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Face Shaving: The Routine

This post is for face shaving for women. Oh yes! women shave too since we get hair on our face too. Now every person is different depending on a lot of stuff mainly because of biology so every person's hair growth is different. Most of us don't see any difference since our hair growth on our face isn't noticeable but some of us have a lot of hair growth. This can either be because of hereditary or it can be hormonal. In most cases it is hormonal

How is it hormonal you ask?

Androgen (testosterone), commonly known as the male sex hormone, plays a major role in hair growth. Both men and women produce testosterone, women just have lower amounts. But when there is a hormonal change mainly due to PCOS or thyroid then the testosterone in women increases causing excessive hair growth on your chin and jaw.

Face hair is also known as peach-fuss. Long story on that one maybe some other time 😜

Should I shave my face?

Yes, you should is the obvious answer right actually not really. I started shaving recently I was terrified of using a razor on my face. I am clumsy AF I can't even shave my hands properly without getting cuts so I was like a firm no on it until I had no choice anymore.

But now that I shave my face I do find it easier but at the same time feel a headache to it every single time.

How often do I shave my face?

Now I have more hair growth on the sides that is my sideburns area, my jaw, and my upper lip compared to my whole face. So I shave my full face once a week but in between once or twice I shave my sides and upper lip. This way I save time and energy and don't shave too often.

What happens when I shave my face?

So my skin feels smooth and soft to touch (at least the first two days) When I shave I am removing the top dead skin layer with the hair so the skin is able to breathe much better. The skincare I put on top penetrates deeper and therefore works better. If I apply makeup on top it looks much better more even out.

Will my hair grow back thicker after shaving?

No, my hair doesn't grow back thicker nor did my skin turn dark. So when you shave your face the hair is removed from the surface and not the roots, unlike waxing. So when it grows the top part feels thicker and pokey and overall not pleasant so it may feel like the hair grew thicker. When the hair grows back you see a shadow (like men's subtle but smaller 😜 and not as sexy)

Benefits of face shaving:

  • The first being you are removing the unwanted hair

  • You are also removing a layer of dead skin cells with it

  • It exfoliates your skin which in turn helps with anti-aging.

  • You get smooth and soft skin

  • Skincare works better

  • Makeup looks and sits better

Cons of shaving:

  • You do it once you do it forever no escaping that

  • You have to be extra careful so you don't cut yourself and cause more scaring

  • You need to follow a proper procedure so face shaving is beneficial instead of problematic

  • Time and energy you give it every single time (though it gets better with practice)

  • Hair growth the density of it matters and it's different for every person.

  • In an emergency situation where you need to look good, you need to keep some time for shaving.

  • Finding the razor meant for you (it took me a while to find mine)

Did I write more cons than pros wow! I feel like I am telling you guys not to shave well I am kind of pro shaving and also against shaving. Like I said it's a little more complicated for me.

I have PCOS and it's no way in control. So I always had peach fuss but I wasn't bothered by it since it wasn't too noticeable but suddenly I started seeing a lot of hair growth on my jaw and my chin. I used to use a trimmer for upper lips anyway. It came to a point where people started pointing it out and made fun and it messed with my confidence. On an everyday basis, I am a person who doesn't give a shit but this made me feel conscious and I kept hearing big YouTubers and influencers talking about shaving their face, and well I got on that bandwagon and did it.

I ordered my first razor from Nykaa since I did not want to use just about anything I bought Let's shave on Malvika (YouTuber) recommendation she said it was amazing and very beginner-friendly. Well, that was my first mistake I should have done more research being a blogger and all.

The first time I did it, I did not cut myself lucky me! even though the blade was super sharp. I loved the way my skin felt just kept touching it and smiling and I was so happy I found the best way ever to deal with peach fuss. Then the 3 rd day my hair came out again to play and well I was shocked I did not think or knew I would have to shave every day.

Now the point I did not realize was that I have PCOS and my hair growth is gonna be more compared to people who don't have PCOS. Nobody tells you the ugly side of shaving all show you the good skin and amazing feeling but nobody tells you that your experience is going to be different since every person is different. The fun feeling of smooth skin evaporated for me when I cut my myself (this happened when I changed my blade since the first had gotten blunt) After that I did a lot of trial and error methods to get to here where I am comfortable with shaving my face and I have a good routine that I am gonna share with you.

Now saying all that I have said let's answer the one question everyone has and never gets answered

Should I shave my face if I have PCOS?

Well, it's complicated and it is completely a personal choice. Some of you won't even get the extra hair growth and most of you like me will so it depends whether you are willing to commit to shaving your face regularly or you are okay with the extra hair on your face.

But saying so I have also noticed that after shaving my skin has improved in some ways and also I have noticed that my pores are more open and prone to congestion (this may or may not happen with you). So basically it's good and bad equally and shaving is a personal choice but see that if you do plan to do it you do your full research before jumping in the cold river water.

Should I shave my face if I am prone to acne/ breakouts?

Well if you have period acne (hormonal related) once month acne you can shave your face if you are prone to bacterial or fungal acne basically the big painful cystic acne that feels that like it will burst then stay away from shaving. You can shave the parts that don't have acne but it will look uneven so again it's your personal choice but see that you don't shave over your acne because that way it will pop and spread.

Okay, enough question-answer let's come to the routine and I will start by explaining the basic that is finding the right razor. Which one to use for how long and what not to do.

Step 1: Find the right razor for you.

There are many razors available in the market. Now if you are a beginner and a clumsy person like me go with a razor that isn't too sharp but not too blunt and the Miniso ones are great for your first time. If you have sensitive skin then you would like the Piany Feather for sensitive skin. They have two to three different variants just for the face I would say go for the sensitive one.

If you are an expert and have gotten used to shaving all the time and want a durable blade which you can use more then Let's shave is a good option to go for.

Tip: Always clean your blade with Dettol or antiseptic after using it.

Please don't use your body razor on your face so not gonna help. The body razors are much sharper in general for your delicate skin on your face. Also, don't use your face razor on your body it will get blunt faster.

Use a serrated blade this helps to go back and forth easily on the skin making shaving easier.

Always keep the blade at a 45 degree and not 90 degrees. If you keep the blade straight up you gonna look like scarface so don't do that.

Go slow take your time don't hurry and stay away from active acne. Shaving in the way you see the growth and where you want precise closeness, do it the opposite direction (I usually do this for my upper lips)

The moment you see rust on your blade please don't use it and throw it. If you use rusted blades your skin is gonna get spoiled and prone to infection. If you keep your razor clean and dry it won't rust quickly.

A blade mostly lasts 4 to 5 times depending on the sharpness. I prefer throwing them out the moment they have become blunt since using a blunt blade can cause acne or breakouts.

Most of the razors can be used for full face and eyebrows but if you want precise eyebrows then try using a small more curved blade. It will make a huge difference in your life.

The one below is from Miniso

To buy it: Click here

Piany Feather ones are my favorite and they are difficult to find anywhere. They are usually available on Nykaa and Amazon and don't worry they are not Chinese they are from Japan.

I like these since they are not too sharp nor do they get blunt too quickly. Doesn't break me out. Also beginner-friendly.

Now I hate the Tinkle ones seriously I don't know how so many love it. The quality sucks the grip isn't proper, if you don't hold it properly it bends while shaving. Something I don't recommend at all. The Miniso ones cost the same and are much better in quality go for those instead.

Step 2: let's talk about what to apply while shaving:

Some people prefer shaving on dry skin that's what I did the first few times but then I got the power of knowledge and started using Aloe vera gel and it basically changed my shaving game. I obviously cut myself less and got a much closer and better shave. My skin also stayed softer and smoother and this also helped in the rashes or burning sensation sensitive skin gets after shaving. If you are acne-prone you would also love it since it helps your skin heal better.

Tip: If you are using the gel, cleanse your face before, and then apply the gel. The thicker the gel the better. That's why the one I love using is the Vilvah one. You can use whatever you are comfortable with.

After a while, I tried using cleansing balms and also tried a cleansing oil to shave my face my fav is the cleansing balm since I have dry skin. I use this variant since it has natural AHA's it also exfoliates my skin and my pores feel cleaner. This way the hair is softer and I shave much faster without hurting myself. My skin feels really good, also I notice I remove dead skin if I use the cleansing balm and blade combo. If you have acne I wouldn't recommend using this method.

You can also use a thick moisturizer but again I wouldn't recommend this for oily acne-prone skin. Sensitive dry skin would like this better. But for me, the balm and aloe vera win it. Once a week full shave I prefer the cleansing balm and the rest of the times I stick to the gel.

Step 3: Clean up after shaving

I always recommend cleaning your skin before and after shaving. You can always just use a very mild cleanser or use a wet cloth or pad to clean up. This way any small hair or dirt that is still stuck on your skin will come out and your pores won't get clogged.

My fav to use is a muslin cloth since it exfoliates better without hurting your skin. If you have acne-prone skin you will like the charcoal reusable cotton pad more it's from Earth Rhythm. If you have sensitive skin your would prefer the soft cloth or pad. Earth Rhythm has that one too.

See that the pad or cloth is wet and you don't rub at your skin harshly. Use it gently in swiping motions.

Step 4: Tone and moisturize immediately

According to me, this is the most important step a lot of people don't talk about or don't think it does anything different. But using a toner has changed my life and I always recommend one but especially after you shave. Your pores are open when you finish shaving whatever you use penetrates much better and if you use a good toner it will set your base for the other products.

Now I have dry sensitive skin so I prefer using something that is hydrating and soothing for me so I use the Body shop Rose toner. This works like essence and toner for me and instantly calms my skin and makes it softer. The major con it has fragrance so if you are sensitive to that skip this and use plain rose water or any other toner you love.

For oily skin, I suggest using a balancing toner and if you have acne use a tea tree toner. Oily acne-prone skin can also use something with witch hazel.

The day I feel like I need the extra boost or I haven't exfoliated before shaving then I use a glycolic acid toner. The Pixie one works for me since its only 5%. You can also use the Dr.Sheths one which also has Gulab with glycolic acid. This helps keep my pores clean and I don't break out or the surface acne is cleaned & healed much better & faster.

Always and I mean always use a moisturizer after you shave don't skip it. If you moisturize your skin properly you will notice the hair that grows isn't pokey or rough. Also now that we have followed all steps follow it up with sunscreen (in the day time) too will take like 3 mins more that's it and this way you won't get pigmentation because of sun exposure.

For beginners: Just in case you are still terrified of shaving and don't know if you should do it why not start with shaving your upper lips. Most of you may already be doing threading and man that hurts and causes bumps and rashes. Now that its lockdown and you can't go to the parlour for threading why not try shaving just your upper lips and seeing if you are comfortable with it. Follow all of the above methods and you will get an idea on how the whole shaving concept works.

You don't have to follow me step to step just see that you follow the main things and do it the right way and then discover what works for you since everyone is unique and different you know better on what to do for yourself.

Now that I am done with my saga I hope you got the gist of the whole face shaving concept and that now you can successfully do it or not do it. Totally your choice. Your body your choice remember that.

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