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DIY Nail Serum

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

We all look at our nails and wonder when are they gonna grow and not chip or break. We all spend money on fancy pedicure and manicure regularly thinking this time it will work. But that never happens, as we constantly use our hands to clean, wash with soaps and detergents which make our hands rough and nails brittle. We are also guilty of skipping necessary nutrients from our daily diet.

I'm gonna give you a quick and easy DIY you can use and your nails will not only look healthy but also will grow without chipping (as long as you don't bit them).


Take a small container (like a contact lens solution case) or any small container which you can reuse or buy from any plastic shop.

Now for the serum, you will need:

  • Marula oil- 8 to 10 drops (if you don't want to spend on buying Marula oil separately you can replace it with 6 drops of olive oil or 8 drops of sweet almond oil or 6 drops of Argan oil)

  • Vitamin E capsules- use atleast 5 (cut the capsules and pour it in the container)

  • Rosemary oil- 3 drops (vitamin E doesn't smell the best so I always use essential oil which will disguise the smell of vitamin E. But I use Rosemary because it helps with the growth process of the nails)

  • Peppermint oil- 2 drops ( It helps in disguising the vitamin E smell and also helps if there is any bacteria or rashes on your cuticles or inside your nail flap. You can replace this with Tea Tree or Lemon oil too. Its obviously optional to add the last step, but if you have a replacement use it, it will help)

Mix the serum with a wooden spoon or toothpick. You don't need to store it in the fridge. it will lasts you upto 15 days even if kept in room temperature. Just keep it away from sunlight.

Apply this solution to your nails every night before sleeping. The next day your nails will look much better. Within a week you will see an amazing difference in your nails. They will look pink and smooth.

You can apply this over your nail polish too, it will work but it will work a little slowly as the polish creates a barrier between the nail and serum.

If you have broken nail or double growth, you can still use this serum, but just see that your nails are clean. Regular use for a month will help with the growth.

TIP: You can apply little quantity of this serum on your cuticles 2 mins before applying nail polish and wipe off the excess after 2 mins, it will give you a smooth base and protect your nails from the nail polish chemicals which turn your nails yellow. For better results use a hand cream in the day. It also helps in keeping the nails healthy and bonus your hands stay soft.

*Even if you touch your face after applying the nail serum its fine and won't clog pores or cause acne, just wash your face first thing in the morning.

Hope this DIY serum helps your nails look amazing for the Diwali.

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P.S. The above mentioned is tried and tested by me and the products are brought by me by my money. What works for me may not work for you. Patch test is recommended.

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