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ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Riviera Eye Shadow Palette

Product Description:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera Palette is an essential bright makeup palette that includes 14 all-new matte and metallic shades for eyes and face. The paradise-inspired springtime color collection features vibrant jewel tones and bright pops of color. Use the professional-quality makeup kit to create a wide range of vacation makeup looks. Riviera Palette includes 8 ultra-mattes, 4 metallics, and 2 duo chromes plus a dual-ended makeup brush and a large mirror housed inside travel-friendly packaging.

Shades included:

  • Sails (Matte white)

  • Yacht (Duo Chrome mauvy taupe with a violet shift)

  • Seychelles (Metallic aquamarine)

  • Palermo (Metallic jewel pink)

  • Seaside (Duo Chrome silver with a subtle blue shift)

  • Inheritance (Metallic true gold)

  • Mediterranean (Metallic sky blue)

  • Estate (Matte soft pastel peachy pink)

  • Cabana (Matte muted birch mustard)

  • Coastline (Matte pastel soft peach)

  • Bahamas (Matte bright bold candy hot pink pressed pigment)

  • Monte Carlo (Matte cool mid-tone pink)

  • Cannes (Matte bright violet purple pressed pigment)

  • Palm (Matte dark chocolate brown pressed pigment)

Price: $45 for 0.83 gm and Rs 5,500 on Sephora in India

To buy it online: India Click here {Sephora In India}

America Click here

Disclaimer: I got this palette as a Birthday Gift from my Cousin Sister and she bought it from {Insta Store}


I personally really love the magnetic packaging way more. So I love all ABH palettes. The feel of the matte texture is amazing. It feels good in your hands, won't slip or fall off from your hands easily unless you are clumsy like me. It's magnetic so it opens and closes easily. There is a mirror inside which is not that big nor that small, it works fine. I'm not fussy about mirrors in the palette since I rarely use it. The white and dark blue strips do look amazing. The whole Nautica theme is pretty amazing but ya the white is gonna get dirty real soon if you use the palette very regularly. The name of the palette and the brand is embossed in gold on top. I love that ABH palettes are so sleek and compact. It does have some weight on it so traveling with it is not the best option. The names of the eyeshadows are inside the palette. A brush comes with the palette, its dual-ended and its good quality. In fact, you won't need any other brush if you have this because one side is blending brush and one side for application and outer V and can be used lower lash line too. So overall in terms of packaging its perfect and value for money.

My Experience:

If there is one thing you can expect in ABH palette is that pigmentation is always on point. Like all these shades are super pigmented and buttery smooth especially the mattes. I love mattes in general but these are next level amazing. In fact, it will take you a second to get used to these types of eyeshadow if you haven't used ABH before because I hadn't till now. I always thought Urban Decay does amazing eyeshadow palettes but those are nothing compared to the ABH palettes.

Estate and Monte Carlo are said to be matte but are of the satin finish and the shade Sails is a little chalky. Bahamas takes an extra effort to look even since its a neon pink it can look patchy if you don't blend it properly but its really nice so take little by little. Also, the pink does stain a little if it's on your eyes for too long without a primer.

The shimmers are drop-dead gorgeous and I have nothing that compares to these. They don't need fix plus or setting spray, If you use your fingers you will get better and full pigmentation. Also the shade Mediterranean can look chunky but in a good way. It looks soo damn beautiful on the lids. The shade Seaside has a dual-tone, it shifts to pink or purple depending on the light. It has tiny silver, pink and purple glitter. It's the most unique shade ever.

I really wish I had this palette during my BFF wedding, I would have loved playing with this so much. But seriously I love them. Now compared to the Modern Renansiance I would say the Renaissance is far better in quality and I say this because I have swatched that palette on one of my trips was about to buy it but they were out of stock so ended getting the ZOVEA palette in Caramel instead.

I have pigmented eyelids and these colors show up. I have super oily eyelids so for me I need to set my eyelids with primer then powder then only the eyeshadows stay otherwise crease real bad. But these don't crease that quickly on me even without the primer. These stay on my lids for 6-7 hours without fading and creasing. Usually any eyeshadow I wear creases in few hours on me. Also, these are pigmented AF so just take little at a time otherwise you won't be able to blend it. These do have fall out so if you are going for a galm look do your eyes before your face.

ABH palettes are an investment so it totally depends whether you are ready to spend so much or not. Obviously, the prices in India are more comparatively. If it was up to me I wouldn't have brought it because for me it feels too much to spend so much on an eye shadow palette but my cousin knew how much I had loved it so she got it for me and I truly appreciate it and now I want more of ABH palettes. I'm officially a fan.

My Rating: 💘💘💘💘 4/5

{its amazing but it's expensive and you need to get a hang of how to use them}

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