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Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

Product Description: An unbelievably lightweight, water-jelly that delivers 24-hour hydration repair plus pollution protection.

Key Ingredients/Technology: Clean Shield Technology is formulated with a moisture barrier blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber fruit extract to strengthen skin’s barrier, improve its resiliency, and balance and retain skin’s moisture levels. Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural moisture magnet/humectant.

Proven results: Makes skin 87% less vulnerable to pollution.

What it does:

- 24-hour hydrator with Clean Shield Technology locks in the good—like moisture—and filters out the bad

- Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier and improves resiliency

- Unique water-jelly texture feels fresh, penetrates quickly

- Oil-free formula is non-sticky, leaves no residue

- Skin is smooth, strong and healthy with a pure, clean glow.

  • Suits: All skin types.

  • Dermatologist-developed - Allergy tested

  • Always formulated for maximum results without irritation.

  • No parabens. No phthalates. No fragrance. Just happy skin.

Price: Rs 800/- for 15 ml

Rs 2000/- for 50 ml

Rs 3800/- for 125 ml

To find it online: Click here

Packaging: The less ml is tube packaging and the big one is pump packaging which is perfect as it makes travelling with tubes easier. The pump on the big bottle is also good since it dispenses the right amount of product. The quality of the plastic is super good. Even if you drop it nothing happens and the packaging is light weight enough to carry with you. Also because the bottle and tube are transparent its easier to see how much is left.

Formula: The formula is actually jelly like and its not runny but it is watery in texture. Makes it perfect for hydration on the go. Its meant for dehydrated skin. It doesn't have any smell which makes it perfect for sensitive skin type. It is also transparent, has no color whatsoever.

My Experience: When they first launched it I really wanted to try it so I went to the clinique store and tried it out. Tested it out on my face kept it on for that day and then went back the next day and got the small tube. Since I already had the moisture surge and I did not want to spend a lot I got 50 ml tube first. The first few weeks I thought I still like my moisture surge better because this wasn't hydrating enough for me. I used it with the moisture surge on top and I thought its a waste to buy both since these are so pricey and that I'll stick to buying moisture surge only.

But suddenly it started getting warmer and I really started using the Hydrating jelly more then my moisture surge. Since I was running out of both I had to make a decision on which one I had to repurchase and I ordered the Hydrating jelly big bottle instead of moisture surge. My feelings on this one turned 360 degree. When I first tried the jelly it was winter and that's why it wasn't hydrating enough for me but since it started getting warmer I just started loving it. You don't see an instant transformation or glow to your face when you apply this. You don't even see any dewy look like the moisture surge gives you. But it does exactly whats its suppose to. It protects you from pollution.

I usually end up getting a lot of allergic reactions and rashes and heat boils on my face because of the heat and pollution and since the environment is getting worst every year so do my skin allergies but this time nothing bad happened. Because I have been using this jelly everytime I step out of the house. I wash my face spray a mist and then when my skin is semi wet I take two to three pumps of the hydrating jelly and pat it on my face. It quickly absorbs and my skin feels like it just had a glass of water.

This is the ideal moisturizer if you have oily skin or combination skin. But if you have dry skin you will need to go on top of it with another moisturizer. I do go over it sometimes with the day cream I am using but I always use the jelly underneath because it acts like a barrier between the pollution and my skin. I carry the small tube in my hand bag all the time as its perfect for on the go refreshment.

The best part about this jelly is you can also apply this over makeup and your makeup doesn't move and it actually feels fresh. I know this is super expensive and its not something you necessary need in your life. Any aloe gel will also work like a barrier between the pollution and your skin. Infact I did use aloe gel (or any other gel like bamboo or rose) for the longest time since it works great as primer too but from the time I have started using this hydrating jelly I haven't gone back since I truly love this.

Now that Clinique has come out with mini tubes too which are under 1000/- bucks maybe you can get the small tube for trying it out before investing in the big one.

I would definitely recommend this and no this is definitely not sponsored because I spent my own money. I made my sister and few of my friends try it too all with different skin types and they all loved it. Infact one of my friend who has dry skin bought the big bottle for herself.

My Ratings: 😇😇😇😇 4/5 ( I am gonna use this even in winters even though I have to use another moisturizer on top. I don't mind it since it keeps my skin hydrated and pollution free)

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**Also I bought this before they launched their skin ID collection which I have tested out in the store and I really the combination of the hydrating jelly and the blue serum which is for pores. I'm gonna get that after I finish using this one. The skin ID is something where you mix match the moisturizer you want with the potent serum your skin needs which makes it perfect and ideal for your skin type. This is great concept and I wish they had launched this in India a little sooner. But I would suggest for to a Clinique store near you and let their skin expert check out your skin because their in-house recommendation are really good and true.

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