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Bare Body Essentials Bum, Underarm & Neck Creams Review

I had first gotten their bum cream and was impressed so when they came out with neck and underarm I went for it. I have used the bum cream longer but I hadn't used it for proper 30 days regularly so this time I used all three for 35 days consistently and therefore write my experience with them. The packaging is all the same glass tubs that do hold some weight so I wouldn't recommend traveling with them.

Bare Body Essentials Neck Back Cream

Product Description:

Daily exposure to sun and dust makes the nape (back of your neck) appear dark and when you don't exfoliate the skin regularly, gradually a stark discoloration takes place and making the back of your neck darker than the rest of your body. Uneven skin tone may hamper your confidence to wear your favorite halter-necks and noodle-strapped outfits. But worry not, you can now kill your FOMO and stick out your nape in glory with Bare Body Essentials' Neck Back Cream. Even out the darkened skin of your nape using this unique neck-back cream which contains glycolic acid and niacinamide exfoliates your nape's skin gently. That's not all, this cream has nourishing ingredients like shea butter, bearberry extract, vitamin C and E which will replenish and heal your skin. Using this cream regularly will restore your nape's original skin tone and your confidence too!

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide, Shea butter, Bearberry Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin E.

Price: Rs 450/- for 50 gm

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)

My Experience:

The consistency of this one is quite lightweight it feels like a gel but its a cream. The color is blue and the more you use it the bluer it looks. Sometimes the blue kind of separates so you need to mix up the cream. I think the blue color is because of Titanium Dioxide I'm not sure. The scent is flowery I think that's because of bearberry extract or it could be the added perfume. The scent is pleasant and doesn't cause any issues on the skin.

It is very moisturizing, when you first apply it you wouldn't think it would be but it really moisturizes well. But that's all it does. It didn't lighten the pigmentation and darkness around my neck. Now in the cream's defense, I do have terrible marks and lines on my neck and that's internal because of hormones and related issues so I wasn't expecting a miracle but it didn't fade or dim the lines either so that's what made me sad. Also, I really used this every day for more than 30 days and I'm still using it since I'll finish it but I won't repurchase it.

Comparatively, this has better reviews than the other bare body creams but I liked this one the least. One tub will last you 2 and a half months if used every day once (since I only used this at night) You can obviously use this in the day too since it is lightweight and doesn't make you sweat in your neck region. It does make our neck area feel smooth but that's because of the glycolic acid and you can always just use a toner there for that smooth feeling.

My Recommendation:

If your basic problem is dryness or flakiness on your neck then you would like it but then you can also just use the moisturizer your using for your neck too. I don't think it's worth it. If you have basic darkness or mild pigmentation and you want to use something specific for your neck then this is a good option since it affordable compared to other neck creams in the market which are mostly really from luxury skincare brands.

My Rating: 🔵🔵1/2

Bare Body Essentials Under Arm Cream

Product Description:

Dark underarms may make you less confident and may even make you hesitant to show off your toned arms or even avoid certain outfits. But worry not! Bare Body Essentials Under Arm Cream is all you need to even out your underarm skin. This unique underarm cream is formulated using glycolic acid which is considered as the holy grail for exfoliation, it effectively removes the outermost layer of dead cells, reveals brighter and fresher skin, while vitamin E heals and nourishes the new skin. Using this cream regularly will even out the dark skin of your underarms and make you feel all the more confident to disco away in glory!

Ingredients: Glycolic acid: Exfoliates skin gently

Vitamin E: Nourishes, brightens and soothes skin

Price: Rs 399/- for 50 gm

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)

My Experience:

I do like this one. I actually like better than the Dot & Key underarm serum since this one really worked with the roughness and uneven texture of my underarms. It didn't lighten all that much but it does look smooth and clean and I really appreciate that.

Now coming to the texture it's thick and creamy and you would think its too heavy for your underarms while applying but it absorbs super fast and easily and you don't sweat at least, I don't but if you tend to have sweaty underarms then I don't know how that will work for you. I only use this at night too. It does have a scent and that's because of the added fragrance but it didn't irritate my skin there even though the underarm area is more sensitive.

I'm not the biggest fan of the ingredients but since it's not clogging my pores and not giving me any rash and it is actually working in those terms I really like it. But then again you can always just use a glycolic toner there every alternate night and it will also give you smooth clean skin. This one does moisturize my underarms really well and doesn't make it itch especially when you get new growth after shaving or waxing which I really like.

Overall its a good option but I am still not sure I'll repurchase it. One tub will last you three months if you use it every night.

My Recommendation:

You can give this a one time shot and see how you like it but if you have sweaty underarms or if you have really sensitive underarms or you are prone to rashes there easily then skip this.

My Rating: 🟠🟠🟠

Bare Body Essentials Bum Cream for Lighter, Firmer & Moisturized Butt

Product Description:

Unable to find a cure for your dark and patchy bums? Don't you worry? Made with the finest quality natural ingredients like coffee powder and orange extracts, Bare Body Essentials Bum Cream will give your buttocks a makeover like never before. Also, the presence of yogurt and honey improves the overall texture of the skin on your bum, making it softer. The cream helps to reduce dark spots, lighten skin tone, and firm your skin, giving it a complete transformation. It's time to break barriers and unravel the secret!

Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Coconut Oil, Butylene Glycol, Coffee Powder, Natural Extract of Orange, Cilantro & Bitter Melon, Yogurt, Honey, Licorice Extract, Triethylamine, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Laureth-7

Price: RS 550/- for 60 gm

To buy it online: Click Here (Nykaa Link)

My Experience:

I bought this because my bum does get dry even after I use body lotion regularly and I also get acne or heat boils either due to constant pant fiction or because of sweat when you sit for too long especially on materials like rexine sofas. This really worked for acne and moisturizes my bum area really well. Also, the best part even when I skip this and only apply once or twice a week my bum stays moisturized compared to not using it at all.

The consistency of this is pretty thick and it does nourish as well as moisturizes your bums. I use this only at night before sleeping since it feels heavy. It does absorb but it takes some time, you have to massage this in for a min or two for better absorption and that also helps with its firming properties. I think the texture is a lot like butter. The scent of this is a mixture of coffee and orange and it has both these as ingredients and I don't see added fragrance in the ingredients list so that's good.

When you apply this at night you literally get up with baby soft bums and I love that feeling. Please don't use this in the day. Also in terms of reducing stretch marks and making it firm, I do think it works but I'll need to use these for 6 more months to be sure and because I like this one I'll definitely repurchase. One tub will last you three months at least since a little goes a long way. I just hope I don't forget this and actually apply it regularly more often.

My Recommendation:

This is something I definitely recommend. I have regularly used scrub and moisturizer on my bums but nothing as worked as well as this one so if you are someone who suffers from bum acne or marks then do give this one a try for sure.

My Rating: 🔴🔴🔴🔴


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