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Dot & Key Hyaluronic Acid Serum & Water Sleeping Mask

Updated: May 15

Dot & Key has three products in their hydration skin which is infused with Hyaluronic acid. They have a serum, a sleeping mask, and an eye sleeping mask. I don't have the eye cream. I'll try to find a good review of it online and link it later in this post. This was super requested so I hope you enjoy this.



Product Description:

Featuring intense, water-attracting Hyaluronic Acid, this hydrating serum puts extra thirsty skin to rest by replenishing it’s moisture reservoirs. It contains Vitamin C and antioxidants from acai berries, which fight free radicals and daily environmental damage. Formulated with ceramides and botanicals elements like soothing Bulgarian rose, this brilliant hydrator improves skin’s barrier function restoring the plump dewy complexion. Ultra-concentrated, yet easily absorbable, this face serum can be used alone or along with your favorite moisturizing cream for long-lasting hydration. Either way, you are sure to hear your skin heave a sigh of relief.

Price: Rs 895/- for 30 ml

To buy it online: Click Here

My Experience:

Let's start with the packaging. I like the plastic bottle with dropper. Not heavy but sturdy enough to carry and won't have to worry about dropping it. The dropper drops the right amount of serum at first shot so that's good.

The consistency is water-like, when you apply it on your skin you feel like you are applying water on your skin. It has a flowery scent not too overpowering goes away in some time. The scent and the coolness of the serum makes you feel nice and fresh when you apply it on your skin.

I take one pump for my whole face and one more pump for my neck. It gets absorbed super quickly on the skin. Since its cooling, it calms your skin down too. If you suffer from allergies or your skin gets hot under the sun or you have inflamed acne you would like the feeling this serum gives.

If you use this once a day regularly, one bottle will get over in 2 months if you use it twice a day then it will get over in a month so that way it can seem a little expensive so I would suggest buy it when its on discount.

I prefer using a nice cooling hydrating gel-based toner before I use this serum since it works better that way. A plain rosewater mist doesn't do much here. I use the chia seed toner or cooling mist before using this serum and after I always follow it up with a moisturizer. If you use the serum on dry skin it will make your skin drier and feel stretchy so use this serum on damp skin.

If you are using a high concentrate of hyaluronic acid which this does have since its a serum and serums are more potent always follow it up with a good moisturizer either gel-based or cream-based. If you don't seal the moisture in, your skin will feel tight and dry even more. You won't realize it immediately but next day you won't like the texture of your skin so don't skip the moisturizer.

In the day I follow it up with Simple Light Hydrating cream and at night I follow it up with the sleeping mask. In the day you have to apply a good sunscreen on top so don't forget. Also, this serum has vitamin C in it so you would expect a glow that doesn't really happen. This serum is for hydration and that's it. But if you are someone who wants to put vitamin C in your routine but you are scared since you have sensitive skin then you can start with this serum it's very mild and will be perfect for sensitive skin.

This serum really helps with dry patches and uneven texture on your skin but only if used it right. We all suffer from dry patches whether oily skin or dry skin, so we need to use something that hydrates our skin from within. This serum does exactly that. So if you are someone who deals with dry patches or feels the texture on your skin then you should give this one a try.

Since it's so lightweight and water-based it's perfect for oily skin and for dry skin you really have to follow it up with a proper moisturizer.

My Recommendation:

Its winter season in India so now is the time to give this serum a try since it's great for dry patches and helps the skin so it doesn't look dull. Works for all skin types. Meant for hydration only. But it works better in summers since it is lightweight water-based and can be used by all skin types even if you suffer from acne.

My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐



Product Description:

A luxuriously bouncy hydrating face mask starring calming cucumber and chamomile, it smoothes, plumps and perfects the skin while you sleep. It works overnight to reverse the damaging effects of UV, pollution, and smoke on the skin. The anti-oxidant concentrated formula sinks into the skin to work from within, while the uplifting fragrance of Bulgarian rose leaves you feeling relaxed. Featuring water magnet hyaluronic acid, this sleep mask continuously infuses high doses of moisture putting extra thirsty skin to bed. Layer it on, get some beauty sleep and prepare to wake up to rejuvenated skin, effortlessly.

Price: Rs 645 for 50 ml

To buy it online: Click Here

My Experience:

Now if you would have read my Loreal water sleeping mask review then you would know I like sleeping masks which is water-based and I am so glad Dot & Key came up with one since they are cruelty-free too unlike loreal so this makes this one perfect.

Review on the L'oreal one: Click here

Now the packaging is pretty cute but the tub can feel heavy since its glass but not very difficult to handle. I won't recommend traveling with it because of the weight. It comes with a small spatula thing to scoop out the mask without contaminating the tub which is good just see that the spatula is clean too.

The texture & the consistency of this one is very similar to the loreal one even the scent is kind of similar. It has a flowery nice soothing scent not too overpowering will go away in some time. The consistency is light. Once it comes in contact with skin it turns into water. Also, this sleeping mask is very lightweight so it doesn't clog your pores unlike a lot of sleeping masks so its great for oily skin. It gets absorbed super easily and quickly on the skin. A little goes a long way but if you have dry skin you may need a little extra so that's okay.

I prefer using this after the serum but you can use this with other serums and also can use it after chemical toner since the hyaluronic acid isn't that potent in this mask like the serum. It's very cooling on the skin so it helps calms down the skin too. I only use this at night alternately. I wouldn't suggest using a sleeping mask every night.

Regular use of this mask makes your texture seems less. It helps with uneven texture but in mild cases nothing too heavy. It helps with dry patches on the skin. Regular use of this does make your skin look plump too.

One tub with lasts you 2 months atleast after regular use so that's okay.

My Recommendation:

If you are looking for a very light water-based sleeping mask especially for the winters then get this but it is better for the summer since its lightweight. If you shave your face regularly and prefer doing it at night like me you would like using this after.

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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