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All About Shampoo and Hair-Washing

Now shampoo is something we all use no matter what because well we need to clean our hair at some point and whether it be a girl or a boy, a man or a women we all care about hair. Being bald is not something we choose so using the right kind of shampoo is super important if you want that mane of hair for a long time coming.

We all talk about how you should oil your hair or you should not use too much heat or the major fact everyone says don't over wash your hair but what does this all mean if in the end if you are not using the right kind of shampoo. Now if one shampoo doesn't work for me doesn't mean its a bad shampoo its just not meant for your type of hair. So choosing a shampoo based on your hair type is the best way to move forward.

Understand your hair type:

To under stand your hair better check out the following categories.

  • Hair can be straight or curly or a mixture of both known as wavy.

  • Hair can be dry or oily.

  • Now your ends can be dry and your scalp will be oily which is the most common.

  • You can also have fine and brittle hair, which means its more prone to breakage.

  • The major problem everyone suffers is frizzy hair which also is caused by dry ends or known as dryness.

Once you feel you have sorted out your hair type you can take a better decision on which shampoo will work for you without causing more harm.

Hair concerns also helps you in deciding what you need. The few major concerns everyone suffers from are

  • Hairfall

  • Dandruff or itchy scalp

  • Hair breakage

  • Split ends

  • No new growth of hair

Either you can have one you can suffer a combination of problems but the first step to recognize whats the major concern.

Type of shampoos:

1. Gel Based shampoo:

👉These shampoos have a gel consistency and light in texture making it perfect for oily scalp or for someone who travels in the pollution everyday.

👉These kind of shampoos clean your scalp thoroughly without over drying your hair which makes it perfect for regular use. Because the texture is light it doesn't weigh your hair down either.

👉These are better for curly hair and wavy hair people who suffer from oily scalp but dry frizzy ends and too heavy shampoos makes their hair weigh down and which in turns causes product built up.

👉These are best in summer and for people who suffer from dandruff or itchy scalp since it causes less product built-up.

✔Now the best brand that makes gel based shampoos is The Body Shop. I have used a bunch of gel based shampoos from different brands but the ones that work for me are the Body Shop ones and I have already reviewed them so you can check it out by clicking on the link below if you haven't checked it out.

The Body Shop Shampoo Review

✔The other brand that does gel based shampoos are Schwarzkopf and Herbal Essence and OGX. The one I love after the Body Shop Ginger one is SYOSS by SCHWARZKOPF & HENKEL. This one comes with Keratin primer and this one is for the colored hair. It makes your hair super shiny and protects the color for longer time. The keratin in it makes the hair more manageable and straight.


❌Gel based shampoos can cause hairfall if its not the right one for your hair concerns. That's one of the reason I like the Body Shop gel shampoos more as they don't cause harm even if they don't help. The OGX ones did not work well for me and gave me excess hairfall.

❌Also some gel based shampoo are a little drying so if you have dry ends it can makes it worst. See that you are buying a gel based which is more hydrating then moisturizing

2. Cream based shampoo:

👉This is the most common type of shampoo.

👉These are more on the moisturizing side but these are the ones that cause product built-up if you don't wash it properly, which in turn makes your hair greasy and oily fast.

👉If you have dry scalp and dry brittle hair then definitely use a cream based shampoos.

👉These are heavier in texture since their consistency is creamy which may weigh your hair down.

👉These are great if your hair falls due to breakage.

👉Also people who have straight hair prefer cream based shampoo since it gives a sleek look without extra effort.

✔My fav cream based shampoos are from OGX The ones I use and like are Tea Tree Oil and Brazilian Kertain Treatment. For some reason the Coconut one did not work for me even though I have curly hair.

✔The next best brand is TRESsemme. They have a lot of different varieties so you will find something that will suit you.


❌Washing cream based shampoos can be difficult as its hard to wash off completely because of its creamy consistency. But washing it properly is super important otherwise it will cause product built up.

❌If the shampoo that you are using is not the right one for you and you are getting product build up you will suffer from dandruff and itchy scalp later.

Myths About Hair Washing:

Now everyone tells you a different story about washing your hair. The most common is to wash it less otherwise you will over dry your hair and cause hairfall which is completely false.

Over drying is a thing but it won't just happen if you wash your hair one to many times, It happens if you wash your hair with the wrong shampoo in the wrong way.

Every hair type and concerns is different. And also where you live and whats the weather there plays an important role in deciding how often you can wash your hair.

You have to wash your hair once a week compulsory especially if you want to avoid long term issues like dandruff. Mostly every one prefers washing twice a week which works. But if you travel everyday in pollution or go to gym everyday you need to wash your hair every alternate day.

If you live in a cold place you can wash it every third day. But if you live in a hot humid weather you will need to wash your hair regularly. Now you can also use dry shampoo in between when you don't have the time but your hair is super greasy. Dry shampoos are great when you are in hurry but they are a temporary fix and not a permanent solution.

But if you have dry scalp be careful with dry shampoo as it can express dry your scalp to its flaky existence. If you have oily and curly hair and are always running short of time then dry shampoo is made for your. Its basically your best friend and always travel with it.

The best affordable dry shampoo is from Batise and they have different variants. Will talk about dry shampoo on my Instagram post and stories so stay tuned and follow me there @themerchantpost

So over all washing your hair totally depends on your hair type, the condition you live in and in short you should wash it whenever you think you need to and don't listen to others saying otherwise. You know yourself and your hair better.

The 2nd most common myth is to never wash your hair with hot water which is true. You can use warm water but not hot. Hot water basically dries your scalp faster but using warm water is good since it cleans your scalp better and also helps in blood circulation. The last rinse you take should be more on the cold side that will help keep your hair smooth and manageable but see that its not super cold you don't wanna get sick.

Don't wash your hair in the evening is full bullshit. There is no time table to wash your hair. You can wash your hair at night as long as you dry it before you sleep never go to bed with wet or damp hair. Damp hair is a playground for bacteria which causes scalp infection, itchiness and dandruff.

Next in line with washing comes Conditioner which we will talk about in next blog. That's gonna be about Conditioners and Hair mask.

My hair type and what I suffer from: I have dry plus flaky scalp and fizzy hair. Medium length coloured hair. I do suffer from hair fall and slow growth but it has gotten a lot better then before since I started taking more care of my hair.


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*P.S: All opinions are my own and honest. The above mentioned products are bought and paid for by me. What works for me may not work for you. Trying before buying is always recommended. Check out a few reviews till your satisfied.

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