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Bronson Professional 5 In 1 Body And Face Compact Beauty Care Massage And Exfoliation Tool

Product Description:

Bronson Professional 5 in 1 Body and Face Compact Beauty Care Massage and exfoliation tool works gently on your facial muscles and offers significant benefits.This elegant, unique face massager is designed to provide you a comfortable yet powerful tapping massage therapy. It comforts and relaxes tired, aching and dehydrated skin by increasing the blood circulation. The Bronson Professional 5 in 1 Body and Face Compact Beauty Care Massage and exfoliation tool comes with five attachments which help in getting you a smooth and healthy skin, every time you use it


  • 5 in 1 Body and Face massager

  • Massages and exfoliates skin

  • Promotes blood circulation

  • Skin looks healthy and smooth

  • Operated by 2xAA batteries (not provided in the box)

This pack contains:

  • Massager (the main instrument)

  • Soft sponge cleaning head

  • Ball massage head

  • Sandpaper massage head

  • Soft massager head

  • Brush cleaning head

Price: MRP Rs 1000/- but its always on discounted price of Rs 300/-

To find it online: Click here

My Experience: Now I kept hearing how using a brush to clean your face can make a huge difference so I just had to try it. But I did not want to spend too much so I got my hands on the Bronson one because it was very reasonable so even if it didn't work it won't break my heart.

Now to start with I have sensitive skin so I'm careful with what I use and anything harsh breaks me out or makes my skin super red and burns so I always test it on my hands or neck before using it on the face and this is something you should all do whether you have sensitive skin or not. Always test it out first.

The quality isn't the best and you can feel that while you use it, obviously since its super cheap. There are 5 brush heads out of which one is the actual brush you need. There are two which I truly like which are the brush cleaning head and the ball massager. Its super easy to change the heads and they don't come off while you are using it.

1. Brush cleaning head

The one that has bristles is the best for thoroughly cleaning your face. But its not the softest out there so be careful when you are applying pressure.

How to use it: Don't put too much pressure and always keep the setting on low. It does have low and high settings but for face don't go on high ever keep it on low always with whatever head you use.

Now what I do is I take small amount of face wash and apply it on my face directly and rub it with water then take the brush head make it a little wet and then run on the skin in circular light stroke and don't use for more then a min. See that you are covering your whole face and neck and not concentrating on only one part of the face. Then wipe off your face with a wet muslin cloth and your skin feels instantly smooth.

This brush cleans your face thoroughly leaving no dirt or residue. I use this more on the days when I have a full face of makeup since it properly cleans it. But it can make you skin feel a little dry so immediately follow up with a toner and moisturizer.

Warning: see that you don't use a face scrub with it. Stick to mild foam face wash. Also don't over use this. See that you are using this on alternate days so that your skin doesn't get too sensitive.

2. Ball massager head:

This is my 2nd most used head. The ball massager is great for massaging your skin for better blood circulation and relaxation.

How to use this: You can use this for hair and face and neck. Basically anywhere but I prefer it for my face. I don't like it for my head at all (tiny hair get stuck and break). I mix a few essentials oil with carrier oils and apply it on my face and then use this ball massager head on my face on low settings for 2 mins. I run this all over my face and concentrating on upward motions. I use this head once a week.

Warning: Be careful around your eyes when you use this. Don't go high speed just because it feels nice. Be careful to not hurt yourself.

3. Soft sponge cleaning head:

This is basically for cleaning your face but for super sensitive skin people. This will also clean your skin and give you mild version of the massage and won't hurt your skin. I actually don't like this one as it literally does nothing for me. Infact it soaks up my face wash and doesn't clean my skin and takes forever to dry.

How to use: It works the same as the brush cleanser. You can go on high speed on this since it doesn't hurt your skin.

4. Soft massager head:

Again this isn't something I like so I don't use it. A lot of people say to use this to apply foundation and it gives an airbrush feel. I tried it, it was an epic fail for me so I pretty much don't use.

How to use it: Now if you want to massage your face but don't want to use the ball massager then you can use this. But use a face massage cream instead of face oil with this since the sponge will absorb the oil and nothing will go on your skin.

5. Sandpaper massage head:

This plainly sucks. I thought I could use this to file my feet heels. It literally doesn't do anything not even at high speed. This is a big waste. I tried this wet and dry, its useless both ways.

My Rating: ✔✔✔ (3/5)

{For the price you can't really ask for something more but at the same time most of the heads are not that useful and the brush bristles are a little harsh for sensitive skin. I use this but if I find another one which works better I'll switch}

Over all its good affordable option so if you are looking for something at less price then you can go for this. But if you have super sensitive skin I would say go for something with softer brsitles even if costs a little more.


Okay not a lot of reviwer or bloggers will tell you the nitty gritty stuff like how to clean the stuff they review. I'm not that person. You have to keep the things you use on your face extra clean otherwise it will cause more harm then necessary.

👉Take a bowl or a small mug and pour some good hot water in it. See the water is proper hot and that its clean otherwise you are cleaning stuff with unclean water is not gonna make any difference.

👉Pour some shampoo in it or you can also use a gel based face wash. Mix the shampoo/face wash well with the hot water. See that you don't burn yourself with the hot water.

👉Add in your brush heads in this mixture and let it be for next 5 to 10 mins.

👉Remove the heads and run them under regular temperature water.

👉Place them on a napkin and wipe them. The sponges take longer to dry to just let them hair dry for a while before you store them in a drawer or box.

👉 Do this every week or in 15 days depending on how often you use them.

👉Also because I use the bristle brush head more often I clean it under hot water after every use and wipe it on a cloth.

👉Keep them away from dirt and dust.

Following this step will keep the life of these brush heads longer. But do change the main bristle brush head after 6 months of use.

You can check out the same kind of set from the brand Nova. They have same kind of reviews on Nykaa, only the Nova one cost Rs 60/- more.

Nova NFM- 2507 5 in 1 Compact Face Massager (Pink)

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