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Everyuth Naturals Chocolate And Cherry Tan Removal

Today is International chocolate day so I thought lets do a post related to chocolate, well atleast major ingredient here is chocolate so it works guys, don't judge me. 😜

Summer is over and monsoon is in, so a lot of us are gonna start skipping our sunscreen which is super wrong, please don't skip your sunscreen even if its cloudy, but if you have already skipped it, you are gonna be tanned. You may also be tanned from the hot summer that just went so you are gonna need to work on that so check out this tan removal set from Everyuth. This set also has cream but I couldn't find that anywhere so I just got the scrub and pack. Have used this for 2 months now.

Everyuth Naturals Chocolate & Cherry Tan Removal Scrub

Product Description:

The new Everyuth Naturals Pure & Light Tan Removal Scrub is here. It is an effective combination of luxurious chocolate and brightening vitamin rich cherry. The scrub gently removes the tanned dead skin cells. The skin feels smooth and looks brighter almost instantly. Suitable for face, neck and other exposed areas such as arms and shoulders.

Price: Rs 115/- for 50 gm

To find it online: Click here

My Experience: Its your regular scrub with small granules which are fine so they don't hurt your skin, but be gentle anyway. It smells like most of Everyuth skincare products, I am not a fan of the scent. The texture is creamy so its not drying on the skin. It does give you a smooth and clean finish to the skin. It can be used for face and body. I actually use it for my hands more then my face. I don't like to over exfoliate my face so I tend to only scrub once a week with my tea tree face scrub so I use this mostly for my neck and my hands and also my feet. Infact this is great for home pedicure and manicure.

The packaging is glass so its a little heavy but its good quality and feels luxurious in your hand. Its a tub packaging, which is okay. I don't mind either way because its not messy. Since its glass you can't travel with it.

It says it shows result in one use. Well It does but a very small difference and if your tan is old then its gonna show no difference in one use. The only difference you see is that your skin looks really clean and smooth. Also this scrub doesn't help with black heads or white heads. All skin types can use it, even if you have sensitive skin.

Over all its a good affordable product but it works better if you use it with the pack, otherwise you are not gonna see a lot of difference.

My Rating:🍫🍫🍫 (3/5) Its good and affordable but its not the best in the market.

Everyuth Naturals Chocolate & Cherry Tan Removal Pack

Product Description:

Everyuth Naturals Pure & Light Tan removal face and body pack offers a perfect blend of brightening Vitamin rich cherry and luxurious detoxifying chocolate. The pack helps detoxify the skin and remove the tan from deep within while nourishing it. Skin looks visibly brighter, feels fresh and is revitalised.

Price: Rs 99/- for 50 gm

To find it online: Click here

My Experience: This is a clay based mask but its not drying so that's good. It comes in an easy tube packaging. Now call me weird but I prefer packs to be in tubs and scrubs to be in tubes. This seems weird packaging switch to me. But the tube is sturdy and travel friendly so that's good.

This worked okay for me like it made a difference but nothing that impactful. This works better if you use the scrub first. If both used together works better. I feel the cream would work better after this but I don't have the cream so can't be sure.

This has similar scent to the scrub which I am not a fan of but it doesn't linger so its fine. The consistency is thin so it spreads easily. Dries quickly on the skin and comes off also easily without any fuss, that's the good part. You will see some difference but again if your tan is old its not gonna help much in one use, you will need to use a few times.

Also the quantity is same as the scrub but the pack gets over faster compared to the scrub. Like one tub of scrub is gonna need two tubes of pack. This is my 2nd tube the reason I bought it is because its affordable enough to use for my hands and feet. I don't use this on my face much.

Over all its a good product but if you are already using something else for d-tan and its working then you don't really need this. But its a good affordable option if you want to give it a try.

My Rating:🍫🍫🍫 (3/5) Its also a good product but again there are others which work the same way at the same price point. Also it needs to be used after the scrub otherwise you see no difference.

I have other packs and scrub which help with D tan which I'll do a comparison of, on my Instagram stories so follow me there if you are not already. Also I have already reviewed the Biotique Scrub and Face pack which help to get rid of the tan.

To check it out: Click here

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