

** extras:

  • If he is a gadget freak then you can get him something related to that or also something like new headphones or if you can afford it Airpods.

  • Now I'm in no way advertising drinking alcohol but if your guy likes a particular drink you can always get him his favorite bottle of whiskey or scotch too.

  • If he wants to learn new music instrument, get him a gift card of that place don't buy the actual instrument especially if you don't have any knowledge.

If you want some extra help Dm me on Instagram I'll help as much as I can.


** The links I attach are not affiliated. I usually attached sites and stores I personally buy from by my own money. (I am in no way advertising expensive products, whatever I show or talk about are things I already own. The above products are my dad's personal products)

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews till your satisfied."If you have come so far *you get a virtual hug* Thanks for the time and do come back again for more such amazing reviews".