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Disguise Cosmetics Feather-Light Matte Liquid Lip Cream

Updated: Jun 5

Product Description:

Feather-Light, Matte 100% Vegan Liquid Lip Creams.

An unrivaled combination of dramatic, vibrant matte color that is lightweight, comfortable, and power-packed with skin superfoods this beauty is exactly what your lips need! Each shade is created to look incredible, head-turning, and drop-dead gorgeous on all skin tones. Just a single swipe can get you from bare to dressed up in seconds and keep you looking that way all day.

Each lip cream is enriched with organic marula and avocado oil that soothe and heal lips. These intense shades are made with luxurious almond, argan, and jojoba oils to nourish your lips and prevent them from drying out. As always, it's so light and comfortable, you'll forget it's there!

Our absolutely effortless liquid lip creams are toxin-free and will leave your lips healthy and hydrated. All our lipsticks are always lead-free. We also never use any animal-derived ingredients and our makeup is not tested on animals. We're PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free.

Price: Rs 700/- for 6.8 ML/ 0.23 FL OZ

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Packaging: The outer cardboard packaging is white & cute and has all the information printed on it. Now coming to the lipstick it comes in like a test tube bottle. It's plastic packaging so its lightweight and you won't have to worry about breaking it if you drop it, which is good for me I'm clumsy. The tube is long and slim I like that but I also think its too long, as the tube is long the applicator wand is also too long and the holding cap isn't too big so if you have big hands or big clumsy fingers like me you are gonna drop it atleast once.

The applicator on the wand is good, it's flexible, and it's a doe foot applicator with a good V-shape which helps to get in the corners of your lips. The applicator also helps to get an even applicator since it is a soft sponge.

The cap of the wand is a screw. My major problem is with the opening, I feel the hole of the opening is a little too small. I need to wiggle the wand to remove it and that makes it messy. As you can see in the pic the outside of the opening is covered in lipstick even when I clean. I have OCD in that department. I don't like messy lipsticks.

Overall I do like the packaging its lightweight to carry in the bag. The quality is good for the packaging and the applicator is really nice.

Formula: The formula now it's different than the regular matte liquid lipsticks. It is matte but more on the velvet finish which I like. Its non-drying but it's not completely smudge-proof. It's water-resistant up to a certain extent, but if you rub your lips vigorously with wet hands then its obviously gonna smudge bad. It does feather a little so I would suggest using a lip liner.

Now I have seen that the consistency of the nude shade Relaxed Mocha is mousier whereas the consistency of the dark shade Fabulous Espresso is a little more liquidy and needs two swipes for full opacity. But I would say not go over two swipes because that's when it feathers and bleeds otherwise it doesn't. The formula is comfortable on the lips and it doesn't emphasize your cracks and dryness, in fact you can skip applying lip balm underneath.

My Experience: Let's start with I do like this lipstick but also there are some things I don't like about this lipstick. The first I don't like that the cap is messy, it's my pet peeve. The other major problem is it doesn't last on me at all. Usually, lipstick lasts a little less on me on average but this one disappears on me like inside 5 hours and it doesn't survive meals at all.

I tried this with and without lip liner. With lip liner, it lasted on me another 2 hours. The two shades I have don't really stain so when it fades it just fades. But reapplication is super easy which is good so I just put it in my handbag.

Now saying that I also need to point out the formula is actually very comfortable to wear and I really like that. I have two shades

  • Relaxed Mocha: Its a warm tone brownish peachy nude which will suit all skin tones and goes with or without makeup. The color won't wash you out at all. I feel this color is opaque in one swipe but I like going with a second swipe for the intensity.

  • Fabulous Espresso: This is cool tone brown more towards red undertone. I really love these kinds of shade. This will also look good on all skin tones. But the consistency is a little liquidy and you need to work with it a little otherwise it can look patchy. It's not patchy at all, it's just that for full opacity you need to apply two layers. Usually getting this kind of color right is difficult.

I would suggest using a lip liner that way it won't feather, also don't go over two layers that's when it transfers. Skip lip balm underneath, the balm makes the lipstick slippy and transfers more. If you are someone who hates the feeling of dry matte liquid lipsticks then you are gonna love this. But if you are someone who likes really long-wearing lipstick and hates touch-ups then don't go for this.

This lipstick is easy to remove at the end of the day. The price point is also okay. Not too expensive not very cheap. The brand is known to be cruelty-free and vegan and it's Indian so all good points.

My Ratings: 💋💋💋💋 (4/5) Even though it doesn't last long on me I still really like the formula and I really like the brand and what they stand for.

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