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DIY Hair Oil & The Right Way to Apply Oil

Every hair type is different so every hair needs a different set of nourishment so one common ready oil sometimes doesn't do the trick.Even if the oil is a blend of different oils sometimes some particular oil doesn't work for you. So over all finding the right kind of oil becomes a problem.

I'm an essential oil fan and I just prefer using a different blends of oils for my hair and skin. Here I'm sharing the recipe of the oil I use and how you can modify it according to your hair needs.

Obviously for anything you first need to understand your hair type and your major hair concerns that's the only way the oil will be beneficial to you.

This recipe is a blend of different Essential oils and Carrier oils. There is no hard and fast rules on the proportion of the mix but just be careful that the ratio is equal since essential oil just by itself can be too strong, that's one of the major reason we blend it with Carrier oils.

The main carrier oils we all know and use are Coconut oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Sesame oil and Almond oil. I would also suggest never take more then two carrier oils for the mix. As carrier oils are thicker and heavier in consistency it becomes a pain to wash it off and you don't want to over wash your hair.

The DIY Recipe and How to apply it:

Step 1: Carrier oil: The two I use are Marula oil and Sweet Almond oil but when my scalp is extra dry I mix two to three drop of sesame oil too. Usually I do the extra addition in winters. In summers I stick to two carrier oils.

Now you can always replace these carrier oils with something you prefer using like coconut oil is something every single person uses. Now I don't use coconut oil is because for some reason it intensifies my dandruff so I switched to using Sweet Almond oil in its place. Sweet Almond oil is light weight and gives the same kind of nourishment Coconut oil gives.

Now Marula oil is what made me start doing this in the first place. I just love using this oil. Marula oil is best for hair, skin and nails. It not only helps with growth but also helps reverse sun damage. So if you travel in the heat on an everyday basis or use heat tools or have done a lot of saloon treatments and have colored hair then this oil will help you a lot. {I'll do a detailed benefits and how to use Marula Oil next month}

Now the proportion I take is 4 to 5 drops of Marula oil and 4 to 5 drops of Sweet Almond oil. Now if you are replacing one oil you can still stick to the same proportion but if you adding another carrier oil then reduce 1 to 2 drops of the other two oils.

* If you suffer from baldness then add castor oil to the mix and if you suffer from oily scalp then avoid oils like castor oil and Olive oil. These are heavier in consistency and take a while to seep into your follicles resulting in excess layer of oil on top even after washing. If you have very oily scalp you can use Jojoba oil and if you suffer from really dry scalp then use Coconut oil or olive oil or Argan Oil. Argan oil is great for dry hair. But if you are using Marula oil you don't need Argan oil.

To find Carrier oil online: Click here

Step 2: Essential Oil: Now the two I always use are Lavender oil and Rosemary (2 to 3 drops of each) and the day I feel my scalp is itchy or my hair is sticky I add a drop or two of Tea Tree oil also you can replace the Tea Tree oil with Peppermint oil. They work the same work.

You can mix atleast 4 to 5 different essential oils but see that the proportion is not more then the carrier oils. Every essential oil has different sets of benefits now I love Rosemary because it has all the properties you need for a good hair growth and also it smells divine. It has soothing properties which helps the blend of oils to seep into the roots of your hair and also fight any bacteria on the scalp which happens due to pollution.

Lavender is essential to me because I have itchy scalp and my scalp is always a degree warmer then it should be. Lavender helps in cooling me down and calms my senses. Its like a spa at home feeling.

Tea Tree oil fights any infection like dandruff and any bad odor. If you have very dry scalp then avoid this.

I have recently started adding Eucalyptus oil. Its also know for promoting hair growth and it smells great and its great if you have itchy scalp but can't use Tea Tree.

A lot of you prefer natural highlights in your hair adding a drop or two of lemon oil will help with that. It also helps if you suffer from grey hair. It slows the process of grey hair. There are a lot of essential oils out there which can get confusing so I just stick to these on a regular basis.

If you have curly unruly hair then add two drops of Rose oil. It maintains your hair bounce and manages the curl.

To find essential oils online: Click here

Step 3: Vitamin E: This step is optional obviously and you can skip it but I prefer this step because my hair needs all the added benefits it can get. I suffer from slow hair growth so adding vitamin E to my hair care helps in increasing my hair growth. There are bunch of capsules available in the market you can use any of it. I add around two capsules if you have a lot of hair And you can add three capsules.

Step 4: The Application: Now I prefer applying oil on only my scalp. Since that's where its most effective. If you apply excess oil on your hair washing it off becomes a problem and over washing will cause long term damage so stick to applying it only on the scalp.

Also massage the oil. Massage is the best way of seeing that the oil really works. Since oils can be heavy it takes a while for your roots to absorb it. But if you massage it, it seeps in and works better and faster. Massage also helps in blood circulation which leads to healthy hair growth. See that you don't skip massaging your neck. Neck has pressure points which helps with better hair growth and also helps in managing hair fall. The neck massage is what relaxes you and thus the oil works more effectively. If you don't have anybody who will give you a massage you can always use a massager which are easily available in the market online and offline.

The excess oil can be applied to the tip of your hair since tips are the most damaged part of your hair, they need the extra care especially if you suffer from split ends and hair breakage.

If you want soft and manageable hair then you can also use a steamer or use a hot wet towel and leave it on your head for 10 mins. This will make the oil seep in faster and will make your soft and shiny and the effects will last way longer and will also give you a nice spa feeling. See that you comb out all all the knots out of your hair before you wash it.

Step 5: The Wash: Now you can let this oil be on for about 30 mins to 1 hour. Maximum keep it for 3 hours not more then that. And please don't keep it overnight. When you have oil on your hair/scalp it attracts more dust and dirt and then it becomes difficult to clean so don't keep it for long and wash it off. Don't wash your hair more then 2 times in the shower. Mostly if you apply it right the oil will be washed off in one wash only. You can skip conditioner this day mostly but if you washed your more then once and with a harsh shampoo then don't skip the conditioner.

Sometimes what I do is I mix a drop or two of Ylang Ylang essential oil with my shampoo while washing. This is a great moisturizer for your hair and this also promotes hair growth and your hair smells great for days afterwards. This is obviously optional and I don't do it all the time.

Alternative with the same kind of recipe:

Now if you are someone who hates the whole oiling procedure but still want all of its benefits then I do have a solution for you.

👉First take a bottle with a spray cap

👉Pour either rose water or aloe water in it (you can make aloe water by mixing aloe gel with water or you get a ready made one)

👉Now add your blend of essential oil and carrier oil. Now add only one carrier oil otherwise this potion becomes thick and oily. I would suggest either Marula oil or Argan oil(since these are light weight) 3 to 4 drops.

👉For essential oil, add Rosemary oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil/peppermint oil/eucalyptus oil. Don't mix more then 3 essential oils. Two drops each

👉Now shake well. See that everything blends well. The oil will obviously stay on the top once its kept aside so shake well before every use.

👉Section your hair and spray this solution mostly on your scalp.

👉Massage it with your fingers and see that you don't spray a lot.

👉You can apply this mixture almost every night and It won't make your hair oily or sticky so you don't need to wash it the next day.

👉This basically acts like a Hair Vitalizer

You can obviously add and subtract the oils according to your hair needs but you will have to use this for atleast 3 months continuously to see results.

Hope this post was helpful in deciding what products you need and which one will work for you better. If you have any other questions you can always DM me on Instagram and stay tuned, next blog post is going to be about Hair fall and its causes and how you can minimize it.

My hair type and what I suffer from: I have dry plus flaky scalp and fizzy hair. Medium length coloured hair. I do suffer from hair fall and slow growth but it has gotten a lot better then before since I started taking more care of my hair.

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