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Bling Bag

I love jewelry, my first love is obviously perfume but my second is jewelry and I prefer artificial jewelry because its more affordable when you like choice. Now I have more jewelry then clothes and I still sometimes say goodness I have nothing that matches this or looks good with this. Choosing the right kind of jewelry for your clothes can become a pain sometimes, especially when you have too much 😜

I discovered Bling Bag almost 2 years a ago and I loved their unique collection even when they did not have so much choice as they do now. I bought many monthly bags from them and also individuals pieces from the Bling Boutique. They now have wedding collection and also work wear 9 to 5 collection.

*Also I have a Coupon Code for you guys so checked it out in the end.

Different Subscriptions:

1. Regular bag:

They have a monthly subscribtion bag where you get 4 pieces and the bag of the month. They have a different theme every month which is also slowly revealed on their social media platforms. For one month the costs is 1,499/-. Its obviously a little cheaper if you get more then 3 months subscription. You also get a free bling every 3rd bag which is great. They send you a link every month where you can fill in what you like and what style you prefer and send jewelry pieces based on that which is amazing.

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2. Mini Bag:

They now have mini bags which comes with two pieces of jewelry with bag of the month. This costs Rs 899/- per month. Its obviously cheaper if you get more then 3 months subscription. I feel this is a good deal if you don't want to spend too much and still want to get one or two new jewelry every month. This is great for gifts too.

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3. Build Your Own Bag:

If you don't like the unpredictability of what you are gonna get in your monthly bag, you can opt for this. Here you can choose the pieces you want and you get those plus the monthly theme bag. This costs Rs 1999/- per bag which is more then the regular bag but here you definitely get more value as you are choosing the pieces yourself. The actual price of the bag is usually Rs 3500/- which is a lot more then what you are paying. This is what I usually prefer since I don't have a subscription anymore and I only buy when I really like the pieces of the month.

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4. Pre Curated Bag:

This is also a great option and they have recently made this available where there are certain pre curated bags with either just earrings or just necklaces or combination of the two or more. The price of this depends on the no of pieces and the bag, but usually they are quite affordable. These are great when you have budget for yourself or for gifting purposes.

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They even have a Love Loop Bag with two pieces of jewelry and a bag, which is great as valentine's day gift. Click here to check that out.

5. Outfit Stylers Bag:

This is definitely new and I think this is a great concept. Where you can send them the pic of your outfit and tell them your style or preference and they style the outfit for you with the perfect jewelry pieces (2 to 3) which you can wear with the dress for some special occasion or you can mix and match it later. This costs Rs 1499/- and this doesn't come with a monthly bag. This is something I haven't yet tried but I will for my Birthday this year and let you all know about my experience.

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6. Bling Boutique:

They also have a separate boutique where you can browse and buy whatever you like. Usually they have some or the other kind of offers on it which is great. You will find great variety here from daily work wear to wedding and special theme pieces. Also if you don't wanna buy the whole bag and just want one piece you can buy it from the boutique. I love the variety they have. I have bought a few chokers (since this is the only place which makes chokers for big necks like mine) from here and also quite a few pair of earrings for gifting purposes and they all have been of good quality.

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I usually buy their valentine set every year. Last year I bought it for my bhabhi and she loved it. This year when I forgot to check it out, I got a call from them and reminded me to check it out and gave me coupon for 200/- off which is so sweet of them. I obviously went for the Build your own bag this time over the valentine theme set since I really liked the necklace from the January Good Vibes theme. I have put individual pictures of the pieces I got with their names. Hope this helps you in deciding on what you personally like. I'll link all the pieces individually if you want to check out further details, just click on the image and you will reach the Bling Bag site.

*They are having buy 1 get 1 offer for valentine day so definitely check that out.

There are other colors too, usually you get the bag in random

I really like the new packaging upgrade.

I called The Bling Bag people and they gave me a coupon for you guys.

The coupon is MERCHANTFB

You can apply this coupon while checking out and you will get a free bling.

This is applicable in all of their bag plans (even one month).

This will also work if you choose to curate your bag.

This is valid till 28th Feb.

I don't make any money if you use the coupon code I just got the coupon code for my lovely followers like you.


** The links I attach are not affiliated. I usually attached sites and stores I personally buy from by my own money. (I am in no way advertising expensive products, whatever I show or talk about are things I already own)

I bought this box with my own money and this isn't sponsored post in any way.

*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews till your satisfied."If you have come so far *you get a virtual hug* Thanks for the time and do come back again for more such amazing reviews".