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All About Conditioner and Hair Mask


Now I'm somebody who hated conditioner because it made my hair greasy and look weird as the day passed by and it weigh my hair down. It just did not work for me so I stopped completely or used it once in 2 weeks or on occasions and my hair was dry and it got frizzy and because I have curly wavy hair I just couldn't manage them.

They started to break and my salon lady screamed at me "Using a conditioner is super important" But finding the right one is extra important.

I used to use the L'Oreal conditioner and I hate those, gave me hairfall and itchy scalp. Next tried the OGX one and liked it a lot especially compared to the L'Oreal one. Then tired TRESemme and that's when I started realizing the benefits of using a conditioner regularly.

My hair become super soft and more manageable and way less frizzy but it still weigh my hair down. OGX wasn't hydrating enough for me and the TRESemme was extra hydrating.

🏹{I love this new conditioner by TRESemme because its different then other type of conditioners. Now when you apply a thick creamy conditioner after shampoo it does become a pain to rinse it out properly and we usually don't have that kind of time that's one of the major reasons why people only condition their hair on weekends. Now this one is different here you apply the conditioner before shampoo and live it on for around 3 to 5 mins then wash off your scalp and hair with regular shampoo. In this process the conditioner is washed thoroughly from your hair without worry and your hair got all the benefits of the conditioner.

This conditioner is only meant for mid length hair to roots like most conditioners. All hair types can use this conditioner since its not heavy for any type of hair}

Then came in my life Aveda, now Aveda is super expensive haircare brand but its worth every penny. I had recently coloured my hair so I ordered the color reserve shampoo and conditioner. Hated the first time I tried it but suddenly realized it just tamed my hair, made them shiny and felt super good overall. {FYI this combo worked great for me even in hot humid beach weather} I just love the combo together and separate. I so wanna try more hair stuff from Aveda.

Finding the right one that suits your hair type and need is the most important part. So don't give up and find MR.Right.😜. The best way to do that is to understand what your hair needs. Now I was having trouble because I had frizzy hair because of the colouring so I had to find something that worked accordingly and same way if you suffer from hairfall find a conditioner which will help with breakage and work like a cement to your hair. If you suffer from heavy dandruff then use a hydrating light weight conditioner. Understanding your concern with the combination of your hair type is the important part. Don't just try a new conditioner because its new in the market, use it because you think it will work for you and then give it a fair shot.

Be careful you always rinse out your conditioner properly and with room temperature water. The water shouldn't be too hot or too cold. If you are using a conditioner regularly always cleanse your hair thoroughly before, otherwise it will cause product built-up. See that your conditioner is hydrating but not over burdening your hair.

Conditioner is suppose to be used only from the mid lengths to roots and not on scalp. Even if a conditioner works for the scalp don't use it. For scalp conditioning use a hair mask.

Hair Mask

Now hair mask is something we don't all use especially if you have normal or oily hair you think you don't need a hair mask. But hair mask is very important. You can use hair mask once a week or once in every 10 to 12 days depending on what kind of washing schedule you follow.

If you have dry, brittle hair and prone to breakage then Hair Mask is something you definitely need in your life.

Using hair mask basically changed my hair game. I still suffer from Hair fall because of a lot of reasons but it is far less compared to what I went through before. The only way you can handle hairfall is by maintaing your hair at its best condition and for that you need a hair mask. Conditioner is something that only softens yours ends so you hair isn't frizzy but mask is what actually nourishes your hair.

Hair mask has the combine benefits of oiling and conditioner without extra efforts. Depending on what your major concern you choose a Hair mask. Now all hair mask are super moisturizing so you may tend to avoid it if you suffer from dandruff which is also wrong. You should still use a hair mask but something that is dandruff friendly. The best way to use a mask when you have dandruff is to first wash your hair and see that your scalp is completely clean then you apply the hair mask.

Now hair mask also comes in two types. Some are meant for your mid length to roots and some are made for your scalp and hair. You can use the mid length one if you suffer from dandruff since exfoliating shampoos makes you hair ends super frizzy. But if you suffer from dry hair over all including dry and itchy scalp I would suggest use a mask that works for scalp too.

Now few of the hair masks I have used are below. You don't have to get the same ones, you can get something you are comfortable with or use something you are already using just follow the proper procedure and use it regularly and your will be fine.

👉This was the first hair mask I tried that I truly loved. I have used the L'Oreal ones before but I was never fully satisfied till I found this. This is thick and creamy and feels like butter when you apply it. It washes off also quickly but it does take a few rinses since its so creamy. Your hair texture will be fabulous for the next whole week even if you don't condition or apply serum, its that level of moisturizing. Also Argan oil is great ingredient in any hair product. It has amazing long term benefits. I got this from the Beauty Centre, I don't know if its available online.

👉Plum haircare is something doesn't work for me. I know they are all badies free and everything but somehow these don't work. Like this mask isn't bad but its also not the best. its not something I reach for. Its very creamy but its not moisturizing enough for me. Now you can use this all over the scalp and hair. Also you need to put a hot towel/cloth and wrap your hair for the mask to actually sink in your hair. This works a lot like a natural hair spa at home. But for me this much effort at home is too much, also because the effect doesn't lasts long on me. If you have oily scalp and don't want something heavy then this will work for you. Now I mostly use this like a conditioner for my mid-length hair in the shower.

👉This is a recent purchase and I instantly fell in love. I love this hair mask, it works for scalp and hair. Its not too heavy and hydrates perfectly. Washing it off is super easy. Its soft on touch and smells divine. The fragrance stays for quite a while in the hair. The scent is on the candy side which is why I like it so much. It makes my hair soft, shiny, glossy and manageable and my color looks radiant. The effect stays for more then a week and half on my hair. The texture is so light weight it doesn't weigh my hair down. I love using this even as a conditioner for mid lengths on the day I want to extra style my hair, since this also holds my styling for longer.

I prefer buying my Hair products from the local beauty center over online on Nykaa and Amazon since I feel the stores have better discounts on the hair products and more variety which I don't get online.

How to use the Hair Mask?

This is how I use the mask. The actual way to use it after washing your hair then apply it on wet hair for a while and then rinse it off. Its a simple procedure but I do it in a different way and I feel this way I get the benefits of the mask and also less hassle and the effects stays longer.

✔I first comb my hair and remove all knots then I wet my hair little sections at a time

✔Then I apply the mask on my hair starting from mid lengths to the roots and distribute the mask evenly through my hair strands see that you don't create knots.

✔Then apply to my scalp {if the mask works for the scalp)

✔Wet my fingers and massage the mask into my hair and scalp {the massage helps the mask to seep in better, you can also use a battery massager. The massaging is what helps in blood circulation which helps in new hair growth}

✔you can also put a hot towel on your head or use a steamer. This helps your hair to soak in the mask and keeps your hair softer for longer. {I don't always do this step. I'm lazy that way}

✔I massage it for 10 mins at least then tie my hair up and leave it for 30 mins

✔I wash my hair with my regular shampoo {this way all the mask gets washed off easily, so don't have to worry about residue}

✔I don't condition my hair when I use an hair mask before.

✔See that you don't over wash your hair. one wash is enough to wash off the hair mask.

Next in line after Conditioners and Hair mask is about Hair routine and what products I use after washing my hair and also how to dry hair and wet styling tips. My hair type and what I suffer from: I have dry plus flaky scalp and fizzy hair. Medium length coloured hair. I do suffer from hair fall and slow growth but it has gotten a lot better then before since I started taking more care of my hair.

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